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Spider-Man No way home

By Dalmy AlvesPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Photo by Judeus Samson on Unsplash

The trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home crashed the internet on release day and, consecutively, also broke the record for Avengers: Ultimatum, Marvel's biggest box office hit that recently returned the rank to Avatar surpassing the number of views after 24 hours on Youtube.

What a milestone huh, even though there are many heroes with greater capabilities than the friend of the neighbourhood, Spider-Man is one of the greatest icons of Marvel superheroes because as much as he has inhuman abilities he is the hero more like a human being. Normally, when we read or watch about him it's easier to put ourselves in his shoes, he needs to study, he needs to work, he's in love and much more and these things we don't always see in other heroes.

After Tobey Maguire was the mainstay of Marvel's superhero movies, we had Andrew Garfield that his portrayal wasn't all that great aside from the fact that he represented the hero's humorous side very well and his crush on Gwen Stacy was very real, they managed to make us feel and finally Tom Holland who brought a vision of the friend of the neighbourhood much younger or childish.

By Judeus Samson on Unsplash

Now for all the fans, who follow the incredible Tobey, Garfiel and were impacted and we are now seeing Tom Holland, to know that in this movie the presence of the 3 Spider-Men is eminent, it causes a multitude of feelings and raises our expectations, because it's years of history and now the multiverse arrives like this is crazy, yes the beginning was in the Loki series and we'll see it now in Spiderman No way home.

And the trailer showed us a lot, for anyone who is a fan of the Marvel Cinematographic Universe knows that Marvel deceives very well in the trailers, but that the villains of each Spider-Man will be there, we have no more doubts, Doctor Octopus, the Green Goblin, in this case, the whole sinister sextet even, if this isn't a fan mind-blowing news I don't know what is.

Best of all will be the same characters from the previous movies, the villains from the past, I don't know which CGI they will use and how they will use it because they're a little advanced in age, only Doctor Octopus appeared a little younger, just as he went down that lake in Spider-Man 2 in the Tobey Maguire saga.

So to say that No Back Home is the most anticipated movie is the least I can say because the numbers speak for themselves, I congratulate Kevin Feige's entire team, they're driving us crazy just with marketing, amazing, like Marvel and DC changed the world of cinema and even more about superheroes, some people became nerds after the Ultimatum saga and this community is growing more and more.

It's speculated that this will be Tom Holland's last film as Spider-Man, and he was blown away by the milestone that only the trailer reached, the fan hype that stirred his emotions and expressed itself in his Instagram account.

I wish all fans strength to hold on until December, the world of cinema is changing it has already changed that is already a reality, to the entire Marvel team I send best wishes for success because we have high expectations of the film, which is why Spider-Man No way home is the most anticipated movie of the decade.

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