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Some Ideas for Marvel Phase 4

by Jasper Elwes 4 years ago in fan fiction

For Your Consideration

With the release of the trailer for Avengers: Infinty War, we have seen the beginning of the end for Marvel Studios Phase 3. As a lifelong Marvel fan, I'm excited to see what's next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and so I give to you three ideas for films in the next phase. I have many more, but unlike many film studios at the moment, I'll see if the demand is there before I embark on a cinematic universe. Between these films we'll get Guardians 3 and sequels to Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Ant-Man, but those can be addressed another time.

1. Captain America: The Shield/ Winter Soldier: The Shield/ Marvel: Who will wield the shield?

After the death of Steve Rogers in Infinity War, Black Widow and Bucky Barnes embark on a road trip across America to see who can fill in the Captain America legacy.

Right off the bat I'm making assumptions, but they'll only get worse from here. I have so much content for this so it may have to be two films, but we'll see. Widow and Bucky will search across the states, pursued by three factions who all want the Shield so they can control the next Captain America. The first will be SHIELD itself, the second a group of conglomerates and evil business types who have made their own candidate, washed up actor and terrible human being Simon Williams (Nathan Fillion), and the third "The secret empire," a HYDRA splinter group who wants to end the legacy of Cap. Along the way Nat and Buck will meet potential candidates Eli Bradley, Rick Jones, and even Hawkeye. Halfway through the factions will catch up to them at Barton Farm, with Clint taking out SHIELD and Empire agents (led by his old mentor Swordsman) with the Shield but deciding it's not for him. Williams will take the SHIELD due to his insane powers and the heroes will purse him to DC, where they meet Falcon. They then team up with Williams after a giant robot attempts to squish them all. Ultimately Falcon will be the one to ascent to the title of Captain America, while Williams will take the name "Wonder Man."

Post Credits: Swordsman and one of the men who made Wonder Man will be kneeling before a guy in shadow, who says "it's not time yet" and vanishes before their eyes.

2. Spiderman: With Great Power

After an accident that endangers several lives, Peter Parker learns being a hero is more than it seems.

Peter Parker thinks he's been getting better at the hero game, but after an attempt to save lives (possibly endangered by a returning Shocker) goes wrong, he finds New York, encouraged by J. Jonah Jameson (either Nick Offerman or a returning J.K. Simmons) who ironically is Peter's boss at his Daily Bugle internship, turned against him. The city hires reality TV big game hunter Kraven the Hunter (The Rock/ Manu Bennett?) to hunt Peter down. Kraven will be empowered by a knock off Super Soldier serum and may be able to communicate with animals, allowing for a finale in Central Park Zoo. Peter puts the lives of civilians before capturing Kraven, learning a lesson

Post Credits: 1. Kraven is tracked down by a business man alongside Adrien Toomes, offering revenge. 2. Shadowy man seen in the Shield is watching Peter, saying his time will come.

3. Avengers: DoomWar

This depends on so much, Fox and Marvel! The Avengers reunite with new allies to face a new enemy, possibly more dangerous than Thanos.

The Avengers fell apart after Infinity War, but the worlds need them again. The UN approaches Carol Danvers to reform the team to deal with Rogue Nation Latveria. However, only Danvers and Spiderman are willing to join the team. Hulk is AWOL, Thor is powerless and Iron Man is retired. Strange and Panther are willing to help for this one mission, especially after Strange discovers magic is involved. Danvers recruits Ant-Man, the Wasp and the new Captain America, but is blown off by the devil of Hell's Kitchen. Parker fails his only recruiting mission in this following scene:

Peter Parker enters a bar. Approaches a man in shadows.

Peter: have you heard of the—errm—the Avengers

Man: Listen kid, I'll tell you what I told those SHIELD guys, I ain't interested in no hero nonsense (puffs on cigar).

Peter: I mean, are you sure mr Lo...

Man: Listen, Bub, I said no (snikt, 3 metal claws emerge from the shadow)

Pans to Stan Lee at the next table: I'd listen to him.

Those Avengers, who joined go to Latveria and fight a load of robots in cloaks. Peter and Panther have broken into the castle through the sewers and reach the dungeon. Now this is where a running theme enters. Through phase 4 we've seen TV and news reports saying things like 'Richards to explore Mars' 'Richards chooses Grimm as pilot' 'Richards ship crashes, location unknown'. Under the castle Panter and Spiderman find 4 cells. After a conversation Panther lowers the power dampeners in the cells and a hulking shape comes out of one saying 'it's clobbering time'. the rest of the avengers have been captured by one man using science and magic. And that man is DOOM! Suddenly Panther and Spiderman appear with their 4 new allies. Reed Richards. Ben Grimm. Sue and Johnny Storm. The fantastic four are here. Fight ensues. Heroes win. Doom falls. The day is saved. Current Avengers: Captain America (Sam Wilson) Captain Marvel, Ant/Giant Man, Wasp, Spiderman.

Post credits: 1. Wonder man shows up at avengers tower, looking to join. Nobody is around. Makes a phone call: Hey Hank, want to get a drink. 2: Tony Stark offers Reed Richards a job and the use of a building he owns, the Baxter building. 3. Shadowy man from other post credits scenes walks through Dooms castle "the age of Doom is over" steps into light, man in a blue and purple mask "the age of Kang begins."

Well those are just three of my ideas for the future of marvel. You like 'em? Tweet me @00jelwes, all that good stuffs, and I'll do more.

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Jasper Elwes

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