Some Changes I Would Have Made In The Sequel Trilogy

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Based on what I know.

Some Changes I Would Have Made In The Sequel Trilogy
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I respect everyone's opinions on the sequel trilogy, whether you liked it or not. Personally, I think the sequel films had a lot of promise, but turned into a jumbled mess. However, instead on placing the blame on who did what wrong, I'd like to say what changes to the characters and their story arcs I would have made.

Finn The Battalion Leader:

Finn is probably one of the characters in the film that had the most potential and not a lot changed for him. He went from stormtrooper to resistance hero very quickly and didn’t seem to mind killing his former brothers and sisters in arms with no hesitation. One area that I thought could have been explored to give his character more depth would be some survivors guilt. One thing we never seem to think about the stormtroopers are that they are real people who are most likely trying to make a living. We see them in a outside perspective as faceless soldiers of evil since we know who the hero of the story is. However, The Force Awakens attempted to make an interesting concept by making one of our main heroes a stormtrooper turned rogue. Although, I would have elaborated on that concept further. Maybe show him interacting with friends of his before he breaks out Poe, to show that he really doesn't want to hurt them. Show instances throughout the first two movies on how he's constantly running away from the fights between the First Order and the Resistance. But by the end of the second film, he finally makes a stand to join the Resistance and becomes a hero. That way, in the third film he can start his own battalion of former First Order troopers to fight with the Resistance! Really emphasize on him turning from coward to hero without it feeling rushed.

Rey The Lightbringer:

Personally, I think making Rey a Palpatine and a Skywalker was very weird and sudden. Daisy Ridley did the best she could with what she had to work with but her character could have been more. While the message in The Rise Of Skywalker wasn't bad, I liked the message The Last Jedi was trying to tell more. That anyone can be a jedi. I'm very tired of bloodlines and prophecies in Star Wars, so the idea that Rey went from being a nobody to someone incredibly important was very exciting to me! In my opinion, I would have given her a lightsaber of her own during her training with Luke. I would also, change her arc and make going from the last jedi to the savior of the jedi by showing her fear of becoming like Kylo Ren and Snoke. She could struggle with deciding between choosing the light and dark side of the force but having the people who befriend her remind her that she is cared for. However, I wouldn't give her a love interest because I really don't think she needs one. By the end of Rise Of Skywalker, she could start her own jedi academy, like Luke did, and train others who are force sensitive. Making her a legend as Rey The Lightbringer.

Poe Dameron The Renegade Pilot:

As the trilogy went on, I noticed that Poe was the only one that was done well. However, I pictured Poe as a Saw Gerrera type. One who was willing to do anything it takes to stop the First Order. He's a very talented pilot but he is also dangerous and cocky. He always argued with the chain of command and finished his fights even if that meant having to put his fellow soldiers in danger. Maybe he could have started his own rebellion, one that was willing to cross lines the Resistance wouldn't. That's about all I would change about him.

Ben Solo The Redeemed:

I think the sequel trilogy made a good choice on making a character that struggled with becoming Darth Vader. However, his death and redemption arc felt rushed and undeserved. I think the best way to really show him being redeemed is to be more forthcoming on how Snoke/Palpatine manipulated him into turning to the dark side. Truly show his struggle to do what's right by having the voice of Snoke/Palpatine in his head but the spirit of Han Solo or Luke Skywalker haunt him. That way, he can stand by Rey's side with the spirits of all the Jedi as they face Palpatine together. Then he could resume his Jedi training at Rey's new academy. This way I feel his redemption would make more sense and not feel forced.

While I have many more ideas, I think these were the ones I would have changed the most. There is too much I would change to fit into just one article. That being said, I understand if you don't agree with my decisions. This is just my own headcanon.

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