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So much love to give- a review

"He's just greedy. The dedication is ridiculous."

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix Latinoamérica on YouTube

Gabriela Toscano, Soledad Villamil, Adrián Suar, Darío Barassi, and Alan Sabbagh are part of the cast of So much love to give (Corazón Loco).

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He's making it seem like a superpower to have a lot of love. I can't. Glorified lying and years of involuntary polygamy. The fact that they're playing 'Hit the Road, Jack' as he heads to his other family is hilarious. Dear God, he's been doing this every Thursday for nine years! Crazy. Wait, wouldn't his name show up as married to Paula when he wanted to marry Vera? He's just greedy. The dedication is ridiculous.

Interesting. He's against couples therapy. He believes he won't win as he told Gonza who was utilizing it for his relationship. If he went with Paula and found out if anything was wrong, he would know why he was looking outside to be with someone else before even getting to the point of marriage. While his first love and first wife is temporarily blind, he is shopping with his second wife. It's interesting that he has to be more humble with one outfit but more elevated with the other outfit depending on the wife he's going to see (one is more traditional than the other?).

Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix Latinoamérica on YouTube

He has two cars, two phones with different stickers to help distinguish them, and two jobs since he and his two wives both work in the hospitals as well. He has two sets of kids. 1 boy with Vera and 2 girls with Paula. If he feels complete with Vera, leave Paula. I don't get it. Hmm, no ring for his marriage to Vera? Having both of them gives the balance that he needs lol. This reminds me of Liv, Mellie and Fitz. His 19-year anniversary with Paula comes up. However, he was with Vera for 10. Crazy to think your life with this person has been a lie. The betrayal is deep. He literally threatened a man's place of employment to remove the picture of him and his son( Paula saw it). Poor Paula, Poor Vera, Poor everyone except Fernando. Like, all this stress and for what?

Her sister, Maru pieces everything together about the possibility of him living another life. So, Paula follows him. As Gonza breaks down questioning everything about him, he asks if he has two of everything (Understandably so too). Paula visits Vera and they talk. Vera said that she would check things out on Sunday when he's back. Lmaooo, Vera's brother, Nacho said that he couldn't believe it since Fernando didn't seem like the type of person to do that (like psychopaths or badasses). We love teamwork!!! (Paula, Vera, and Nacho.) Oh, poor Paula. They both want revenge but to varying extents. Paula said death is not an option. I hope the girls win!

They make daily adjustments to have their revenge and I'm in full support. They want him to feel bad. As Paula said it's one thing to think about these plans but it's another thing to do them. Vera is more vengeful and she wants to be extreme with it. His calmness in the situation is also something that disgusts everyone. Paula starts to discourage herself from being angry by suggesting that it's possible he loves them both. She adds that polygamy is socially acceptable in many places (not in Argentina where he is though). Paula is more emotional. She's crying, screaming and asking questions but Vera doesn't care. Paula freed him after he got to her by saying this was not her and that this was madness. However, he and Vera try to strangle each other but he gets away. Lmaoo, not I was born this way. I can't with this man and his excuses.

He continually tries to manipulate them but Vera asks for the truth for once in his life. He said that they have an extraordinary opportunity. People break up for lack of love but he'll be breaking up with them for too much love. He bluffs by threatening to jump but the birds push him and he falls flat on the curb. We see him seven months later and he says that his reality has changed. He believes that no one sees him for who he really is (a lover I guess, idk). He's out of both homes now, not liked and is using crutches to walk. He wanted both at the same time and lost both. You cannot do things like this and think it's a punishment for loving too much. He said that his heart is misunderstood. He doesn't allow himself to understand the violation on their part. It would be different if they agreed to be a polygamous family or whatever arrangement they settle on but that's not what happened.

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