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Snowpiercer: The Movie That Will Bring the Future to You

The movie Snowpiercer In a future where a terrible climate-change experiment has wiped out all life except, for those who are assigned to a single train circling the globe, a revolution emerges amid the newly-forming class structure.

By Ahamed ThousifPublished 6 months ago 10 min read
The movie "Snowpiercer"

I'm going to go into great detail about the 2013 sci-fi action movie "Snowpiercer," which is post-apocalyptic. Before we get started, a warning: there will be spoilers. To read it, take your time.

Only a Few of the Last Survivors of Humanity Boarded The Rumbling Ark.

In the year 2014,

Scientists want to spray the earth's surface with CW7, a cooling agent, in an effort to stop climate change. Sadly, the experiment fails, ushering in a new cold age and the extinction of all life. Only a select few fortunate passengers on a train survive the apocalypse.

17 years have passed as of 2031.

The situation in the tail compartment worsens even if the train is still moving. The wealthier people board the train first, followed by the less fortunate in the back compartments. Security guards treat the underprivileged poorly and just provide them with protein bars to eat. Even though Curtis Everette and Edgar, his second-in-command, find the situation unacceptable, they are currently unable to take action.

One day they get a covert letter telling them about Nam Kong Su, a security expert who has been imprisoned in the prison division. Since Name is the only one who can help them—he can unlock the gates to other locations and bring them to the front—Curtis and his employer, Gilliam, plan to remove him from the situation. He is told by Gilliam that the only way to manage the train is to take command of the engine. Curtis suggests that Gilliam succeed Welford as captain of the engine because he sees him as a father figure and a potential leader.

Edgar is preparing for the uprising.

Curtis' friend Edgar is a young lad who constantly talks about his plans for revolt.

He opposes the idea, but thinks Curtis should take over the task after Gilliam. The parents are ordered to stay in their seats as a few guards approach their compartment and tell the kids to come forward for a medical inspection.

After the examination, Timmy and Andy are taken away while their parents plead for them. They punish Andy's father, Andrew, by making him put one of his hands in the snow after he snaps and throws a shoe at Minister Mason. Mason addresses the group, berating them for putting on a show for her and cautioning them against acting foolishly in her face. Everyone has a predestined part to play, according to her, and they must accept their fate or face the consequences.

The guards are compelled to amputate Andrew's arm because of the frostbite. After concealing his injured body, Gilliam begs Mason to give Wilford his message and says he wants to speak with him. Given that they ran out of ammunition during a previous insurrection, Curtis surmises that the guards are carrying empty weapons. He prepares to assault them, but Gilliam dissuades him and instructs him to wait. They decide to do what Gilliam recommended and advance to the front compartment to handle the engine. The people in the back part draw their concealed weapons, kill a guard, and take his keys to rescue Nam.

Edgar opens the drawer and lets the man out.

When Curtis asks him to help, he declines, so they give him his preferred drug, Kronole, as a reward for opening the gates. Another flammable substance is kronole. After arguing with them for a while, he finally decides to help them! He does ask to bring his daughter Yuna along, though.

When they reach the following section, no one is there.

While exploring the compartment, peek outside through the windows, but there is no sign of life on Earth.

They will run into Paul, the protein block cook, in the part after that, according to clairvoyant Yuna. In their conversation with Paul, they learn that he uses insects to create his protein bars, but Curtis begs his friend to hide this information from the other guys. They learn about the water supply portion throughout their conversation, which suggests that they ought to be in charge of it rather than the engine.

Paul explains where it is located and how water is gathered and used for drinking. Paul and Gilliam talk about the circumstance, and Gilliam suggests that it should serve as the focal point of the picture. Once they have control of the engine, they won't need to take it over. Yuna questions Curtis about her knowledge of life off the train before realising she was born there. She shouts at Nam and begs him to stop opening the door next to them, but it's already too late. An army of guards with axes and other weapons charge at them.

Before they can react, the guards attack them, and they start fighting with them. After an intense encounter fight in which Edgar and Curtis battle next to each other, the captain announces that they have reached the Yekaterina Bridge, which depicts the passage of a year as the train samples one circuit on its track. Mason reappears and reprimands the tail guys for how they handled the situation. As she finishes, the train pulls into a pitch-black tunnel, giving soldiers with night vision the advantage and allowing them to start beating them up.

Curtis and his men plan a counteroffensive after setting the torches on fire and killing many of them, but Edgar is also stabbed to death. Mason gets captured by Curtis and made to face the security guards as a result of his holdover. When the train comes out of the tunnel, Gilliam tells the survivors to be ready for the next conflict while Curtis laments Edgar's passing.

Mason's kids are being tortured by Tanya and Andrew.

But she does acknowledge giving them to Wilford. They both accept her offer to go to the front compartment in exchange for her life. When Gilliam asks Curtis about his next strategy late at night, Curtis responds that he is still committed to moving forward. Gilliam decides to stay behind with Curtis, as he is known, Yuna, and a capable fighter by the name of Grey to accompany him through the remaining stages after the conversation.

Gilliam describes the front compartments before they depart and asks Cutis to take over as the new leader of the tail section. As they move farther, they encounter an aquarium and an artificial landscape. To maintain the food's balance in the compartments, Mason tells them he will only give them sushi twice. They all start eating as the train moves through the ruins of human life on Earth. Mason, on the other hand, is made by Curtis to consume one of the protein bars that are placed in the tail compartment.

After going through the meat section, they reach the kids' area, where Andy and Tanya start seeking their kids but are unable to find them. As Mr. Wilford is introduced, the teacher notes that he is the inventor of the self-contained train.

Holiday eggs with concealed weapons

New Year's eggs are served to everyone, but they turn out to be a trap as guards once more pull their concealed weapons and attack victims in the back.

The findings indicated that Wilford was aware of the implications of CW7 and made the decision to construct a luxurious train with a unique track that encircled the world. They celebrate the New Year at Yaketerina Bridge on the train, which can resist the Arctic's bitter cold and Africa's scorching heat, which travels there once every few years.

She also shows them some frozen human remains that were left outside by people who thought they could survive after getting off the train but who only reached it a short distance before perishing from the elements. Everyone is given New Year's eggs after the lesson, but they turn out to be a trap as the guards once more pull out their concealed weapons and attack people in the back. Gilliam is put to death by Frank, one of Mason's accomplices who got it to the tail section, and the classroom is shown the execution film.

Mason is shot by Curtis in retaliation, but this sparks a fight in which the guards knee Andrew.

They see how the wealthy go about their daily lives in a typical fashion as they go to the front. As the train passes underneath the bridge, Frank and Curtis begin exchanging gunfire, but they manage to escape due to the windows' bulletproof glass. They make it to the following compartment, but a fight results in the deaths of Tanya and Grey.

After traveling through several wealthy areas, Cutis, Nam, and Yuna reach the front gate, but Nam won't open it. He is confronted by Curtis, but he defuses the situation by offering to have a cigarette. Curtis informs them about their early days at the tail compartment as they talk. He explains to him that they had to eat inferior meals, including children, after going days without eating.

Gilliam intervened and offered his arms in return for the life of the child as they were about to kill the infant and his mother, and Curtis consented to release Edgar. He asserts that the incident altered everything since everyone started to play their own roles as a result of the catastrophe. He wants Wilford to bear the consequences since he thinks Wilford is too responsible for everything. Nam is moved by his tale, but he would rather let the outside in.

He explains to Curtis that he has been keeping an eye on a select areas for years and has seen that the snow is melting, so he thinks they may now survive outside.

He attempts to blow the gate open, but Claude attacks it and commands Curtis to join Welford for dinner in the front compartment. Welford congratulates Curtis when he enters the compartment for making it thus far when no one else could. He explains to him how the train's workings operate. He reveals that they must maintain the population, water supply, and food supply in order for everything to function properly.

So that passengers would kill one another and the train's population would decrease, they continued whipping up revolts.

Wilford Issues Kill Orders

Like earlier uprisings, Wilford believes that Gilliam assisted him in arranging this one. They were going to end it at Yekaterina Bridge, but he led a counter-offensive, delaying their purpose and killing more people. Gilliam was forced to pay the price for this. Although Curtis doubts him, he supports his claims by making a call to the tail compartment. Wilford walks him to the locomotive and offers to take over as conductor with orders to kill 74% of the population.

A document that proves he was the one who kept dropping hints is also sent to him. It is imperative to keep the balance, therefore he suggests Curtis take over the reins and let things alone.

Nam and Yuna fight the passengers in the front compartment while they talk, eventually succeeding in opening the gate. Although Curtis initially seems to support Wilford's scheme, Yuna shows up and requests that he open the floorboard, where they find Timmy toiling away as a slave on the engine.

Wilford adds that some parts of the engine needed human labor to operate when they became obsolete, but the little space could only hold tiny infants, which is why people kept bringing them from the tail compartments. Timmy is set free by Curtis, who also loses a hand in the process.

When Yuna and Timmy emerge from the train wreck, they see a polar bear, which proves that there is still life on the planet.

Finally, Andy shows up and assumes control of the engine, defying Curtis' orders to stop. Everyone, according to Wilford, is pursuing his predefined views, but the man will not take him seriously. Yona, in the meantime, starts a fire, which sparks the explosion that blows the gate to pieces. It results in a huge explosion, an avalanche, and the derailing of the train.

Nam and Curtis use their bodies to shield Yona and Timmy while everyone else perishes. Finally, Yuna and Timmy emerge from the derailment and discover a polar bear, proving that there is still life on Earth.

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