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Season 9 the Final Season

by stephanie borges 3 years ago in tv
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The Last Season of One of the Best Shows I have Ever Seen

It has begun season nine of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I won’t lie I am excited, but sad as well because it is the last season of this fantastic show, I remember the first episode I watched I got hooked, the stories were designed to touch on subjects that kids and adults come across on every day like peer pressure, judging others, and believing in one’s true self. I like the design and personality not to mention the unique characters. I’m not just talking about the ponies, I’m also talking about the other creatures both good and evil like the monsters, the changelings, and the animals that came from the Everfree Forest.

In this last season, there is so much I want to see, like certain characters from the past show to the recent feature film. I want to see Tempest Shadow (the unicorn with the broken horn), Caper (the alley cat), and Cheese Sandwiches (a party planner pony and friend of Pinky pie). That would be awesome to see them again. I do hope in this last season they make an episode with the six suggestions I make below.

  • What has to happen to Grubber? (The wisecracking hedgehog creature and was Tempest Shadow's cohort) Did he stay with tempest, and help her understand the magic of friendship? Alternatively, did he continue to be a villain and go off on his own?
  • Will DJ Pon-3 (a female unicorn that happens to be a DJ she also wears wireless headphone with her cutie mark on it) start talking, and have an episode herself? Alternatively, will she meet another DJ pony or creature so they can do a DJ battle rap? Kind of like what she did with Octavia (an earth pony that plays the cello and has an English accent).
  • Will Queen Chrysalis ever be reformed and join the side of Thorax (who as of now is the alpha male with the changelings) or will she stand by and serve that evil ram Grogar.
  • What will happen to the Sirens (from the film Rainbow rocks)? Will they ever go home to equestrian, or will they ever fix the stones that held their magic. Moreover, try to control the human world again.
  • Will the human versions of the main six ever go to Equestria with sunset shimmer to meet their pony versions?
  • I think everyone wants to see this one: Will Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Apple Jack become Alicorns in the end and will the young main six take over the school of friendship as the new masters?

If the episodes don't produce, I hope they at least make comic books of the suggestions I want to see. I know the fans have opinions of their own, but there is so little time, now that whatever gets made is what will be shown. I was very excited when I saw three comics about Tempest Shadow. The story tells about the event after the defeat of the storm king, and how she made peace with one of the ponies that had to abandon her and stop being her friend. I enjoyed these three comics. However, I do hope to see Tempest Shadow, and all the other characters from the film to return to the show or at least make My Little Pony movie part two. I have heard they are making another type of My Little Pony, but the art design is slightly different. I am a little nervous about this new show, and I hope it won’t be a significant flop, because there have been a few.


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I've been writing off and on for years; I write short stories, scripts, and blogs. I can't think of anything more relaxing than writing. I also do graphic design.

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