Scorsese Vs. Marvel

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Scorsese Vs. Marvel
Comic book movies are "theme park movies" but... people like theme parks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Just recently, acclaimed and legendary director Martin Scorsese came out against the money-making juggernaut that is comic book movies, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe bearing most of the brunt, going so far as to compare them to theme parks and say that they're not, "real cinema." Francis Ford Coppola joined him in calling the genre "despicable" and ever since folks on both sides of the aisle have been deriding each other on the annals of the internet over which side is right.

Now, I've seen a lot of the arguments on both sides going on for a few days since and I've done my best to keep out of it but it's now reached a point where I have to vent to get this off my chest. Ready? Here it is; my opinion is a resounding, wait for it *deep breath*

"Who cares?"

I like Scorsese. I like the MCU and like, half of the Batman movies (I think the DCEU has really fallen behind but whatever) so I'm not going to take a side because I think it's utterly pointless and the whole thing has been blown out of proportion. Mr. Scorsese is entitled to his opinion, and in fact I welcome it, but his opinion has no bearing on my opinion so I'm gonna go ahead and keep enjoying his movies and the MCU and be all the richer for it. Both sides have their points though and I can see why. One commented saying comic book movies are like fast food and I think that's a fair analogy; it's not particularly good for you in the long run but it's fun and effortless. Another compared superheroes to a modern version of the Greek pantheon, brave heroes fighting monsters of old. Some said Marvel has been deep at times. Someone else opined that Scorsese only ever does gangster movies, which is obviously wrong, but this is the state of the discourse at this point.

The part that really irks me about the whole thing is that a lot of film nerds are taking Scorsese's words as gospel because film, like all story-telling mediums, is subjective. So I don't care if your name is Marlon Day-Lewis Seymour Hoffman, you don't get to appoint yourself as gatekeeper to "real cinema" and if you think you do I think you're being completely obnoxious. Don't be a gatekeeper. Just don't do it. Just let people enjoy things.

Same goes for Marvel fanboys. I think you're two sides of the same coin, really. So, in summation, it's like I said in that this is my opinion and I've arrived at it of my own accord, I understand others have the same or differing opinions and that's OK. I'm not going to let anyone else influence what I think, unless common-sense dictates otherwise, of course. I would rather enjoy a broader spectrum of different genres than subscribe to just one and defend it vehemently and attack the others. I don't want a three course meal everyday, sometimes I want pizza and vice versa.

So, film nerds, don't call me dumb for liking Marvel movies. Marvel nerds, don't call me pretentious for liking Scorsese movies. If you want to have an honest discussion on the matter? Sure, but don't act like you have all the answers. I mean, I get it, it's art and that means you aren't going to like everything and sometimes you're going to want to voice that opinion. You've made it this far reading mine but what I'm saying is... maybe don't be a dick about it? Don't make liking things stressful. Everyday life is shitty enough as it is without you making our escape from reality tough, too.

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