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'Schitt's Creek' Co-Creator, Star Dan Levy Picks Up 'SNL' Hosting Gig

by Christina St-Jean 2 years ago in celebrities
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Canadian Boy's Star Continues To Soar

I vividly remember the goofy humor of SCTV growing up. It was my first exposure to #EugeneLevy, who would go on to become #DanLevy's dad. After a while, I sort of forgot about Eugene Levy until the American Pie movies came out, and it feels like I blinked and suddenly saw a young man who looked an awful lot like Eugene Levy hosting The Great Canadian Baking Show. Until that point, I really wasn't that familiar with the now-insanely popular Dan Levy, but that was largely because I didn't watch MTV Canada, where the younger Levy was a VJ.

#SchittsCreek didn't even fully register for me until March 2020 when the #COVID19 pandemic began. Of course, my family, like so many others, had a #Netflix subscription, and because we were trying to pass time in a different way - there's only so much walking you can actually do - we stumbled upon Schitt's Creek.

I knew very little about the show at the time, but then, as we watched more of it, I became quite enamored of the characters, particularly Dan Levy's character, #DavidRose. While he was definitely a bit of a diva, David was oddly sweet, warm, and sensitive and had a biting, sarcastic sense of humor that I could relate to and appreciate. When I learned that Levy was also responsible for writing the majority of the episodes for Schitt's Creek, in addition to starring and running the show in the first place, my admiration for the man continued to grow.

Seeing Dan Levy as host of a television show - such as he was on the Great Canadian Baking Show and, of course, MTV Canada - you definitely got a sense of the sincerity and the genuine warmth that appears to be a part of who Dan Levy is. Seeing his mother, Deborah Divine's, tweet after Schitt's Creek ended for the last time, made me understand that Levy is at the end of the day her much-adored boy.

"Today I regret every single second of worry back in the uninformed 80’s-wondering how the world was going to treat my brilliant little boy who loved to twirl," she tweeted in April, 2020. "Little did I know that he was going to kick that old world’s ass to the curb and create a brand new one."

When the world discovered that her son would be hosting SNL on February 6, 2021, her tweet was simple: "Insane."

Her husband, Canadian comic legend Eugene Levy and Dan Levy's proud poppa, was a bit more effusive.

"That's my boy!!" he tweeted. "Hosting SNL Feb 6!!!"

But through it all, as charming and entertaining as Dan Levy is, he's also incredibly humble about the success. He and his father created a television show filled with iconic characters, swept the major comedy categories at the Emmy Awards, and picked up accolades from a range of awards shows and critics, and yet, he is quintessentially charming and sweet. Watching interviews with his father is a delight, as it no longer seems to be an interview with two comedy stars. It's about a son sharing an anecdote about an outing with his father, or something like that, and that's very endearing.

So now, the humble Canadian is about to demonstrate once again his comedic skills which he likely in part inherited from his father Eugene Levy. The boy with Canadian roots is now working on development with ABC, among other projects, and we should all be so lucky to have that level of success and still keep a square head on our shoulders. This is Dan Levy's world, and we're lucky he's sharing it with us.


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Christina St-Jean

I'm a high school English and French teacher who trains in the martial arts and works towards continuous self-improvement.

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