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Scariest Video Game Monsters

by Emily McCay 5 years ago in list / gaming / industry / zombies

The scariest video game monsters may be virtual, but the fear they induce is very real. 

What goes bump in the night? Probably the scariest video game monsters. Warning! These horrifying monsters may cause you to sleep with your nightlight on for the next week or so. Creators have imagined the creepiest, crawliest monsters to scare players since video game inception. Everybody has their own idea of what is scary. Mutated humans? You got it. Aggressive ghosts? Got that too. Some of the most vicious and terrifyingly grotesque monsters in all of gaming will haunt your nightmares for days. From various horror games throughout the years, proceed with caution while reading about the scariest video game monsters!

Prisoner Minion from Silent Hill: Downpour 

Image via Honest Gamers

The Prisoner Minion from Silent Hill: Downpour is quite the underrated monster in the series and in horror as a whole. The Prisoner Minion is mostly human which makes its tortured and contorted face all the more terrifying. Prisoner Minion’s were originally supposed to be based on a clown but the concept changed before the release so that it would symbolize something else to the protagonist, Murphy Pendleton. There is two types of Prisoner Minions in this game: Brawlers and Stabbers As with most monsters from the Silent Hill franchise, the Prisoner Minion has a very specific meaning and even gets a revamped and upgraded version later in the game called the Prisoner Juggernaut. This monster is fast and is incredibly skilled in hand to hand combat so beating them without a weapon will be a challenge. Also, due to the metal contraption on its head, critical head shots are impossible and will bounce right off of it. This monster gets easier to deal with over time but the initial shock one will receive upon see it definitely earns the Prisoner Minion a spot on this list.

Tyrant from Resident Evil Code Veronica X

Image via Project Umbrella

Resident Evil Code Veronica X’s Tyrant monster is one that will definitely send chills down a player’s spine. Tyrant always seems to show up at the most inconvenient of times. Tyrant gets faster the second time it is encountered and towers over the protagonist of the game, Claire. The player will find themselves in a position where the only option is to fight, which will definitely scare someone who has been avoiding confrontation with other enemies throughout the game.This monster is gray and has completely white eyes. With just one punch from it’s powerful fist the main character gets knocked down, allowing it to close in on the character and corner her so that she can’t put up much of a fight. Tyrant is one of the most formidable foes in all of the Resident Evil franchise and definitely stays in the player’s mind long after the game is over.

Foxy from Five Nights At Freddy’s

Image via YouTube

Five Nights At Freddy’s is one of the most recognizable and popular horror games today. In just a short amount of time, this very simple game became known as one of the scariest. The character Foxy may have something to do with this. All of the other monsters in this game are slow moving and give some type of warning before coming to kill the protagonist. Foxy is known for sprinting towards the player and making it so that they only have mere seconds to save themselves from an instant death. Since it is easy to forget about Foxy, or not even know that he is there on the first play through of the game, he has spread fear and anxiety to many players. In the process, Foxy has gathered quite the fandom which is obvious from the various works of fan art of him that can be found in many places online.

Ghost Children from Wick 

Image via Steam User Content

The game Wick features 5 different ghost children: Tim, Tom, Lilian, Caleb, and Benjamin. All 5 are uniquely scary. After the protagonist of the game is left in the forest for six hours to play a game called Wick, based on a local urban legend, these ghosts show up pretty much whenever they please. Which means there is a lot of them popping up right in front of you and giving the player quite the scare. Given that a few of these ghost don’t take to kindly to being looked at for too long, the player getting a glimpse of them could mean an instant death. Not only are the children and the masks they wear scary on their own, but the ghost children behave very aggressively. The death scenes are some of the most violent, non-gory deaths in gaming today.

Chris Walker from Outlast

Image via FanPop

Outlast is chock full of terrifying monsters, but the most terrifying, and perhaps most dreaded monsters from the game is Chris Walker. A huge, unstoppable, deformed antagonist who can will destroy anything in his sight. Players can hear Chris coming from a ways off due to his constant mumbling things under his breath. A player would be wise to pay attention and make sure they hide because the only way to handle Chris is by running away very fast and hiding. Although some people have interpreted Chris as actually having good intentions behind all of the carnage he leaves throughout the game, he is still downright horrifying. This monster will be a recurring problem throughout the game which leaves players in a state of paranoia from not wondering if, but when they will come face to face with this creature again.

Tank from Left 4 Dead

Image via Steam Community

Yet another big scary video game monster is Left 4 Dead’s Tank. Tank is not only huge but powerful and quick. This monster’s MO is to try and kill every member on the team one by one. The monster focuses on one teammate and once they are dead moves on to the next. This monster is intimidating and dangerous on it’s own, but with a whole hoard of zombies to back it up, Tank is especially dreadful. Apparently Tank is so terrifying that it even came back for Left 4 Dead 2! Although there was some slight changes to its design in the second game, Tank’s appearance is just as imposing as before.

Piggsy from Manhunt

Image via Google+

Piggsy is a mentally disturbed, chainsaw-wielding villain from Manhunt. Piggsy is shown before the player even faces him, as way of scaring the player. He wears a pig’s head as a mask and spends most of his life locked away and chained up in a basement. The character has become the star of many of the in-game snuff films that the main character Starkweather has produced. Piggsy is often shown being fed human remains. Even the hardened, cold-blooded killers that players face in-game show a level of fear and disgust with the sheer brutality and ruthlessness that Piggsy displays.

Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2

Image via Load Screen

Pyramid Head is perhaps one of the most well known video game monsters of all time. He is known for assaulting and terrifying not only the game’s protagonist, but even other monsters in the game. The Pyramid Head character is full of symbolism that has been carefully analyzed by players of Silent Hill 2 for well over a decade. With the pyramid-shaped contraction of his head and the Great Knife being dragged along the ground behind him, Pyramid Head is one of the most physically intimidating monsters in the game. Most of the time the only way to “beat” the character is by running for dear life. That’s quite a fitting strategy for defeating one of the scariest video game monsters of all time.

The Sadist from The Evil Within

Image via Games Radar

In 2014, The Evil Within burst onto the horror video game scene and took the genre by storm. The first monster you encounter in The Evil Within is The Sadist, a character chock full of blood, gore, and grotesque abominations. The Sadist is a 7’3, 309 pound murderer whose weapon of choice is chainsaw. He is shown to have at least some level of intelligence as the protagonist witnesses him deliberately butchering his victims after they are dead, perhaps out of sheer pleasure for the action. As with many big sized monsters in gaming, one of the best (and sometimes only) courses of action to take against The Sadist is to run as fast as you can and hope he cannot catch you. The protagonist has to face off against this creature multiple times during the course of the game so there is ample opportunities to be scared by him.

Nemesis from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Image via Watch Us Play Games

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis’ Nemesis was scariest enough that even the game was named after it! Nemesis is another giant fast moving monster on the list. Unfortunately for players, Nemesis is equipped with a rocket launcher and will use it during some encounters. He will show up when the player least expects it and has a few different strategies of attack. Nemesis will continue to pursue the protagonist, Jill Valentine, around Raccoon City for the duration of the game, so it is critical for the character to be aware of their surroundings. Nemesis will still manage to scare the player pretty much every time he shows up. This video game villain has been the bane of many horror video game player’s existence. However, most recognize and respect Nemesis as one of the scariest video game monsters of all time.

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