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Scandal main characters that didn't deserve their storylines.

Jake and Mellie were done DIRTY.

By 'Vive AkughaPublished about a year ago Updated 9 months ago 3 min read
Image Credit: Screenshots from Olitz4Ever and calm19 on YouTube.

They all had their demons and many with bloody hands. This fact keeps them all on an even playing field by association or execution.

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I don't believe Jake should not be reduced to a murderer (only). He was trained to kill and had a "guy" within him just like Huck. He was one of the very first recruits and experienced so much as well as had to do so much as Rowan's favourite. He is probably the saddest of the main characters. I know Huck went through some things and so did everyone else but this man had been sad since childhood, This is a brief timeline:

His father was violent to his mother frequently and raped his sister, he joined the Navy, he was blackmailed and beaten to join B613 to avoid jail time, he killed dad, re-joined B613 and felt there was nowhere else for him, had so many missions, dated and married Elise, mourned her supposed death, punished by B613, fell in love with Liv, was rejected multiply, beaten by Fitz and jailed, re-mourned Elise, wanted a better life but was trapped etc.

Jake's backgrounds as Pete Harris and as Jake have been depressing. He has been tied by the unending shackles of Rowan and always ordered to do things often against interest or will. He always took orders or did things to continue the progression of the plan. He became a monster when he became Command just like Rowan and Olivia.

There are times they want to portray him as a bad person such as the deaths of the B613 agents willing to testify but he was going after the real killer and protecting them. He had a desire to not kill, to be normal and peaceful but didn't seem to get it in the best circumstance. Jake seemed to be a pawn for the Pope's. They both claimed to love him and used him when they could. I *saw that Jake could probably escape the supermax prison if he wanted to after being trained by the Navy and B613 but he finally seemed to be at peace replaying the good times with Olivia and paying for everyone's involvement and crimes. Also, I *saw someone say they wished they saw more footage from the Island and the show could have ended better for him showing him back on the Island in peace with or without Olivia. He deserved better.


Melody or Mellie went through a lot. I think the supposed lie about her having a miscarried child could be true and she never told Fitz. I know it was one of the "major" things that painted Mellie to be horrible but i think it could be possible and she didn't tell Fitz because they weren't that close anymore. She was a bright, scholarly woman that was reduced to being evil and heartless. All she went through:

her father had a mistress, left her family and created another one which brought Harmony (Lauren Bowles)her halfsister, raped by her husband's father, the crippling curiosity of the true paternity of jerry, unloved and unsupported, guarded, desire to do more with her life as a top-class lawyer, cheated on consistently, hurt, had to accept the mistress, still unloved by her husband, rejected when she tried, cheated on consistently, still had to accept the mistress, rekindled sought affection with Andrew, the loss of her son jerry, ridiculed in the press, hurt again, had to work with Fitz as partners for a while and lost that, kicked out of home, divorce, still hurt, keep trying to accept the mistress, had to work with the mistress, etc.

I believe she ended up with Marcus which can be great because she deserves love. She deserved better and probably did get better.

Who do you think went through the worst?

This was originally written in my "Scandal is exhaustingly good" write-up.

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