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Sapne Vs Everyone Review: Masterpiece, Masterpiece, Masterpiece

Sapne Vs Everyone Review

By Ayush VermaPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Sapne Vs Everyone Review

TVF always has amazing shows that everyone loves. Their latest one is Sapne VS Everyone, and I've watched the whole thing. Let's chat about it today!

There are two main characters in this show: Rajkumar and Prashant. The ideologies of both are quite different. The definition of hero for both is quite different, and both are struggling for their dreams.

Now what is the story ahead of this? To learn more, you should watch this show, which is available for free on YouTube. It has five episodes whose length is around one hour, and the final episode is one and a half hours long.

Sapne Vs Everyone Review

Now if I review the Sapne Vs Everyone show for you in a few words, then it's a truly masterpiece. I mean, I have the first masterpiece show of 2024, which is definitely going to be on the top 10 list this year.

Simple writing, straightforward direction, and the whole show—it touched my heart, seriously! After watching it, my heart felt warm and happy.

TVF has also presented this type of struggle-based story before. This story is also about struggle, but the way it has been presented in a new way with new elements in it, it was fun in itself.

There is politics in the show, and there is an angle of real estate, and the payoff seen in the final was amazing. We did not even know that such things happen, meaning the writing of this show is tremendous.

Ambrish Verma, who plays Rajkumar in the show, wrote and directed it. He's amazing in all three parts: acting, writing, and directing. You'll see him shine in everything.

Before Sapne Vs Everyone, Ambrish Verma created a show called NCR Days. This guy is something else when it comes to directing and writing. Absolutely outstanding!

TVF sets its own bar and excels at it with every show. This thing has happened with the Sapne Vs Everyone show and after watching this show I am pretty sure your heart will be happy.

I salute the creativity of TVF and Ambrish Verma.

Paramvir Cheema, who is Prashant in this show, leads this show, and the way he has presented his character, you can listen to his monologue in the climax; literally, your eyes will get moist after listening to it. I give you a guarantee because of that monologue. There is emotion, and you will feel that emotion with that character throughout the show. You will feel for that character all the things this person is facing but is still standing in the field.

Watched Vijayant Kholi as Mama Ji, and I tell you the truth: a new and deadly villain has come to the market. Standing ovation throughout the show. I enjoyed watching almost every scene of Mama Ji.

Vedag Shekhar was in the role of Shishir; his work was also effective, especially his arrogance in his attitude, which was quite good.

All the characters in this show are no doubt good, and the type of thing that this show was trying to say has been said quite correctly.

Once again, the writing of the show is very good, and its dialogues were quite meaningful. Deep meaning was present in every dialogue.

Every scene of this show is meaningful, and every scene has its own meaning; it is not like any scene has just been inserted.

The music of the show is also very good; you get to listen to some rap songs, however, it will remind you of the NCR days in which you got to listen to the same kind of rap songs.

Even the entry of Ambrish Verma gives a very similar vibe to NCR Days.


Overall, Sapne Vs Everyone The more one praises this show, the less it is, but something new should have been shown in the character of Ambrish Verma; he has played similar characters before also. If there was a little more layer, I guess it would have been better, but despite that, this show deserves to be called a masterpiece.

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