Room #609: Chow Len the Prophet Laval Lord

"A rendition of the classic 'Mortal Kombat' character Kano."

Room #609: Chow Len the Prophet Laval Lord

When the balance of war had settled the lands, a clan known as the Black Dragons was birthed among many other factions. Once known as Kano, this warrior changed his name and went by the name Chow Len. Chow Len hid in parts of Asia and Africa, partnering with many warlords during his time of travel. Known for many kinds of weapons, both hand-held and automatic, the warlords granted Chow Len with the mark of “The Prophet.” And so, Chow Len became known to hang around a bunch of highly skilled assassins and merciless bounty hunters. However, to secure power in the Black Dragon Clan permanently, any true opportunity to make Chow Len the Prophet's hand more superior to his competitor was always a reason.

Almost losing his life to this kind of work on a particular mission made Chow Len the Prophet think twice about the war he would eventually be facing, and possibly funding. When the time came for Chow Len to eventually settle down from his time of weapon handling and bounty hunting, The Prophet had made sure his wife Mizuho, of the “Legendary Six Samurai,” was always loved and protected. Chow Len knew that deep within his wife Mizuho, the ability to communicate with the higher spirit enchantress Amaterasu was possible. With this connection to the higher spirits, the Black Dragon Clan would never lose when the time came to defend its fortress. But one day, unknowingly to The Prophet and his wife Mizuho, a darkish purple portal opened in front of the Black Dragon Clan's entrance and out of it came a tight kill squad of ape-like ninja warriors sent by the dark master Zeman the Ape King.

This Ape King was from a strange world known as Sector 54_B, and stories had been told of his arrival in the near future. During that grueling battle on the front lines of the Black Dragon Clan with the ape-like ninjas of Sector_54B, Chow took it upon himself to make a risky deal with the lava spirit whispered of the region. Chow Len decided to give up his vessel at that desperate moment to the lava spirit known as the Laval Judgement Lord. The dark power Zeman the Ape King had come with to destroy Chow Lens clan was only strong enough to fight the Black Dragon Clan in it’s human form, but to Chow Len The Prophet and Mizuho, the spirits of Laval Judgment Lord and the great Amaterasu where strong enough to secure what would be known as the Black Dragon Clan's greatest victory. However, no great victory is spared a cost.

For the Ape King had other plans in store for the Black Dragon Clan. Left with the upper hand, the newly appointed Laval Lord, Chow Len, stood over the defeated Ape King Zeman with a lava dripping blade ready to destroy what was left of the rival ape. In a blink of an eye, the Ape King launched a giant darkness sphere into Mizuho’s form of Amaterasu's direction. Screams of pain and suffering filled the battlefield-torn entrance of the Black Dragon Clan camp. What was left were the dark ashes of the remains of the legendary samurai. With tears and anger in his eyes, the Laval Lord Chow Len struck down Zeman the Ape King and ended the rein of the Sector 54_B matriarch. Although their love was short-lived, the memory of Mizuho was forever buried in the heart of Chow Len.

As the sky began to rumble with thunder, ferocious lightning storms were seen brewing ahead. What damage Chow Len the Prophet had caused by slaying the evil ape king was soon to be revealed to him, for a group of warriors appeared out of a newly formed portal similar to Zeman the Ape King. However, this time the portal's color was of a dark blue atmosphere. Whatever challenge presented itself to the widowed warrior, Chow Len knew he had the capability of seeking redemption for it all.

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