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RIP Moira Rose, You've Just Been Gilmored

by Imaan W 18 days ago in tv

How to Build a Bridge to Get Over Schitt's Creek

Moira Rose, The matriarch of the Rose family. Eccentric and exceptionally dramatic, Moira Rose always delivers her theatrical flare with a side of biting sarcasm. Image courtesy of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Yes, real life is cool. BUT, have you ever started a tv show and spent days and days completely immersed – just unabashedly binging it? Then, when you finish the last episode, you get this oddly sad, melancholic ache deep in your chest; in your heart. You don't know what to do with your time - with your life - once it's over. You wish you could discover it anew, watch each scene, meet each character, for the first time again, simply because, you loved it all so much.

If you are a member of the cult-like following of the Canadian-produced comedy "Schitt's Creek", you likely have some idea of the emotions I just described. When the show ended on April 7th, 2020, the tears of its 1.3 million viewer audience soaked through tissues in every time zone.

Schitt's Creek, an unexpected, deliciously funny gem of television, has likely had a lasting impact on your life. Maybe the influence was small but significant; a few hilarious catchphrases integrated into daily conversation. Maybe the influence was major and life-altering; Schitt's Creek made your way of living - of loving - a little more seen, better understood and less stigmatized. Either way,

"I love that journey for you."

Without a doubt, the show left everyone in teary-eyed silence, wondering what could possibly follow that?

I'll tell you what follows that.





And a second box of facial tissues (ie. Kleenex). (*said in the accent of Moira Rose*)

After passing through the first four stages of grief, my little SchittHead, I promise, you will reach Acceptance. Eventually. You will smile in gratitude and at long last begin to hope for beauty in a new beginning. A new story to fall in love with. One, that is equally compelling in its own unique way.

The question is:

How does one find that fresh, fun companion?

The truth is, there is no perfect formula to choosing the next show to watch. There is no mathematical equation of "x + y = z" to guide you towards the exact collection of characters, settings, and plot twists that will be perfect for you. There is no foolproof step-by-step guide to finding the next 6 seasons to watch. The percentage that a streaming app calculates your match with a show is not necessarily correct or even close.

Stories, whether in a book or on a screen, are organic, living, breathing entities. They tend to come into our lives when we need them, and when we're ready to interact with them. We may each have a uniquely personal experience with the same story. Stories show up, every day for us - good or bad, and give, give, give, without expecting anything in return. They are kindred spirits that guide us through moments where we need

  • an example to understand,
  • a similar experience to share,
  • an epic escape,
  • or a little inspiration and a lot of laughs.

In doing so, they prove the raw power of the human heart to feel another's fear, share another's pain, and hope for another's future. In doing so, they help us overcome, endure, and appreciate our daily reality.

Stories are a unique sort of magic. There is no limit on how much we can take from them. There is no expiry date on the relationship. They will not be upset if we come back to them over and over again. And yet much as we'd like revisit, something compels us to move on, to search for a new one.

What is it that drives us to search for that subsequent story?

Humanity craves change as much as we fear and dislike it. Change is the nature of the world. Everything is in a constant state of motion from one state of being to another. You are not the same mind, the same energy, the same body that you were five minutes ago or even two seconds ago. As much as we love to spend time with the comfortable and familiar, there is no growth in continuously doing so. Often, we need to move forward for a short (or long) while before we can revisit with new perspectives and gain fresh insight. It is this inner drive to explore the unfamiliar, to learn, that pushes us to chase after that which we have yet to experience.

We do not repeat the same story forever simply because, we are curious.

What are we searching for in that next tale?

Often those things which we are drawn to have similar structure to the stories we have loved in the past in some way shape or form.

It was Mark Twain who said,

"The past does not repeat itself, but it rhymes."

He was speaking about human behaviour in relation to the world around us. We are continuously creating the past in our pursuit of the future. However, as I said before, humans crave that change as much as we fear and avoid it. This contrary mentality causes us to stay relatively close to the familiar, even as we chase the next new thing.

This behaviour trickles down into our every day choices. We look for new stories that have similar bones and hearts to the stories we know and love. They won't be exactly the same because, where is the adventure in that? But their novelty is grounded in a familiar foundation.

What is it that draws us specifically towards the next story?

As living entities, you can imagine, stories are very difficult to sum up as statistics or in categories. Just think of how hard it is to encompass who you are as a person –as a thinking, reasoning, loving, loathing, ever-evolving being– in a check-box dating profile!

Stories are felt. They have a magnetic pull in the same way the handsome, dark-haired stranger engrossed in a book in the corner of the local coffee shop may have for some people.

Whether it's the cute actor in the cast, the soundtrack in the pilot episode on repeat in your head, or the wardrobe styling you cannot help looking at. Somehow, you are drawn to certain things. As if, a force of the universe is intermittently tapping you on the shoulder and spinning you towards them. Then leaning close to whisper to your very soul, "see me, hear me, this thing is meant for you."

In reality, it is a hint, a nudge, a redirection, a gut feeling so subtle and so silent you could mistake it for indigestion. In fact, people often do, and choose another story, another person, another destination, another show. A choice they often end up being oddly dissatisfied with.

So, no, there is no perfect formula for the show that should follow Schitt's Creek. However, clearly, there are powers at work that will shift your path towards a story of similar bones. Consider this a small part of those powers. Hear this hint. Note this nudge. Let this be the tug on that soul-chord that draws you through the world towards the loves of your life. The people, the places, the activities, the stories, the shows.

Allow this tug to lead you to the quaint, quirky town of Stars Hollow and its motley crew of characters. A collection of beautiful souls that will have you fall in love all over again in a witty, whimsical way unlike how Schitt's Creek did. A way that is both familiar and yet entirely new, fast-paced, and wholly enchanting.

If you were addicted to Schitt’s Creek, then you will be veritably obsessed with Gilmore Girls.

On the surface, these two shows are very different. From the pace of the script and the dynamics between the characters, to the overall character development and even wardrobe and styling. But, their bones are the same.

The Presence of Quirky Characters & Importance of Family

Schitt's Creek and Gilmore Girls are both filled with a quirky crew of unusual and hilarious characters. Of those personalities, both shows focus on the importance and power of a having a supportive and loving family, whether it is your biological or chosen family.

It is these people with their eccentricities that quickly grab your attention and draw you further into each show's charm with every line, outfit, and expression.

The Importance of Passion Over Money

Although, the Rose and Lorelai Gilmore's financial situations are not what they once were, they are dire for different reasons. Regardless, both families search for happiness and fulfillment in simpler ways. they both begin to invest their time and interest in pursuits of passion over pursuits of monetary gain.

The Magic of Small Towns

One of the most captivating aspects of both Schitt's Creek and Gilmore Girls are the towns themselves. Schitt's Creek and Stars Hollow, quickly become akin to a character in the show. Through the changing seasons we see how the characters plant roots and develop deeper connections with their small-town community.

Ultimately, strong bones form a solid foundation for a strong body. In the cases of Schitt's Creek and Gilmore Girls, these pillars are the perfect base to carry two widely adored series through a full 6 and 7 seasons respectively.

At the end of the day, Schitt’s Creek and Gilmore Girls are inherently about the power of family and the beauty in human connection. They are both, at their core, stories about the enduring strength of Love in all its appearances. Whether it is the love between mother and daughter, sister and brother, father and son, and grandparents and grandchildren. Or the love between friends, lovers, husband and wife, and husband and husband.

A love story, is a love story, is a love story. If you strip away the sarcastic comments, whimsical personalities, witty retorts and pop culture references - that, is exactly what Gilmore Girls and Schitt's Creek are. Put all those ingredients back in and you have two uniquely different tales with surprisingly similar hearts.

One could almost mistake one show.. for the other.

Only kidding. They are each truly their own.

In case, I have not yet made it abundantly clear why Gilmore Girls should be your obvious next obsession, let me say this last. If

  • you dearly love to laugh,
  • have a penchant for oddly beautiful and beautifully odd small towns,
  • cherish family drama,
  • and swoon for brilliant dialogue

(all of which are also hallmarks of Schitt's Creek). As well as,

  • enjoy fast-paced witty banter
  • and have a head for pop culture references galore

(which are unique traits of Gilmore Girls).

Then, grab as many snacks as your metabolism will allow, snuggle up on the couch, clear your mind and prepare to

"Live more. Laugh more. Eat more. Talk more. Gilmore."


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