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Reviewing the Anticipated (and Twist-Filled) "Wolf Pack" Season Finale

The season finale of "Wolf Pack" delivered some big twists, some expected, some unexpected

By Clyde E. DawkinsPublished 2 months ago 6 min read

A few days have passed since Paramount+ released the highly anticipated season finale of Wolf Pack, yet I still find myself drinking things in. This was a great Thursday jam for me; one of three along with Peacock shows Poker Face and Bel-Air. I spent eight Wednesdays being excited because once midnight hits in the West Coast, it's time for Wolf Pack, and this was such an amazing show and a terrific opening season, which featured a thrilling finale.

So the episode starts out with Baron, with Kristin and Garrett looking at him and actually calling him "Everett," revealing that he was in the first of several sequences where Baron was portraying the members of his pack. The one where he lives as Blake was quite deep, as it took us to the very moment Blake mentioned weeks prior: the argument between Blake's parents that resulted in the death of her mother. After the sequences end, we see Baron taken to Everett's home, the knife is out, but Baron's recuperation is a slow one.

All right, let's get to the real reason why you're reading this review:

So we were right about Kristin Ramsey. She is not only a werewolf, she is the actual birth mother of Harlan, Luna, and Baron, so we all got to mark those on our Wolf Pack bingo cards. The reveal began with the flashback scenes of Kristin in Garrett's home, with the main centerpiece being Kristin's interaction with Luna (which was shown in the promo for the finale). It's a definite mother vibe, and prior to the flashbacks, Kristin informed Garrett that she originally couldn't trust him, but that changed once she saw how well he raised Harlan and Luna.

Kristin's reveals were quite a slow burn (no, that is not a pun), as the flashbacks and her confrontation with Harlan kicked it off. We later see Kristin as she informs Blake that she and Danny will be taken away by social services, and she also notices the change in Blake's appearance, leading her to offer to change Danny in the same way that she and Everett was changed as well. That, to me, was Kristin at her most chilling in the episode, and it made for one hell of an encounter between herself and Blake.

Speaking of Everett, he ended up confronted by his own father, David, at the hospital where Baron was held up (after Garrett) was told about him, and was informed that he would be placed in a psychiatric ward for 72 hours. Why, you ask? Apparently, Everett's mother, Karen...sorry, I mean Kendra (actually, I had it right the first time) told David that Everett threatened her, because being told to actually be nicer to her son is the same as being held at gunpoint in her mind. Because David's spine is made of Play-Doh, he lets Everett have it for "coming threateningly close" to his mother and snatching the car keys from her hand. Oooooh, that's really dangerous. Prison gangs should be shaking in their boots over that. My sarcasm (while very thick, but still isn't as thick as David's head in this scene) aside, if we get a second season (fingers crossed), I truly hope Kendra gets knocked off. I'm dead serious. While I never had hopes that Kendra would be a better mother to Everett, I thought she would at least begin the process of trying. She isn't. Her skin is thinner than the Philadelphia Flyers' playoff chances this season, and as for David, he's becoming more and more of a jellyfish as the series progresses.

Back to a mother I actually enjoy talking about: Kristin.

So the finale's climax sees Baron taken out of his hospital room by Malcolm, as he's looking to kill Kristin. This includes another reveal that we saw coming: Kristin was the arsonist. She was the werewolf who attacked Malcolm's crew, and after losing touch with her cubs, she started the fire in the series' events to draw out Baron's bestial side. We get a battle between Kristin and Malcolm, with the latter armed with silver bullets and a silver-tipped ax, and after Garrett enters and helps Kristin, he learns the whole truth from Kristin, who also states that each of the pack members have their own powers, and regarding Baron, his power is transmutation--he can turn others into werewolves.

We are later treated to this brief glimpse of Kristin releasing her inner wolf, as we see that orange glow in her eyes as she fights Malcolm again. She's set on killing him, but Garrett stops her, after which Kristin reveals her plan: she wants her family and her pack back, and she needs Baron to create more werewolves. In addition, Kristin wants Garrett to be part of the pack as a father to her cubs, but as Garrett accurately put it, not the human father--as Baron appears to lunge at Garrett.

The season finale, "Trophic Cascade," hit Paramount+ on March 16, 2023. While we were right about Kristin's twists, a lot of us weren't right about one thing: she's not the ominous voice on the phone, as the caller actually called her during the climax. Even so, what a season! Sarah Michelle Gellar definitely fulfilled her promises regarding certain episodes of the show. However, there are a lot of viewers wondering if Kristin truly is evil or not. For the most part, she is. Let's look at her scorecard. Killed almost every member of a firefighter group, started a big fire to lure out her son, and as a result, Baron goes on a murderous spree. Killed a guard after showing him where the bodies are placed, and as we saw in the series, she was set on killing Garrett until seeing how he doted on Harlan and Luna, but wants to turn him to rebuild her pack. Yeah, it's definitely high on the villainy scale, but not high enough. I think if we get a second season, we will truly see if Kristin's redemptive/well-intentioned, or if her true villainess demeanor gets turned all the way up.

With the season over, I have to mention this. Out of all of the times that we saw the characters in their partial wolf form, the best one had to be from the first episode. It's revealed to be a vision shared by Blake and Everett, but it sees them attacking each other as they brandished fangs and snarled continuously. Blake was quite vicious as a villainess in this brief sequence, and while Bella Shepard truly showed out in the series overall (as did the rest of the cast, especially Armani Jackson as Everett), she did an amazing job acting out Blake's heel persona in that brief sequence.

Check out my profile of Blake Navarro's evil vision sequence character on Villainous Beauties Wiki!

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