Recreating the Coolest Bikes From Netflix

by Amy Mercer 28 days ago in tv

It’s time to get our mountain bikes out and steal the look of our favourite Netflix TV shows!

Recreating the Coolest Bikes From Netflix
Photo by Paolo Chiabrando on Unsplash

Since lockdown, Netflix has become the essential escape for many people. It has become the window into the world we knew before deadly viruses and social bubbles became the modern norm. In many ways, we’ve been allowed to appreciate the simpler hobbies we had in yesteryear, where a simple bike ride could become the adventure of a lifetime.

However, between binge watching and government-granted-exercise allowances, we deserve a welcome break from the chaos of the real world. And if Netflix has taught us anything, it’s that cycling can take us back to the sense of freedom we used to feel.

It’s time to get our mountain bikes out and steal the look of our favourite Netflix TV shows. Here, we take a look back at our favourite characters and explore how we can customise our rides ready for our very own Netflix inspired cycling adventure.

1. Mike Wheeler – Stranger Things

If we’re talking bikes and Netflix, then Stranger Things shouldn’t surprise anyone as the first entry on our list. The retro-80s aesthetic of the AV Club’s troop of bicycles has been a source of envy for fans of the acclaimed Netflix series.

The low-riding seat, raised handlebars, and white framed rim of Mike Wheeler’s wheels have become almost as symbolic of the 1980s as big hair or punk rock. If you want your ride to be as sleek as Mike’s bike, look no further than these simple suggestions:

Lower your saddle height to recreate the low cruising style of a bicycle with a sports car look. Swapping your handlebars for an overarching and raised pair will also help you stand out in the bike shed.

The boldest people may opt to brighten their wheels by painting their rims with the leftover white paint from their lockdown home improvements. A quick spray of clear sealer should finish the job, leaving you with a sleek and noticeable retro-design for your wheels.

With this new design, you’ll be sure to be the talk of the town. If your town is called ‘Hawkins’, that is.

2. Kate Messner – Everything Sucks!

The students of ‘Boring High School’ didn’t know how good they had it back in 1996. I’m sure they would be more complacent knowing that students would be confined to maths lessons over Zoom in 2020. Students can’t wait for the thrill of riding their bike to school to come around again, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t improve the look of our bikes now.

The most noticeable aspect of Kate’s bike is the sturdy rear rack, that holds her books and essential work material. It might also be a useful addition to your bike frame in the post-furlough world; the impressive environmental improvements that we’ve witnessed during the Covid-19 crisis have established the need to lower our environmental impact. Cycling to work will inevitably contribute to this positive change we so desperately need.

A rear rack can also be made using second-hand materials from around the house. Using a wire basket, steel shelf supports, and cable ties can create a basic but sustainable support for your bags on the back of your bike.

3. Eric Effiong – Sex Education

The king of good hygiene has taught us to do more than just ‘wash your hands’ during lockdown. His aesthetic has provided some much-needed colour and excitement to our TV viewing schedule.

The 80s style of Sex Education allows us to reimagine the modern-day as a festival of retro fashion and classic bicycles. Eric’s bright turquoise frame evokes this spirit of nostalgia perfectly. If you want to pimp your bike to match his bright personality, here’s a couple of simple fixes:

Remove the main component parts of your bike and repaint the frame with a metal-friendly spray paint in an uncompromising colour. The louder the colour, the better.

Rewrap your handlebars with tan leather tape. It will certainly create a polished and classic look to your bike and bring it closer to Eric’s original model.

By revitalising your bike, you’re maintaining its longevity. Not only does your ride keep its fresh-from-the-shop appearance, but it also prevents it from falling into disrepair, it will keep you active, and keep the bike out of the junkyard.

The lessons of our favourite Netflix shows are resolute. Cycling is the way forward. A good bike can help tackle the biggest problems of the modern world. We’re fortunate that we don’t have to tackle a Demogorgon on the daily; but we know that cycling can create a healthy life and a healthy world, and we need that now more than ever. There’s nothing to say that our bikes can’t look great while doing it.


Amy Mercer
Amy Mercer
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