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Ready Player One and The Big Bang Theory

by Dyllon Rodillon about a month ago in pop culture

The worst representation of nerd culture

no copyright intended. also sorry they did you dirty buddy. you're a hero not a weapon

Let me start of by saying you're always entitled to your opinion, and if you happen to like one or the other or even both that's okay. I just personally have a huge problem with both "Ready Player One" and "The Big Bang Theory" (from here on out they will be abbreviated as RPO and TBBT). The very brief explanation as to why; is they're both the exact opposite message you want to send to the general public about nerd culture. So much selfishness and self-righteousness because you happen to know painfully obscure facts about nerd culture. Seriously, let's take a look.

Why the big bang theory is the worst

How this show lasted over a decade I'll never understand. This show was horrendous, and just had the worst "jokes". And that unbearable laugh track. Allow me to make my own "joke" for the big bang theory. Someone sneezes, cue Sheldon crashing through the wall like the Kool-Aid man wearing a Batman tee-shirt "DID YOU KNOW BATMAN TAUGHT HIMSELF HOW TO NOT SNEEZE SO THE BAD GUYS DON'T CATCH HIM!!?!!?". Then cue the unbearable laugh track for, oh I don't know about 10 minutes. There were seriously no punchlines to any of their jokes, and at a certain point just became "hey look which nerdy figure is on TBBT tonight guys!!!". If there has to be a joke I actually do like a lot, it has to be when Leonard signs their roommate agreement and Sheldon says "and if either one of us invents time travel, we promise to meet up in this precise spot in the next 5 seconds". Then they pause and look around, then when nothing happens Sheldon just very blandly says "well that's disappointing", and then moves on with the agreement. Honestly, that really deadpan humor was great. Plus it did get one thing right, nerds absolutely love the idea of time travel and if I was a full blown, king of the nerds. I'd probably make a similar agreement and also be disappointed when nothing happens.

Then literally none of the characters on the show were likeable; every single one of those people were terrible people when you actually do a character analysis. Sheldon is obvious, Howard is the wanna be ladies man that destroys every relationship he gets into without ever accepting responsibility. Actually now that I mention it Leonard and Raj both have that problem but at least they don't pretend to be a ladies man. The only person on that entire show that was a half decent person was Bernadette. Although she stupidly fell for Howard and ended up having his baby, at least she was willing to call out Howard's BS.

Where I do give TBBT credit, was how they were able to handle the sudden death of Howard's mother. For those of you who are aware the actress whom portrayed Howard's mother suddenly passed in real life. Thus they wrote the character to suddenly pass in the show, while the crew was at the comic book store. Howard is so taken aback he just takes a seat and is speechless as he tries to absorb the news. Then Sheldon speaks up while everyone is quiet, at first Leonard tries to stop him at first, however Howard lets Sheldon say what he has to say. Sheldon states "when I lost my own father, I didn't have any friends to help me through it, you do.". That was actually a very good scene, very touching and it actually felt real for once. Whereas 98% of the show is just so fake and so Hollywood. Also of course the ending to TBBT, was genuinely as close to a perfect ending as I have ever seen. It was an amazing send off and really respected the audience/fans who had stuck around after all these years. Also oddly enough, "Young Sheldon" is actually a very good show. And obviously if it wasn't for TBBT we wouldn't have Young Sheldon. I was incredibly surprised but that's a topic for another day.

Why Ready Player one is horrible

Literally everyone in this entire film is so horribly selfish. No joke, the entire premise of the film is "I know more useless trivia which is why I'm superior to you". I can't stand that this was the message of the film. Being a nerd or geek or whatever you prefer to call it should be "why", why do you love (insert fandom here). Instead of how much do you know, and if you don't happen to know the most obscure details about a fandom. It's selfish and incredibly self centered. And then they want to make me think the evil corporation is the big bad for monetizing this world wide phenomena, while Wade wants to be a prick and exclude those he doesn't deem worthy to play a game?? Again, so selfish I end up cheering for IOI just because I hate Wade so much.

When I discuss my love for say, Nightwing. I will share how Nightwing makes me feel and why they should get to appreciate Nightwing too. I talk about why I feel such a genuine connection to the character and the positive influence Nightwing has had on my life. But no, in Wade's eyes unless I know Dick Grayson's shoe size I'm apparently a fake fan and I don't deserve to appreciate Nightwing.

I'm so sorry Simon Pegg. What a surprise the furthest extend of Tye Sheridan's acting is standing around with his mouth open looking clueless. He's such a terrible actor and makes me really want James Marsden as cyclops to be in the movie, and just beat Tye senseless since he's fake Scott Summers. I never once cheered for Wade because not only fundamentally is Wade a terrible person but Tye just can't act. But to be fair, no one except Simon Pegg could act in this film. I'm sorry TJ Miller, I love you. But you didn't help the cause either. For the brief few minutes Simon Pegg was on screen he actually did a great job.

Lastly; Iron Giant... They did you so dirty and I'm so sorry. Honestly I'm not going to talk about it too much because Nando V movies already did such a fantastic job summarizing why this was a stupid decision and how it could've been so much better. I'm literally exhausted writing all of this. But the blunder that was making Iron Giant the big bad at the end of the film, proved the creators behind this had no idea what they were talking about. Again source nando below, I do not own the video below. No copyright was intended, just want to pay my respects to a youtuber I have great respect for.

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed what you have read today. I have plenty of different articles on many different topics. Feel free to give those other articles a read or two. Also if you'd be so kind, I'd greatly appreciate a heart, and if you really feel so inclined tips are always appreciated but by no means required.

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