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Ranking the Gilmore Girls Boyfriends

Rory and Lorelei

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 3 min read

One of the biggest points of debate on the internet and amongst Gilmore Girls fans is who is the best boyfriend? People put themselves into different camps based on who they like the best for each character. So here is my official ranking for each Gilmore Girl. We are talking only about Lorelei and Rory here, Lane and Paris is a whole different discussion.

So let’s go ahead and start with Lorelei. We are going to go from worst to best here.

Worst is Christopher…yes I said what I said. Rory’s father is the worst possible companion for Lorelei. He was a bad father and a flakey partner. He constantly led Lorelei on and she truly did wait for him to get his shit together and he just never did. Even when he finally committed to her he had to leave her because he didn’t actually end things with his girlfriend. And THEN when they actually got married he didn’t bother including Rory. Lorelei didn’t want to get married without her there and he simply didn’t care. Hate him.

Next up is Alex. He was just really short lived. He was very attentive and thoughtful. We just didn’t get him for very long. They kind of just faded out and it would have been nice to see a little more of him.

Then of course we have Jason. Now I never really loved Jason, but I do think that he was good for Lorelei. The only real problem here is that she begged him to not go after her family and he dismissed her. And then when she broke up with him, he chose to ignore that as well. And we just don’t have any respect for someone who has no respect for her boundaries.

And in first place we obviously have Luke. He also of course had some major flaws but no matter what, he was still the best fit for Lorelei. He waited and pined for her. He was thoughtful and kind and though he did some stupid things, he really was the best guy for Lor.

Moving on to Rory’s boyfriends. Now there are really only 3 to speak of and only one correct choice but just like with Lorelei we will be starting with the worst.

Starting with the worst choice means starting with Dean. Yes they were teenagers and teenagers do stupid things, but Dean was scary, obsessive and possessive. I could cite so many sources but really all I need is the fact that he broke up with her after she didn’t say I love you back. And then the fact that he came over, uninvited and then started screaming at Rory after blatantly ignoring her boundaries. There is no defense of Dean, he’s gross.

Then right in the middle we have Jess. This is where I will accept the they were just kids' excuses. Jess was also like severely abused and had no help. He was an ass because he was a product of his upbringing. That said he did some inexcusable things to Rory. The bedroom scene and the not calling her for 2 days and then just showing up with concert tickets. And of course the ghosting her and leaving with no word. But at least Jess grew up and got his shit together.

Of course the best boyfriend for Rory was Logan. Undoubtedly and not up for debate. He challenged her, he loved her, he put her in her place when she needed a reality check. Logan is the only boy that was good for Rory. And quite frankly he was too good for Rory, because she was just as if not more awful then all of these boys.

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