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Ranking Disney Movies By Era


By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

The post-renaissance era for Disney was actually a bit rough. We had some absolutely incredible movies that definitely stood the test of time. And then we had others that probably should have just stayed ideas. Either way the post-renaissance era of Disney produced 11 films that are surprisingly easy to rank.

In dead last, I am so sorry is Chicken Little. Disney tried its hand at 3D animation and it was not great. The story was a little messy and quite frankly the movie as a whole was forgettable and mediocre.

Next to last is Home on the Range, look animal based movies have more than worked for Disney before but this one was a bit of a disappointment. I remember watching it all of once when I was a child and I definitely didn’t pay that much attention then and I have the unfortunate task of telling you that was also the case upon rewatch. Another forgetful film from Disney, but here's the thing, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Disney doesn't, and has never truly produced a bad movie, just less good ones. And because we are emerging from the Renaissance era the bar was just raised so high.

Next up is Bolt. I had vaguely remembered this movie, I remember Miley Cyrus being cast for it, I remember a generically cute movie but really not much more than that. Again when Disney releases things like The Little Mermaid, or Fox and the Hound and then releases this it's just a bit underwhelming.

So I remember watching and rewatching Dinosaur when I was younger (I mean every kid goes through an obsession with dinosaurs phase right?). As far as realistic animation goes it actually holds up pretty good. I’m not gonna lie, this film is still pretty solid.

Now towards the middle of the pack we’ve got Brother Bear. This is actually a very sweet movie and I am sure it's somebody's favorite but once again we have a little bit of a forgettable movie.

Fantasia 2000 is the sequel to Fantasia and it was of course not as good as the first one but it is still a beautiful movie. I would call Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 experiences more than I would call them movies.

The top five kicks off with The Emperor’s New Groove. The movie was funny, it had a great lesson with some great character development. It was fun and it definitely holds up.

One of the most underrated Disney films, and children’s films in general is Treasure Planet. It's a great, solid adventure film and honestly the first real adventure film that we’ve gotten from Disney. It also holds up really really well.

Another underrated gem is Atlantis the Lost Empire. I personally love this movie so much. I would put this and Treasure Planet really in the same zone. They are both incredible movies that honestly have some very memorable characters.

In the top two we have Meet the Robinsons. This movie is so beautifully animated and it is so emotional. The top two honestly went to emotional impact. Meet the Robinsons is one of the most beautiful children’s movies. Family, friendship, love. It's just so wonderful.

And in top spot we have Lilo and Stitch. A movie that will never fail to make me cry. One that spawned a great TV show and honestly one of Disney’s most emotional feats. You might notice that some of these get ranked higher because the lack of parents storyline really gets to me but I apologize for nothing.

This era of Disney might not have been as consistent as previous eras. But this is really when Disney starts kicking it into gear when it comes to production. The Renaissance era really showed Disney just how much money they could make so it seems that maybe movies started having less effort put towards them. However I would like to restate that Disney doesn’t really produce bad movies, just less good.

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