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Ranking Disney Movies By Era

Wartime Disney

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 11 months ago 3 min read


Continuing our ranking of Disney movies by era we will move into Wartime Disney. There seemed to be some deadtime between the Golden Age and the Silver Age where the only movies produced were ones that people now have largely forgotten about. Many people gloss over this era because it really didn’t produce anything of note. This era of movies are often not even in discussions surrounding Disney movies. But I will not skip an era so we are ranking the 6 movies of the wartime Disney era.

Saludos Amigos

Saludos Amigos is dead last for a lot of reasons, though I think that combining animation and live action was still new and therefore groundbreaking for the time the way it was executed was sort of mediocre. Though none of the movies in this era really have full stories this one just seemed the most…underdeveloped. It’s also the film that shows the most that the studio was suffering from budget cuts.

The Three Caballeros

I actually really liked this movie as a kid, it was also a result of budget cuts but I think using Donald Duck's birthday as a basis for another anthology film was a really great idea. Also the fact that it was more documentary/education oriented was a good use of the character. Though none of these movies are consistent in tone I appreciate that Disney didn’t just shut down during the war, there is really no telling if they would have recovered or not.

Make Mine Music

Look alliteration is great but the movie was just a little messy, it felt like they were trying to recreate the magic of Fantasia but there simply wasn’t enough structure or money put into it for it to actually live up to something like Fantasia.

Melody Time

Melody Time was a better attempt at the same thing Make Mine Music was going for but it was only slightly better executed. This movie repurposed a lot of segments that were either made for previous movies or were actually in other movies, I think it's just kind of a lazy attempt at keeping the studio open. Look I understand that this was during World War 2 but we didn’t have to do the same thing twice in a row that were both attempts at something that had already been done. At this point it's just repetitive and redundant.

Fun and Fancy Free

A movie I was actually pretty obsessed with as a child. I remember re-watching it on a pretty constant loop. This is one of the only films out of this era where the segments had actual stories. I will say that I think this movie really holds up. I watched it recently and it's one of those movies that just fills you with warm fuzzy feelings every time you watch it.

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

Both parts of this movie were and are phenomenal. No notes this film is just as amazing now as it was when it was released. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad continues to be an awesome addition to Halloween watches.

The Wartime Disney era really didn’t produce anything that special. The highest ranked movies in this era are absolutely still worth the watch even though they definitely lean toward the more underrated movies that Disney has produced. I just couldn’t skip over this era when they did come out with a few influential movies and it's arguably the era that kept Disney open for production.

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