Randomocity Ep. 003 Peter PANther

by Rand Einfeldt 11 months ago in pop culture

Peter PANther

Randomocity Ep. 003 Peter PANther

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Last time I talked about my favorite 1987 movies. If you haven't listened to it yet, do it now! Last episode I promised that I was gonna talk about connections I found between Black Panther and Peter Pan, so respectfully this episode is entitled "Peter Panther."

Anyway, the other day I was watching Black Panther and shortly after I read Peter Pan, and while doing so, I couldn't help but notice a lot of similarities between the two. One wears green tights whereas the other wears black.

But it doesn't stop there.

Our first topic is called...

Cool Hand Hook

In the book Peter Pan, as well as movie adaptions of the character with said name, Pan's enemy is Hook. The question of whether he got that name after his hand got cut off or the name was foreshadowing inevitable Doom waiting to happen is up for debate. I mean Mufasa's brother is named Scar.

We also learn that that name was also given to him, and his real name is Taka, which is Swahili for "dirt," "trash," or "want." He has some harsh parents.

Anyway, the same can be said for Black Panther's enemy Klaw.

Yes, but instead of the name being on the nose, even though this is about a hand, it is spelled differently.

That's kinda right. In the comics it's spelled with a "K" instead of a "C," but in the MCU it's spelled K-L-A-U-E.

Anyway, both Klaue, and Hook lost their hands. Captain Hook had his hand cut off by Peter Pan…

In the Marvel comics, Klaw gets his hand cut off by Black Panther's father, and in the MCU movies he gets his hand cut off by Ultron. Funny thing to notice, Klaue does talk about cuttlefish in Age of Ultron, whereas Peter Pan tells Hook to say that he's a codfish.

Whether that was intentional that they both talked about sea creatures or not is up for debate, but it is a funny scene regardless.

The next topic is...

Neverland and Wakanda Forever

Pan is from a made-up place that no one knows about called Neverland.

Black Panther lives in a place that can only be described as a fairy tale called Wakanda. I find it interesting that this connection kinda fits with polar opposites. NEVERland and...

“Wakanda FOREVER.”

Next up is called...

Think Happy Thoughts

Pan gets his ability to fly due to pixie dust.

Black Panther gets his powers by a certain herb. But the connection goes deeper than that. Pan says that happy thoughts help him fly.

When Black Panther takes the herb, he has happy thoughts about the afterlife, seeing his father. I personally think that gives him the motivation to fly.

Or at least jump really high.

The last thing I found is a Lost Boys connection, but I've decided to leave that research out and let you do the research on your own as a bonus. I'm not gonna do all the thinking for you.

Well that's my show! Thanks for listening. Tune in with me next as we talk about The Cycle of Werewolf Movies and their impact on cinema!

So toodles!

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Rand Einfeldt
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