Randomocity Ep. 002 1987

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Randomocity Ep. 002 1987

Hello listeners! And welcome to Randomocity. I am your host, Rand. No, Rand is not short for anything... I take that back, I am. Who am I kidding, you all can't see what I look like anyway.

But that's beside the point. If my name was short for anything it would be random, or in this case Randomocity.

As a recap from last episode, I just talked about my favorite movies that had to deal with pilots.

If you haven't listened to it, I would encourage you to go back and do that. If you have listened to it, I would encourage you to listen to it a second time.

Speaking of “time” we’re gonna go back in time.

We’re gonna go back to 1987. A lot of my fans have requested I do my top 5 favorite 1987 movies. So I can’t say no to that!

Anyway, let’s dive into this. Here are my top 5 favorite 1987 movies and why.

So in no particular order… What am I kidding. Let's do it in order from good to best. Now some of these movies you've probably never heard of. And some of you weren’t even alive in 1987, but I was, and that’s all that’s all that matters!

5. 'The Lost Boys'

This is one of the few perfect examples of a Summer 80s Horror Movie. Vampires are probably one of my favorite monsters. Not to be confused with the sparkling kind. You know what I’m talking about. Not a lot of people know this, but this movie loosely references Peter Pan. I say loosely because of the said title and the watered down theme. I think I’ll do an episode on that later. I’m actually writing a script loosely based on the book Peter Pan but having Peter Pan be a vampire. I’m not gonna give too much details on it, because I’m debating if I want to make it into a feature film or I’ll make a full episode on it, once the script is finalized.

4. '3 Men and a Baby'

I have fond memories of this movie. It’s a great family film for all ages. It has an awesome soundtrack, especially the song "Daddy’s Girl" by Peter Cetera.

Not only is it a great movie, but it spawned a great sequel. Speaking of that, it was announced back in June of 2010 that Disney was going to make a threequel titled "Three Man and a Bride." Sadly, there are no recent updates other than in 2013, it was listed as being in development. So here’s hoping! And if you can't see what I'm doing right now, I'm crossing my fingers.

3. 'The Monster Squad'

This may not be everybody's favorite when they’re coming up with a monster movie that they like, but at the time when I was younger, I quite enjoyed it. Granted it was a little corny, but it still had some funny one-liners

Funny random fact. The CGI design for the Incredible Hulk in the Avengers movie? Hulk wasn't designed to have kids, if you you know what I mean.

But now the question is, would kicking The Hulk in the nards make him angry?

Anyway, going back to The Monster Squad, the cool part about this movie is that the director pitched the idea that he wanted to have Little Rascals vs Classic Universal Monsters.

I'm also thinking of writing another script similar to The Monster Squad, but I'm having it be a modern Wizard of Oz story with Universal Monsters in it, and they have to deal with the world coming to an end.

2. 'Spaceballs'

Mel Brooks is the master of parodies! His take on making a Space Opera into a comedy is pure gold! I just hope that the sequel will be just as good if not better. They seriously need to bring back Rick Moranis back, even as a cameo. So we'll see what happens with the new installment.

1. 'The Princess Bride'

This movie is such a quotable movie. It is my all-time favorite. Great actors, perfect dialogue, and a tremendous score. If Hollywood decides to do a remake of this, I will riot! It just can’t be done! It truly is a classic.

In my opinion, you should only remake movies that were horrible and see if you can make it better. The only exception is if you want to do an interesting spin on it, like modernize it... then maybe you'll be okay, but for the most part, if the movie sucked the first time, then you can remake it and see if you can do it better.

Well that’s my list, and thanks for listening! Tune in with me next time where I will be talking about connections I found between Peter Pan and Black Panther.

“Wakanda Forever!”

Until next time…

Rand Einfeldt
Rand Einfeldt
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