Rachel Green being a villain

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Ross sucks, but so does Rachel

Rachel Green being a villain
oh bummer, I'm the worst?

Ross has the reputation of being the most hated character, and for good reason. Ross sucks. He's toxic, abusive, possessive, jealous beyond reason, and non communicative.

However Ross being the worst often overshadows Rachel being terrible. Which she is. Rachel is terrible.

I've crowned myself the morality police. You're welcome.

Rachel is a fan favourite for her iconic hair which is still a vibe 20 years later. While her behaviour improves throughout the shows run, there is inconsiderate behaviour all through the shows 10 seasons.

Cue long list of examples of Rachel being petty and stupid and toxic and possessive and manipulative.

Season 1

Ep4 The One With George Stephanopoulos: Rachel confesses to a slew of awfulness she put Monica through. I'm willing to overlook this as it's only episode 4, and she was in high school when she did that stuff. We all were terrible in high school. For this reason I won't be mentioning stuff in flashbacks or The One That Could Have Been.

Ep8 The One Where Nana Dies Twice: Bragging about her relationship with an oily Italian is just annoying. He's not even cute.

Ep15 The One With The Stoned Guy: Monica doesn't ask Rachel to waitress for her job interview. Rachel is mad and petty about it, but honestly, bitch you have to be aware that you're a terrible waitress. You cannot be upset about that.

Ep20 The One With The Evil Orthodontist: More like the one with the evil ex fiance - and the evil ex fiance is Rachel. She knows she doesn't love Barry. She knows Barry is seeing someone else (Mindy, Rachel's ex best friend). Yet she bangs him, making him a cheater, doing what Mindy had done to her. Terrible behaviour.

let's admire her in photos while we rip her to shreds in words. this is one of her cutest moments

Season 2

Ep1 The One With Ross's New Girlfriend: Rachel lies to Phoebe about who Andy McDowell is so that she'll give Julie a bad haircut. Because jealousy.

Ep4 The One With Phoebe's Husband: Rachel gives Ross false advice because she wants to stunt his relationship with Julie because jealousy.

Ep7 The One Where Ross Finds Out: Rachel makes Ross a cheater when they kiss in the rain at the door of the coffee house - a beautiful moment - but as Rachel has been hurt by cheating in the past, you'd think she'd be more careful of implicating others.

Ep8 The One With The List: Rachel being petty as hell. Fair, you're hurt, and Ross done messed up, but you can work it out.

Ep10 The One With Russ: Rachel dating Ross's doppelgänger because.....why'd she do that?

Ep14 The One With The Prom Video: OH NOW YOU'RE READY TO HOOK UP? One nice thing he did 10 years ago and now he's got you. That seems healthy.

Season 3

Ep17 The One With The Ski Trip: Both Ross and Rachel being petty. Yeah, Ross done messed up, but both petty

Ep25 The One At The Beach: Rachel AGAIN implicating ross in cheating on his girlfriend.

Season 4

Ep13-19: Rachel has a crush on Joshua. Then dates him. Not weird, except that they met at work and he's not ready for a relationship. This is just not great.

Ep20 The One With All The Wedding Dresses: Rachel weirding Joshua out so extremely via basing her relationship and life decisions on Ross and where he is at, because jealousy. You are aware it's not a competition, right?


Season 5

Ep6 The One With The Yeti: Rachel fogged a guy because she thought he was a Yeti, and I don't even really know what a Yeti is, but it seems racist. But that's not the bad part. Once he shaves, and she thinks he's cute, she wants to forget it all and date him. WTF Rachel? He's also a dick with a weird relationship his sister and I don't like him.

Ep18 The One Where Rachel Smokes: Rachel smokes because she feels she needs to in order to not stunt her career. No excuses, Rachel. Smoking is dumb.

my favourite Rachel hair

Season 6

Ep7 The One Where Phoebe Runs: Rachel lies to Phoebe about why she doesn't want to go running with her. Lying is a sin, Rachel Karen Green!

Ep11 The One With The Apothecary Table: Rachel lying to Phoebe, AGAIN, but this time about their apothecary table and the rest of their plethora of useless garbage from Pottery Barn.

Ep13-14: Rachel is jealous of her sister Jill, hanging out with Ross because, jealousy? Possessive much?

Ep21 The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad: Rachel dates a man far her senior, which is weird but not bad (Richard is bad because he knew Monica as a child; Paul didn't know Rachel as a child so it's ok), but she still makes fun of Ross for dating Elizabeth (bad because she's a student and he's in a position of power) so mostly just hypocritical on Rachel's part.

Season 7

Ep1 The One With Monica's Thunder: Rachel initiates a hook up with Ross. I get it you're, sad, me too, but that's not cool. You're stealing Monica's thunder. Bitch.

Ep4-14: Rachel's crush then relationship with her assistant! Positions of power! Also, I don't see the appeal. He's bland, basic, and not even cute.

Ep22 The One With Chandler's Dad: Rachel driving without a valid license. Stupid and dangerous and illegal.

Season 8

Ep4 The One With The Videotape: Rachel lies about initiating a hook up with Ross. I get it, you're embarrassed, I would be too, but don't lie to your friends. Lying is a sin, Rachel Karen Green!

Ep17 The One With The Tea Leaves: Rachel lies to Joey about her boss wanting to buy her baby. Lying is a sin, Rachel Karen Green!

Season 9

Ep11 The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work: Rachel going back to work with no concern for her child because fear and jealousy.

Ep19-24: I can't blame Rachel of getting with Joey. That's on the writers. Even JenAn was against it. And yes, I gave her a nickname. She deserves it.

Season 10

Ep4 The One With The Cake: Chill out about your babies 1st bday. It's not a big deal. Let your people live.

Ep13 The One Where Joey Speaks French: Rachel is PISSED when Ross turns her down. He did it for the right reasons, and I get she's sad, but I'm seeing a pattern of her initiating stuff with him. Maybe she should drop him.

Ep18 The Last One Part 2: Getting with Ross. ugh. DROP HIM.

aspire to this length of hair and spirit of fun

I don't plan on doing this with every character, because I think the other characters are quite well balanced and received appropriately. I only saw a need for doing this on Rachel because she's often perceived by fans as perfect, and she's so far from it.

I hope I convinced you of that. Or at least gave you a laugh and some entertainment within the fandom.

Maybe I'll do one one how Janice deserved much better? Let me know.

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