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Quicksilver From X-Men and Marvel (MCU) is the Same Character?

by Jude Liebermann 5 months ago in superheroes

That Multiverse is crazy!

When Quicksilver made an appearance on the 6th episode of WandaVision, I was pleasantly surprised. I immediately recognized him from the X-Men movies and knew he wasn’t the same actor as from Avengers: The Age of Ultron. I've really enjoyed all the few scenes he's been given in the X-men movies. He's fast, uses his ability in a humorous way, and has some of the best slow-motion sequences ever filmed. I always looked forward to his scene stealing moments, and they are always the highlight of the movie for me. I didn't realize until today that he is supposed to be the same character from Marvel. He's Wanda's brother?

Some theories try to explain it as different versions from the Multiverse, but the likely explanation is that Peter is an American incarnation of Quicksilver created solely for the X-Men movies. The first names are different depending on the universe. Quicksilver is Peter in X-Men and Pietro in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From what I’ve found online, there is only Pietro Maximoff in the Marvel Comics as Quicksilver.

Of the two versions Quicksilver from X-men is definitely my favorite. Peter is portrayed by Evan Peters, who is American with a mom, Magneto as a father, is not a twin, he's hilarious and is quite the scene stealer. Pietro from MCU is portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson and is Russian, with a twin sister, dead parents, and is a lot darker. He gives Hawk Eye grief throughout Age of Ultron but then dies saving him.

But let's talk about that crazy 6th episode of WandaVision. When Quicksilver shows up on Wanda's doorstep, she's surprised to see him. After all, the X-men version of the character isn't her brother. Since he's my favorite version, I was very happy to see him, and I laughed out loud when Darcy utters, "She recast Pietro?"

While Pietro acts like his X-men character, he has similar but different memories than Wanda, but the X-men version is American. So he wouldn’t have any memories of growing up in Sokovia. This supports a different version from the Multiverse. All this does make me ask the obvious question of why they used a different actor in the first place?

Since their first appearances were roughly at the same time, it's likely neither studio realized they would eventually become linked. This does make the most sense, and I would be overjoyed if the X-men version of Quicksilver makes an appearance in the next Marvel movie. It would also be entertaining to see how that would be explained.

Due to End Game, there are many alternate realities, so it would be easy to say Quicksilver came from one of those. Though I appreciated the humor with Peter, I don’t mean to imply that Pietro didn’t have a sense of humor. Afterall there are snippets of funny moments in Age of Ultron: Quicksilver messing with Hawkeye and Captain America in the woods, and of course him trying to catch Thor’s hammer.

Back to the 6th episode of WandaVision, Wanda tests Pietro’s memories and even asks why he looks different. His last memory is of being shot in the street (when he saved Hawkeye and the child) and hearing her call for him. Wanda eventually gets tired of her brother's snappy comebacks and attacks him. She is clearly not the one who brought him into her altered reality. So who did?

Having just watched the 7th episode, I now know who is responsible but still don't know why. The post credits scene muddies the water even more. Will Quicksilver be a help or a hindrance to Wanda? The show is definitely getting more and more interesting, and I hope Quicksilver will become a cast regular.

Jude Liebermann
Jude Liebermann
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