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Power Rangers Review: "The Green Candle"

Rita Repulsa looks to end Tommy's Power Ranger career shortly after it began

By Clyde E. DawkinsPublished 15 days ago 7 min read

I know it's been over 30 years, but...I still LOATHE that candle!

Tommy Oliver joining the Power Rangers was a huge boost to the heroic tandem. When the quintet became a sextet, the Power Rangers became more powerful and had more weapons in their arsenal, a major one being Dragonzord. We would see a bigger force in this two-parter, but I'll save that nugget for later.

On to the review:

Part I

Part I begins with Tommy and Zack practicing their martial arts moves, but Tommy has something on his mind. The school dance is coming up, and Tommy wants to ask Kimberly to go with him. He has yet to do so, prompting Zack to give him that push, saying that Kimberly will definitely say yes.

Of course, getting a "yes" out of Kimberly is the least of Tommy's problems.

Rita Repulsa is in scorned Lifetime movie ex mode. She is livid that she lost her one power player to Zordon, and now she wants payback. What's the plan? That damn candle, of course. Goldar presented the Green Candle, made out of a special wax, and once the candle burns, the Green Ranger's powers will be sapped out of Tommy and back to Rita once the flame goes out. Meanwhile, Tommy is on the verge of asking Kimberly to the dance, but mere seconds before he could pop the question, the Putties pop up. Those clayheads never could read the room. The pair fight the Putties, but during the battle, Kimberly loses possession of her morpher, and Tommy can't reach his own.

Goldar shows up, and takes Tommy to the dark dimension, where he gives him an ultimatum: if Tommy returns to Rita, he'll keep his powers, but if he doesn't, he'll lose them when the candle burns out. At the Command Center, Kimberly and the other Rangers are inside, and Kimberly is panicking. She fears that Rita is scheming to regain control of Tommy, and when they suddenly see Dragonzord actually attacking the city, the fears are confirmed. However, Zordon states that the Dragonzord is a fake, it's actually Rita's Cyclops monster, who can take the form of any of the Zords.

The Rangers morph into action, and also fight Goldar, who holds Tommy at bay before leaving. The Zords come into play against Cyclops, and later on, Goldar returns to face Tommy and teases him about his friends "losing" the fight. Tommy fights Goldar, and this time, he manages to grab Goldar's sword. In an epic moment, Tommy uses Goldar's sword to escape the dark dimension, and gives a few more jabs before morphing into action. Tommy tells the Rangers what happened to him before calling the real Dragonzord. Now outnumbered, Cyclops changes different forms before escaping.

At the Command Center, Tommy tells the other Rangers about everything that happened with him; Jason mentions his own experience in the dark dimension (while leaving out that Tommy sent him there, for reasons of solidarity), and Trini dismisses Rita's claim that she would take Tommy's powers, saying that it was Rita simply trying to scare him. Zordon chimed in and stated that there could be some truth into Tommy's story, and revealed the details about the candle. The main one was the candle was made out of a special wax that connects the victim via touch. Tommy said that he never touched it. Zordon reminded Tommy that he did touch it when he worked for Rita. After receiving the rest of the details, Tommy fears that he is nearing the end of his budding Ranger career, and Part I ends with a shot of the Green Candle working its magic, and the sound of Rita cackling viciously.

Part II

Part II began with the Rangers making their plans regarding the Green Candle. Zordon states that one of the Rangers had to enter Rita's dark dimension and make a play for that candle. "So how do I get in?" Tommy asked. Zordon says that he doesn't. If Tommy appears, Rita's plan will escalate. It would have to be another Ranger entering the dimension.

"I'll go."

Those short words came from Jason, and upon hearing them, Tommy protested. Jason said that he's the only other Ranger who has been in the dimension, so it makes sense. Tommy still protested, as he didn't want anything to happen to Jason, but the other Rangers insisted on Jason going, saying that he speaks for the entire team. As for Rita, she's planning on sending the Cyclops monster back to Earth to impersonate Megazord and draw the Rangers into battle...and away from the candle. The other five Rangers teleported to the park, and with the use of Billy's molecular decoders, Jason enters the dimension and battles Goldar for the candle.

Tommy remained in the Command Center, and was hopeful that his friends would come through for him. At that moment, the alarm struck, and on the Viewing Globe, it's Megazord, but as Zordon states, it's the Cyclops monster posing as Megazord. This is done to divert the Rangers away from the candle, but Tommy decides that he wants to go on his own and battle Cyclops. Zordon reluctantly allows him to do so, and Tommy morphs and calls Dragonzord. We actually see Green Ranger enter Dragonzord, giving us our first glimpse of Green Ranger inside the cockpit.

Green Ranger's battle is an uphill one, and Zordon contacts the other Rangers stating that Tommy needed their help. It's followed by Zack entering the dimension and telling Jason about the situation, only for Jason to voice his urgency to get the candle, adding that Tommy would lose his powers if he didn't. Zack reminded Jason that if they don't help Tommy, he'd lose his life. Both of them leave the dimension, and the Rangers morph into action and join Tommy. Rita's urging the candle to burn, while Tommy vows that Rita will never take his powers.

And afterwards, we get this:

Ultrazord enters the fray

I mentioned a bigger force, and there it is: Ultrazord! Now, this was not the first time we saw Ultrazord; that honor went to the conclusion of the "Island of Illusion" two-parter. Ultrazord was the result of Dragonzord and Megazord combining with Titanus, the Carrierzord. I loved Ultrazord so much! Ultrazord was the Mariano Rivera of the combined Zords, because when Ultrazord appears, it's game over for Rita's monsters, and that was definitely the case for Cyclops, as all of Ultrazord's weapons were fired at the monster.

The Rangers returned to the Command Center, with Jason announcing that they were going to make another play at the candle. Unfortunately, as we saw, the candle burned out, and Zordon informed them of the news. With that, there was only one choice: Green Ranger had to give his Power Coin to another Ranger. Kimberly protested, but Tommy knew that there was no other way. Tommy removed his Power Coin and gave it to Jason, and the result saw the Dragon Shield and the Dragon Dagger transferred to Red Ranger. As for Rita, she was livid. Not only did another of her monsters get destroyed, but she also failed to regain the Green Ranger's powers as a result of the transfer.

"It's over, isn't it?" asked Tommy.

"Yes, I'm afraid so," replied Zordon.

"And Rita?" asked Tommy.

"With the coin in Jason's hands, the power is protected," said Zordon.

Zordon referred to Tommy as a courageous warrior and an honorable man, and after Tommy de-morphed, he voiced his gratitude for the fact that he was part of the Power Rangers team. Though that chapter ended (for that moment) for Tommy, there was some good news to end the two-parter: Kimberly said "yes"! She and Tommy are going to the dance!

"The Green Candle" aired on back-to-back days on November 17 (Part I) and November 18 (Part II), 1993 on Fox, and--for the time being--marked Tommy Oliver's departure from the Power Rangers. It was originally supposed to be permanent; the end of what was supposed to be a brief arc for Tommy as the Green Ranger. However, a lot of fans (myself included) really loved the Green Ranger and wanted to see him back. Jason David Frank would resurface in the conclusion of the "Doomsday" two-parter, but he would be back for good just a few episodes later in the very memorable "Return of an Old Friend" two-parter.

In the time between Part II of this episode and the "Return of an Old Friend" episodes, I actually hated this two-parter and the episodes that followed (except for "Doomsday," which I loved due to the drama involved in the story) because Power Rangers felt, well, empty without the Green Ranger. As an adult, I got out of that attitude and appreciated all of those MMPR episodes, though when Tommy did return as the Green Ranger, I was very elated, but I know that candle did a number on Tommy throughout the rest of Season One, and especially in Season Two. And yes, maturing from that attitude includes liking this two-parter, and this storyline would have a one-off follow-up in Season Two.

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  • Philip Gipson15 days ago

    You've got a skillset that's unparalleled when it comes to writing in-depth stories. I feel so proud of you for releasing another story involving the "Power Rangers" property.

Clyde E. DawkinsWritten by Clyde E. Dawkins

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