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Power Rangers Review: "Green With Evil (Part V: Breaking the Spell)"

The conclusion of the Green Ranger miniseries marks the beginning of a new chapter and a new legacy

By Clyde E. DawkinsPublished 18 days ago 8 min read

So after four parts, a lot of turmoil, and with hope pretty much lost, the Rangers finally had the answer they were looking for since it all began. Tommy Oliver, the quintet's newfound friend, was the evil Green Ranger. He was the one who took out Zordon in Part I, sent Jason to the dark dimension in Part II, and nearly finished him off in Part III. And finally, it was Tommy who partly caused the Rangers' worst defeat in Part IV.

And now, the conclusion begins with the quintet still processing this revelation.

Kimberly believed that it had to be a mistake. In response to Jason's asking if Alpha was sure, Alpha stated that the computer matched Tommy's interspatial bio-vibrations with the Green Ranger's. Zack also reminded Alpha that the computer had been under repair and possibly made a mistake, only for Billy to state that the malfunction was corrected. So yes, again, Tommy's the Green Ranger, and Zack can't believe that Tommy had been behind everything all this time. Alpha deduced that Rita had Tommy under her spell, and Jason announced that with this knowledge, they could not give up. They had to save Tommy from Rita's stranglehold.

Speaking of Rita, she and her minions were celebrating big time. It was reminiscent of a locker room celebration after a big win, or even a championship win. Hell of a scene. Back at the Command Center, Alpha was in panic mode.

"Oh, Rita will rule the world! She'll enslave mankind! She'll destroy the Command Center again!"

Of course, this was Alpha's humorous way of getting the Rangers to break out of their funk and not give up on their fight and their quest to save Tommy. The group planned to search for Tommy, while Alpha would continue his quest to get Zordon back online. The scene shifts to the Youth Center, where everyone is watching the news report regarding Rita's attack. Ernie voices his gratitude to the Power Rangers, but as for Bulk and Skull, they are taking all of the credit, claiming that they were the reason why the Rangers were able to defeat Goldar in the first place. Kimberly brushed this off, and then asked Ernie if he had seen Tommy, with Ernie pointing Kimberly in Tommy's direction, as he's shown working out.

So Kimberly confronts Tommy, and even goes as far as to say that she knows that he's the Green Ranger. Tommy's response:

"Well then, Pink Ranger, you should also know that you and the other Power Rangers will soon be destroyed."

Kimberly pleads with Tommy to let the Rangers help free him from Rita's spell, only for Tommy to voice his loyalty to Rita and claim that she'd soon rule the world. Kimberly pleaded again, but Tommy only told Kimberly that she had been warned, while flashing those green eyes.

Now, I want to talk more about this exchange, because I've always found it intriguing, thrilling, and a bit humorous. First off, Kimberly...what are you thinking? Do not show your hand like that. Within the first 10 seconds, she immediately tells Tommy that she knows he's the Green Ranger. That's a big no-no showing your proverbial cards like that. Secondly, Tommy...boy did he look bad. I've seen enough horror movies to know what the effects of being possessed look like. Tommy had it in spades. And thirdly, how in the hell could Kimberly actually look shocked that Tommy referred to her as the Pink Ranger? To me, that says that Kimberly actually thought that Rita would keep that nugget to herself while placing Tommy under her spell. Rita Repulsa has a mouth on her that's as big as East LA! Come on now.

Meanwhile, Goldar informed Squatt and Baboo that Rita had one more surprise in store, and here it is:

Lo and behold, ladies and gentlemen, Dragonzord has arrived. You know, I remember seeing the commercials for the Power Rangers toys, and I think I recall Dragonzord being shown as one of the toys before this miniseries even began. So because of that, I figured we'd see Dragonzord pop up in Part V, and there he is, emerging from the sea and set to be under Green Ranger's command. Much, much more on Dragonzord later.

After Alpha successfully gains the access he needed to search for Zordon, we see Kimberly with Jason, Billy, and Zack, and she's telling them about her encounter with Tommy, including the fact that Tommy knows who they are, and that he is out to get them. Jason says that Tommy's under one of Rita's spells, Kimberly's saying that it explains Tommy's weird behavior, while Zack adds that it also explains why the Putties didn't attack him (in Part III). The group's relief over finally putting two and two together is interrupted by Trini, who told the others that a monster was attacking the city.

The Rangers morph, and find themselves facing not only Green Ranger, but the Dragonzord as well. Their attempt to get through to Tommy falls on deaf ears, as Tommy orders the Dragonzord to destroy the Power Rangers. It's followed by Tommy playing the Dragon Dagger tune (which we would all know and be familiar with even now), and at that moment, Dragonzord fire the missiles from his fingers. Another verbal confrontation follows, and Rita is frustrated, as she is expecting Green Ranger to finish off the Rangers already.

Jason frets that they are unable to do anything about the Dragonzord, but back at the Command Center...


Zordon returns and commends Alpha for regaining their computer link-up, and after Alpha voices his happiness over seeing his mentor back, Zordon tells Alpha to get the Rangers to their Zords, while also saying that the Green Ranger will be freed once the Sword of Darkness is destroyed. Meanwhile, the Rangers notice the earth shaking and their morphers glowing. Jason knew what had happened.

"Zordon's back."

The Zords were back, the Rangers were back behind the wheel, and Rita was not pleased. Tyrannosaurus fought Dragonzord, but after being outmatched, the five Rangers bring their Zords together. Now it was Megazord going against Dragonzord, and this time, the Rangers were winning against Green Ranger's Zord, and it becomes more decisive once the Power Sword is used. With Dragonzord down, Jason tells Tommy that he had to destroy the Sword of Darkness to save him, and he leaps out of Megazord to battle Green Ranger once again.

The fight is pretty much even, and Jason takes out his blaster, only for Tommy to play the Dragon Dagger and power up his Dragon Shield. As a result, Jason's blasts towards Tommy bounce off, and after more fighting, Tommy tells Jason that he had to finish him off, and subdues Red Ranger with the Sword of Darkness. We see Rita saying that Tommy was finally going to destroy the Red Ranger, but instead, Jason counters Tommy's attack with one of his own, as he powers up the Power Sword and sends the blast towards Green Ranger, disarming him in the process. Afterwards, Jason destroys the Sword of Darkness with his blaster, and it's followed by Tommy turned back to normal.

It was done. The spell over Tommy was gone for good. Jason approached a groggy Tommy, who still remembered what he had done under Rita's spell, and carried a lot of guilt for it. Jason told Tommy that his actions were committed under the influence of Rita's spell, and that he now owned the power. Tommy was asked to join the Rangers and help them defeat Rita, but Tommy felt that he couldn't after everything that happened. Jason told Tommy that he belonged with the Rangers, and extended his hand. Tommy accepted.

Zordon and Alpha saw it all, and the former said that it was history in the making. "Finally, the prophecy is fulfilled. The sixth Ranger is now one of us." Afterwards, the sextet morphed, and we see the debut of Tommy's morphing scene ("Dragonzord!"), which came before Zack in the order. The six Rangers announced their intent to continue fight against Rita and her monsters, and afterwards, Zordon informed the Rangers that with their new friend comes new abilities. Tommy was instructed to play the dagger to bring Dragonzord back up, as the Zord would be part of a newly formed fighting machine:

Dragonzord in fighting mode

There it is, folks. As Zordon stated, the Dragonzord combined with the Mastodon, Triceratops, and Saber-Toothed Tiger Zords would form quite the epic combination. As we would see, the Dragonzord's chest piece was removed, and his hands would slide into the shoulder blades, which would close and form a new chest piece. Similar to Megazord, the Mastodon formed the arms, while the Triceratops and Saber-Toothed Tiger would form the legs. Zordon referred to this machine as Dragonzord in Fighting Mode, and the machine's key weapon was the Power Staff, which combined the chest piece with the drill. I loved Dragonzord in Fighting Mode, it was an absolutely epic combination to witness.

At the Command Center, Zordon commended the five Rangers for persevering even in the face of their greatest danger. He would save his biggest praise for Alpha, saying that he displayed exemplary leadership capabilities on Zordon's absences, and most importantly, Zordon was very proud of Alpha. Finally, Zordon formally and officially welcomes Tommy as an official Power Ranger, and he gives the same rules to Tommy that he gave to the other five Rangers:

1. Never use your power for personal gain.

2. Never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you.

3. Keep your identity a secret--no one may know that you're a Power Ranger.

Tommy says that Zordon can count on him 100%, and Billy presented Tommy with his own communicator.

And so, it begins.

"Breaking the Spell," the conclusion of the "Green With Evil" miniseries, aired on Fox on Saturday morning, October 9, 1993. I remember the awe I was in when the battle was over, the spell was broken, and most importantly, Tommy Oliver became an official member of the Power Rangers squad. This moment, this very moment, officially began Tommy's road to becoming the undisputed GOAT of Power Rangers. As a hero, Tommy began as a sixth Ranger who provided some extra oomph to the team, and he went from that to becoming the Rangers' leader, and a mentor for another generation of Rangers. I still, to this day, remember how I beamed when I saw Tommy's morphing scene for the very first time. It was absolutely amazing and epic!

This whole miniseries actually set the tone for future Power Rangers incarnations. Ever since the MMPR seasons, we would see every version follow the same formula: team of Rangers is formed, and when things get too hot in the kitchen, an additional Ranger is added (sometimes more than one additional Ranger), and that's when things really intensify up to a grand finale. This actually wouldn't be the last time that Tommy would serve as an additional Ranger, but he did set the bar for that trend for sure.

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  • Philip Gipson18 days ago

    You did really well in concluding your five-part article on this very special miniseries from MMPR, Clyde. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Clyde E. DawkinsWritten by Clyde E. Dawkins

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