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Piecing Together the BTS Images of the 'Justice League' Cargo Plane

WARNING: Spoilers for Justice League, including plot details and concept art to follow.

By Allie Z.Published 7 years ago 3 min read

As we get closer to the premiere of Justice League, new footage has inadvertently given away a major fight scene that takes place between the Justice League and an assortment of villains.

When pre-production began on Justice League Part One in 2016, Executive Producer Deborah Snyder shared some concept art of the Parademons in #JusticeLeague, along with providing some insight on a particular scene involving the #Parademons and the Justice League.

Description of the Scene Involving the Justice League's Encounter with Parademons:

The Parademons nest up in a ventilation tower on Stryker's Island, which becomes a major action sequence involving Batman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman as they hunt for missing scientists (including the head of S.T.A.R. Labs, Silas Stone). To start the scene, the creatures appear to be hanging like bats in the underground hideout. Counting them would have taken too long, so we'll just have to say there will be a lot of Parademons in the film.

As you can see in the image, Batman, Flash, and Wonder Woman are looking upward, inside of what appears to be a tower. This image of the Justice League corresponds with the scene description of the hanging Parademons during their attempt to rescue Dr. Silas Stone. That being said, a major action sequence between the Justice League and the Parademons seems likely to be one of the most talked about scenes in the film, so best not to spoil it.

Justice League Plane Teased In New Images

We can only assume the plane belongs to Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman since he appears to be the only one with means of acquiring such an aircraft (and the Batmobile is also in the cargo bay of the plane). Wonder Woman could arguably purchase a cargo plane herself, but Batman is the one known for tech and gadgets, so a cargo plane is more up his alley. Regardless, it looks like the cargo plane is going to be the base of operations for the Justice League when they assemble.

Another image of the plane was spotted in a behind-the-scenes look at Justice League, where the cargo plane is being attacked by actors in motion-capture gear.

More Images Of The Justice League's Plane

Along with an image of the Justice League's cargo ship being invaded, the behind-the-scenes look at Justice League also gave us a glimpse at Ben Affleck's Batman as he suits up in his new tactical suit:

All of these images depicting scenes aboard the Justice League's cargo ship seem to imply that quite a few pivotal scenes will take place on the aircraft.

For one, we can clearly see the Justice League assembled (sans Superman) as they disembark the vessel on a mission. Secondly, a mysterious group of CGI characters (probably Parademons) are going to invade the Justice League's ship, so the aircraft is likely going to be a major set piece in the films. Then there's the matter of the Deathstroke tease that also seemingly takes place aboard the Justice League's plane (evident by the Batmobile in the background).

Deathstroke Is Aboard the Justice League Plane

In the video we get our first glimpses of Deathstroke in Justice League, and surprisingly, he's aboard the Justice League's cargo ship. The scene is too short to draw any context from it but it will likely introduce Deathstroke a.k.a. Slade Wilson to the DC Extended Universe.

Are Wonder Woman and Batman Aboard the Justice League Plane?

For now, we may not have a clear image of the Justice League plane, but the trailer for Justice League provided us with a brief glimpse of an unknown plane schematic on a computer monitor beside Batman and Wonder Woman. That plane could very well be the Justice League's cargo plane, giving us a look at the aircraft exterior.

Altogether, these images more than imply that Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman will use this cargo plane as they assemble the rest of the Justice League, utilizing the cargo plane as their main mode of transportation.


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