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Paul Bettany Is Ready For Vision's Return In The MCU, So Where Will We See The Synthezoid Avenger Next?

The Vision Quest Begins..

By Kristy AndersonPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Credit: Disney.

When we last saw the rebuilt original body of Vision in the MCU, the now bleached-white synthezoid was fleeing Westview after Wanda's Hex-Vision had unlocked his memories. We are fast approaching the third anniversary of when this event occurred in the series finale of WandaVision, with no sign yet of where Vision has ended up.

At the recent MegaCon in Orlando, actor Paul Bettany reaffirmed his commitment to continue Vision's story post WandaVision, which some fans have taken as confirmation of the character's return.

So, where could we see him next?

Vision Quest

Credit: Marvel Comics

Shortly after WandaVision concluded, rumours began circulating that a spin-off series was in development, focused on White Vision after his departure from Westview. The series would follow Vision as he grapples with re-establishing a sense of his own identity and trying to connect with his unlocked memories. Later reports suggested the series would likely be titled Vision Quest, and would borrow elements from the 2015 The Vision comic run, possibly introducing Vision's daughter, Viv Vision.

Little else was revealed about the series until late 2023, when Vision Quest was reported as still in active development, with WandaVision creator Jac Schaeffer to serve as head writer and Executive Producer. If the series does eventuate, it would, of course, be the obvious place for Vision's next appearance.

Agatha: Darkhold Diaries

Before Vision Quest potentially hits screens, we have the first WandaVision spin-off, Agatha: Darkhold Diaries, hitting screens later in 2024. The series will see Agatha Harkness freed from the spell placed on her by the Scarlet Witch, only to discover she no longer has access to her powers. In her quest to restore her powers, Agatha gathers a coven of other magic users, including teenager Billy Kaplan, who may be playing host to the reincarnated soul of Billy Maximoff.

Of course, much of the talk around Darkhold Diaries has dealt with whether or not Wanda Maximoff could appear. However, if he has settled somewhere close to Westview, some fans theorise we may actually get a cameo from Vision, possibly as a teaser or lead in to Vision Quest.

Armor Wars

Originally announced as a Disney Plus series, an adaptation of the 'Armor Wars' comic storyline is currently being reworked as a feature film. The original story involved the emergence of various armored criminals, leading to the realisation that Tony Stark's armor designs had been stolen. Seeing the situation as his responsibility, Tony Stark/Iron Man sets out to stop all the unauthorised Stark-designed suits.

The film version of Armor Wars will be reworked with Col. James Rhodes/War Machine as the central character, likely fighting off those he sees as tarnishing the legacy of his late best friend. The story could also be a possibility for when Vision, himself a part of the Stark legacy, could reappear. However, this would be more likely as a chapter in his continuing story than a first return appearance.

Young Avengers

Credit: Marvel.

Ever since Tommy and Billy Maximoff first appeared in WandaVision, rumours have swirled that a Young Avengers project was on the cards at Marvel Studios. With each subsequent appearance of a potential member (Isaiah Bradley, Kate Bishop, Cassie Lang, Kamala Khan) those rumours have strengthened. While no series or film is officially confirmed, we now know that some form of the team will exist in the MCU, thanks to Kamala's attempt to recruit Kate Bishop in the closing scene of The Marvels.

In the comics, the original Young Avengers line-up features a new, 'younger' Vision, born from a combination of the then-dead original Vision's operating system, and Iron Lad's abandoned neuro-kinetic armor. Some fans believe there could be a place for White Vision in the MCU's Young Avengers, as a guardian/mentor figure. However, like Armor Wars, this seems like part of an ongoing story, not a first time return appearance.

Wherever Vision appears next, we can't wait to see him. He has one of the most potentially intriguing stories of the current MCU cast.


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