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Passing the Torch Arc One (Volume 3)

by LUiS Thompson 11 days ago in fan fiction
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The Shira Clan Tale Continues

"Dedicated to the Unknown Fire Family."

Picking up the weapon in awe as to what was just witnessed when in a split second, the bamboo part of the sword broke off and collapsed in a brittle decay. Holding only the handle I felt an energy of great power rushing through my body.

The yellowish aura glared once more as a distinctive marking covered my forearm and allowed me to understand something I hadn’t taken into consideration yet. Making it out alive from the Kaiju’s destruction I very well may be the last of my Clan now. The Shira Clan of the Flame Village must live on through me from here on out.

You see, legend has foretold a Spiritual World divided into elements that we share as six regions formed in our world. My discovery led to the realization that the Minaro sword was truly meant to be a bridge between our world and the next.

I found that over my time with the weapon, its handle has allowed me to practice in the spirit realm for a limited time and hone my skills faster than I would be able to in the world of the living. I never had a chance to say goodbye to my grandfather, or thank him for what he had prepared for me all this time. I intend to make it right one day.

It's been several months since the destruction on Mt. Shira and I’ve been studying under the wisdom of the spirit tied to my grandpa's weapon since it helped save my life in that cave during the attack. Lord Maro Maro said that there is a secret hideout in the spirit world led by someone who gathers souls and finds a new way of forming the elemental Kaiju.

I’ve come to understand some of the powers behind the Minaro Sword and may even be realizing now the true reason as to why my father left to fight with The Six.

Now more skilled than ever before in the ways of the Minaro Sword, my hopes are to venture out into the spirit world to find the evil conjuring these Elemental Kaiju to my world. I saw that when enraged with emotion the mystical sword of Minaro is capable of feeling my chi and with it forge a blade of fire.

In the attempt to seek vengeance for the destruction of the Shira temple and possible death of what remained of my clan, the slaying of the Elemental Kaiju that attacked Mt. Shira would be one of my major objectives as well.

Lord Maro Maro mentions the place in which I must venture into the spiritual kingdom. And although I am very nervous about the task ahead, there may be a reason for my training. My plans are to make sense of it in the near future.

“I have a new technique for you to study, Anu. It will enable your weapon to evolve into the next step toward crossing the worlds easier".

While I listened to Lord Maro Maro speak, his long white hair was like a snowfall covered in an eye. His armor had an antique appearance, with a futuristic touch that I had never seen before.

His body was clear to the eye, but radiant with an aura of vibrant lavender. He drew from his sheath an elongated blade that oozed a greenish color from his blade and used it to cut the air in front of him.

Remaining still for the time being, my eyes were in consideration that I could well have witnessed a dream.

From the slit came a rip in time and space, opening a large gate similar to the same color that covered the body of Lord Maro Maro. He handed me his weapon and instructed me to put my weapon and his in close proximity.

Before walking closer to the purplish gate the two weapons started to tremble in a fast motion. A light flashed upon me and when I opened my eyes again, I had what seemed like a fully forged weapon.

Copyright © 2022 LUiS Thompson

fan fiction

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LUiS Thompson

When he's not designing or laying down brutalities in Mortal Kombat, LUiS Thomspon is establishing a foundation for himself, his fans, and the horror, science fiction, and fan fiction writing communities.

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