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Outer Banks: 5 Things That Make No Sense About The Pogues (& 5 About The Kooks)

by Svetlana Sterlin 2 months ago in list

Pogues and Kooks are always butting heads in Netflix's Outer Banks, but plenty of things don't make sense about these two groups.

One of the most popular original series on Netflix these days is the beach-set Outer Banks. Since its 2020 premiere, the teen drama has gained millions of fans from across the world, thanks largely to its main characters: the Pogues.

The Outer Banks is a popular tourist destination where the Kooks run the industry and hire the lower-class Pogues to do the dirty work for them. John B, Kiara, JJ, and Pope are Pogues, while the Cameron family, Topper, and Kelce are Kooks. A few characters fall somewhere in the middle, like Sarah, Sheriff Peterkin, and Barry. Here are a few things that don't make sense about both groups.

10. POGUES: How They Survive

The Pogues are supposed to be a bunch of kids who are barely scraping by. They work part-time jobs to make ends meet, but it doesn't explain how they afford their mortgages, bills, food, and basic needs like clothes - especially in John B's case.

The main character lives without any parents or guardians and spends most of his time ... well, not working. So how does he even survive?

9. KOOKS: Hate Pogues

The perpetual war between Pogues and Kooks is the context for the entire story of Outer Banks, but it doesn't totally make sense. Why exactly do the Kooks despise the Pogues so much? They can't threaten their wealth and privilege and they never try to take it from them.

The Pogues' hatred for the Kooks makes sense, but this could also be because the story is told from their perspective. If more light was shed on what goes on in the Kook world behind the scenes, perhaps audiences would sympathize with them more.

8. POGUES: Their Futures

The only Pogue who seems to be planning for his future is Pope. The others, especially JJ, seem to be content with just going with the flow. Sure, many teens live by this motto, but these characters are almost old enough to be out of school.

What will they do when they graduate? How will they survive in the real world without their parents' support? After season 1 they have the authorities to worry about. Will Kiara, Pope, and JJ really give up everything they have for the slim possibility that Sarah and John B successfully integrate themselves into the new life they're pursuing - if they manage to acquire the gold.

7. KOOKS: Family Backgrounds

If viewers knew more about the Kooks' backgrounds, their prejudice against Pogues and the lower class might make more sense. Perhaps they view Pogues as less educated and sophisticated, but this isn't true.

One of the strangest things about the Kooks is Ward Cameron's connection with Big John and Scooter. He's connected with both of their deaths, but it seems that the three men were working together before, as friends, acquaintances, or just accomplices. Ward also shows a degree of respect for John B. Perhaps the Kook children despise Pogues because of their free lifestyle - but they could easily do what Kiara has done, and join them.

6. POGUES: They Can Afford Boats

How the Pogues can afford boats, and to maintain them, is a question that doesn't have a reasonable answer. The Pogues seem to go out on John B's boat most often, and he's the one with the lowest income since his father and uncle aren't around anymore.

They're very liberal with their use of boats and boating equipment. Every Pogue also owns a surfboard, which can't be cheap to buy and take care of.

5. KOOKS: Attend Pogue Gatherings

For a group of people who hate the Pogues so much, they seem to spend a lot of time together. They share the same hangout spots, like the beach, of course. The pilot episode sees the Kooks willingly make their way to a Pogue party started by John B and his friends.

Later in the season, the Kooks go to see a movie where many Pogues are present - again, how the Pogues are so liberal with the little money they have is beyond logic - then get into a fight over it. The Kooks are also hellbent on following the Pogues wherever they go - a strange obsession that isn't reciprocated.

4. POGUES: Avoid Seeking Help

John B is offered help multiple times, by multiple people, and he adamantly rejects it. Perhaps he doesn't trust many people, which is fair, but he doesn't have much going for him, so it would be wise to accept some help.

Peterkin is one such person, and as a poor orphan, this is a rare opportunity John B should take advantage of. Trusting Ward, on the other hand, proves to be a mistake. The people who want to help JJ are his friends, but he turns away from them when they try to reach him, yet doesn't think twice about doing something for them.

3. KOOKS: Hire Pogues As Employees

Though the Kooks hate Pogues, they're willing to give them jobs. According to Ward Cameron, John B is one of his best employees, which shows that they're hardworking and diligent, but perhaps not always trustworthy.

Why do the Kooks help the Pogues at all if they wish they didn't even live on the island? Midsummers is a perfect example of when the two worlds clash in a bad way - yet it's by the Kooks' choice that the Pogues are present at all.

2. POGUES: Kiara's Enigma

John B's narration tells the audience that he's not really sure why Kiara hangs out with the Pogues, and it isn't very clear - much like Kiara's past. Viewers only know that she had a falling-out with Sarah after her "Kook year", but not much detail is offered.

Kiara's indecision and the mixed signals she sends add even more mystery to her character. Everyone is sure she's in love with John B, but then she insists that she's not, while still sort of flirting with him. Soon after, she asks John B if she told JJ about the kiss, which had fans speculating that she loves JJ. But Pope is the one she ends up with at the end of season 1.

1. KOOKS: Topper's Feelings For Sarah

In the first few episodes, Sarah and Topper seem like an okay couple. However, things get a little weird when Topper's angrier side is revealed.

He's intolerant of changes in Sarah's behavior. His interrogation scares her, but while he's suspicious of her, he also wants her back. He says he loves her and over the course of the season tries repeatedly to convince her he's better than John B. In the end, he proves himself, but this only makes characters and viewers even more confused about where he stands.

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Svetlana Sterlin

Svetlana Sterlin is an emerging prose, poetry, and screenwriter based in Brisbane, Australia. She's also the founding editor of swim meet lit mag, a contributor at Our Culture Magazine, a reader for Split Rock Review, and a swimming coach.

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