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Once Upon A Time Episode Six

by Jessica L 5 years ago in tv
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Twisted Vines

Twisted vines curl, bend and overlap while growing side by side. The plot lines and stories on Once Upon A Time are a lot like vines which twist and climb along the walls. The show has aired for six full seasons and is on it's seventh now. In it's seventh season the show has seen a reboot of sorts, and along with it many parallels from the show's first season. Each episode of the seventh season has mirrored that of the first season in some way large or small. Season one focused on the story of Snow White. It told the story of how she met her prince and fell in love. While the evil Queen worked to tear them apart. Season one explained that the Queen's final effort to keep the princess and her prince apart was the dark curse. A curse which took all of the fairytale characters from their homes and brought them to our world where magic does not exist. From there the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming was set to break the curse. In season seven a similar story is being told. The story of Cinderella and her prince being ripped apart by a dark curse. Now the characters from familiar stories and from the previous seasons have been brought to a new land and the new curse must be broken. In episode six of season seven viewers discover what led to the new curse being cast. The following paragraphs will contain spoilers from all seven seasons of the show.

Many of the previous episodes this season have focused on Cinderella, her prince Henry, her best friend Tiana, her wicked step mother, Henry's grandfather Rumpelstiltskin, and Henry's stepfather. Last week's episode was no different. This episode centered around the former Evil Queen from the previous seasons as she worked to find her way and her place in this new story. In the previous seasons her character earned redemption and even became friends with Snow White and her prince. The title of Evil Queen wore away. She became known as a hero to many viewers and to the characters on the show. In the beginning of the season her adopted son, Henry went away to travel through different realms exploring and discovering who he is. Henry journeyed for many years and found love with Cinderella. Though like the Evil Queen in season one with Snow White and her prince, there was someone trying to keep Cinderella and Henry apart. It got Henry into a bit of trouble, so using magic he called for help. His family arrived and rescued him. The former Evil Queen also known as Regina arrived and greeted her son.

Throughout the previous six seasons the relationship between Regina and Henry was well-developed. Regina's love for Henry was clear. Her love for her son became her only priority and the things she valued above all else once she let her desire for revenge go. When Henry left home, it left Regina alone feeling as if there was something missing in her life. With this in mind after rescuing him she decided to stay with him and help him in this new realm. They joined in the battles that were occurring there and allied with Cinderella to stop her evil step mother. Though it did not take long for her realize that her place was no longer to be at her son's side all of the time.

It was then that she crossed paths with Drizella, Cinderella's wicked step sister. While working with Henry and Cinderella, Regina learned a bit about the people Cinderella called family and about the torture they caused across the land. When Regina came upon Drizella she did not realize who the girl was. Only that she was in danger as a magical flower attacked at the base of a tower. Regina used her magic to rescue Drizella. When Drizella realized she was safe she removed the cloak she wore. Regina saw then that she had saved an enemy of her son's and new friend. At first Regina was weary of what she did. Weary of what Drizella had been trying to accomplish before Regina stumbled upon her.

Despite Regina's intense questioning, Drizella did not flinch or quake in fear. She merely explained that her goals were not so different from Regina's. The more Drizella spoke the more Regina saw something in her. Something familiar and vulnerable. Regina saw a younger version of herself. In this moment viewers saw the same thing. Viewers were reminded of the earlier episodes that displayed the pain Regina went through as a young girl. The pain of losing her first love. Though Drizella did not lose her first love she was missing love, the love of her mother.

Feeling sympathy for what Drizella has to live with Regina wanted to instill some sense of worth and meaning into Drizella's life. Show her that she could be so much more than what her mother has led her to believe. When Drizella confided to Regina that she was born with magic Regina found even more similarities in her story and the unfolding story of Drizella. It occurred to Regina that if Drizella could uncover the power she carried then she could break free of her mother's control. In the earlier seasons that was what Regina hoped to do for herself. She searched for help from the Dark One who trained her in the ways of dark magic. It was the first step in her becoming the Evil Queen. Flash forward to the current season and Regina has learned from her mistakes. She believes she could be a better guide for Drizella than Rumple or the Dark One was for her. So Drizella and Regina spent some time together getting to know one another and sharing the ways of magic.

The magic which Regina learned from the Dark One led Regina down a dark path of seeking revenge. Again the stories mirrored one another; they twist and overlap like twisted vines as Drizella used the magic Regina taught her to kill a man and enact the dark curse for a second time. While Regina tried to guide Drizella to a better path Drizella let hatred fill her heart.

The show's reboot this season has seen many parallels as stories cross one another and branch off to become new stories. Like twisting vines they bend and curve creating new paths as new stories are told.


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