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Once Upon A Time

by Jessica L 5 years ago in tv
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Summary and Theories

The ABC television show Once Upon A Time, about fairytales characters trapped in the real world, puts a new spin on the beloved stories we all grew up with. The story of Snow White took a spin when the ironically dainty princess was seen wielding a bow an arrow and knocked her Prince Charming out cold with a stone. The show quickly became famous for its interesting plot twists and unexpected characters. For the past six seasons the show has continually surprised fans by taking them to new worlds and inventing new curses for the characters to overcome, all the while keeping the show's main focus on family and hope. Now after six seasons the show is undergoing a reboot. Many of the main actors chose not to renew their contracts, leaving less than a handful of the cast to return for the seventh season. With that in mind the entire show faced a makeover. The setting, time and even the beloved characters themselves were all done over leaving the fans to speculate and theorize what the seventh season would hold.

Beware as here is where I may divulge some spoilers. There were many theories about how the seventh season would progress. The fans were given a clue as to what the newest season would bring in the season finale of season six, when we were shown a grown up Henry Mills answering the door to his apartment to find a young girl named Lucy claiming to be his daughter. Fans were treated to a flashback of the pilot episode when Henry did the same thing to his mother, Emma Swan. With that scene the season ended and fans speculated how the show made such a jump in time, from Henry being a teenager to a full grown adult. Soon after fans learned that the newest season would not take place in the small town of Storybrooke, but a neighborhood in Seattle known as Hyperion Heights. The fans were also told that the characters who remained from the previous seasons would not be returning as themselves. In the season premiere we learned that the former Evil Queen also known as Regina Mills would now be known as Roni. Along with the new names, the characters took on new personas.

Finally, the seventh season premiered and the drastic changes to the show were explained. Henry left Storybrooke after high school to seek out adventure in other realms. It was during this time that he eventually met an alternate version of Cinderella. The pair fell in love and had a child. That child now knocked on Henry's door trying to make him remember who he is. Henry believes he is an author who made up the characters of Emma Swan and all of the other characters from the previous seasons for his only published book.

In the second episode, further explanation was given on the changes in the character of Captain Hook. He joined the show in season two as a villain seeking revenge for his lost hand and love. Over the course of the next several seasons, Hook worked with other villains to further his mission, but he also became close to the main hero, Emma Swan. As his feelings for her grew so did his motivation to change his villainous ways. At the end of season five, fans saw him find his happy ending when he married his true love, Emma Swan, though fans knew that actress Jennifer Morrison had not renewed her contract and would not return. That left many to wonder where that would leave the famous pirate captain for the next season. He was seen in the first episode of the seventh season as a police officer with no idea of who he was in Storybrooke, when he stumbles across a picture of Emma Swan and had a strange reaction to the image. Many fans speculated that he may remember her or at least have some flash of memories from his past. People thought that perhaps he would serve as a guide for Henry in this new town much like the character August did for Emma.

Throughout the episode, Hook began asking questions about the image of Emma, wondering if she could have been real. Then through flashbacks fans learned that sometime before everyone was brought to Seattle, Captain Hook had a run in with an alternate version of himself from a previous season. The alternate Hook was created from a wish. Since the wish, he had been looking for Emma Swan in the hopes that she would be the key to his happiness like she had been for the original Hook. After the Hooks fought, the wish version of Captain Hook revealed that he is in search of his daughter. He explained that he had a daughter who was kidnapped by a witch. While he was able to visit her for some time trying to find a way to free her from the witch, his heart was eventually cursed and he never saw her again. The wish version of Hook wanted to find Emma and make her fall in love with him so that true love could break the curse and he could rescue his daughter. At the same time fans learned that the original Captain Hook was also expecting a child with Emma Swan. The Hooks bonded over fatherhood and arranged for the Wish Hook and Henry to work together so that Wish Hook could find his daughter.

The episode ended with the original Hook and Emma Swan traveling through a portal to return to Storybrooke, while Henry, Regina and Wish Hook stayed behind in this unknown realm.

With the episode over, many fans began thinking about what character Wish Hook's daughter could be. Many believe his daughter could be Alice from Alice in Wonderland. She already has made a brief appearance this season. In this season she stated that she has traveled many places beside Wonderland. So people think that would explain why Wish Hook has been unable to find her. Another theory is that Cinderella herself could be his daughter. After the flashback scene where Wish Hook revealed that he had a daughter there was a scene in present day Hyperion Heights. Realizing that the Captain Hook in Hyperion Heights is actually Wish Hook, fans noticed the strange looks he was giving Cinderella at a dance recital.

While both theories are very possible, there is also one other theory to be mentioned: the character of Drisella, Cinderella's step sister. Not much is known about her character so far other than the fact that she follows in her step mother's shadow. She claims to be just as nasty, if not more so, than her step mother but many have noticed she does not really seem to be. This includes adult Henry. Drisella was meant to torture him for her step mother and he remarked that she does not seem as mean as the Lady Tremaine. It is possible that Drisella feels she must be loyal to her step mother for one reason or another, and does not realize who she truly is, the daughter of Captain Hook.

It is too soon to know for sure who will be the daughter of Captain Hook, but that will not stop fans of the show from theorizing, speculating, and digging for clues. The writers of the series became famous for their twisted and suspenseful storylines after their previous hit, Lost, which also aired on ABC. The show lends itself to that kind of thinking. It will be interesting to see what other theories arise from the Hook storyline and to see what proof the fans accumulate before the truth is revealed.


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