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"Office Invasion" is exactly what you expect

…if you saw the trailer.

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read
Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube

Office Invasion is a 2022 South-African Netflix movie focused on an office invasion. This is a raunchy movie exploring the lives of three friends and co-workers of a mining company called AMI as they decide to get financial compensation their way.

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This movie follows a geologist(Sam-Rea Rangaka), a Security guard (Junior-Sechaba Ramphele) and a Junior accountant (Prince-Kiroshan Naidoo). It focuses on an office lifestyle and experiences within a science fiction realm. We are notified that the AMI company produced a very valuable resource called Zulcanoid and was under new management. The son of the CEO, Melusi Nkosi (Kabomo Vilakazi)takes over the company and makes numerous changes. Their annual bonuses were removed for company-branded clothing and told they would waste it on alcohol anyway. The budgets were reduced so much so that they were not buying guns for security but being taught to fight intruders with office supplies. Everyone realized there was something wrong with all the changes but Sam discovered Melusi might want to sell the company by making it seem more profitable. After some time the new management was introduced. It included Gregory(Greg Viljoen), Anya(Aimee Ntuli) and Badrick(Stevel Marc).

Unbeknownst to anyone, everyone in the new management is an alien. They got their different accents from movies to form their Russian, Australian fusion and Jamaican team. After this was uncovered, it made sense when Badrick said he would eat himself and when Gregory said Badrick could light up a room. They took over AMI to be close to and eventually steal the Zulcanoid they mine as it heals them by repairing their skin and keeping them alive.

The aliens' powers include shapeshifting, teleportation and fire. They don't have pain receptors which was unfortunate as Junior used an office supply to defend himself but to no avail. Gregory said they are mostly gas(hydrogen and butane), so throwing things at him won't work. However, Sam defeated them as an expert in gas by using a fire extinguisher against them. 

"Always know where the exits are"-Malory Archer from Archer

However, they discovered their bosses are different because they decided to steal some Zulcanoid to sell. They all had their issues and that was a solution, an exit strategy from their current situations.

Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube


Sam is a respected worker at the company. He is a father to Lebo(Kylie Fisher)and Husband to Rosemary(Shadi Chauke). Under the new management of Gregory, the medical aid was stopped. Sam used it for his daughter's expensive drugs. After he was fired, he viewed his options and decided to call Chen (Kenneth Fok) for a deal. He discusses with Junior and Prince and initiates a plan to steal Zulcanoid for sale. He states Chen would pay them two million for a dozen units. 

Sam discovers that Zulcanoid helps repair damaged skin as the aliens said but that it works for humans as well. Sam tested it on himself before giving his daughter. It treated her. Sam became the new leader of AMI with a new benefit as a mining company. Junior's dad predicted he was a leader when they met and that could be a foreshadowing of this. Sam gave everyone what they deserved including Melusi.


Prince is the son of a rich and respected client of AMI. He had an agreement with his father to work as a Junior accountant for 5 years in order to get access to his trust fund.  

Prince's "stupid visions" which Junior is familiar with happen often. Prince could be having thoughts of what he wishes he could do, envisioning alternative outcomes or coming to terms with the worst possible outcome.

Prince's dad, Charles(Jack Devnarain)said he's weak just like his mother. and seemingly resents him. Junior said Prince was ungrateful, no wonder his dad does not like him. This could be out of spite at the moment but could also be true because Charles seems to want him to do and be better. 

Prince moves out of the family house and starts living in his car to avoid his father as well as show independence. The words of everyone's criticism motivates Prince and therefore them to go fight the aliens. He also started wearing his glasses less which to many (if it's not too high or a prescription) could be an act of confidence. He moved into an apartment with Junior and Portia(Katlego Mohoaduba).


Junior believes he's cursed with bad luck through genetics as he has the most intrusive, disrespectful and noncooperative roommates.His dad, Moses (Luthuli Dlamini)was caught during a heist and was their secure advisor for their plan. Junior needs to move out but he has his name on the lease and no better option he can afford. He likes Portia, who works at AMI with him. They have this office romance many acknowledge but his nervousness is a barrier until it isn't. Portia becomes his girlfriend, he gets a promotion and an apartment with Portia and Prince.

Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube

This movie deals with loyalty to a company and the need to upgrade or want better. It is relatable in that way and we have the classic 3 people for a team. We got to see them meet Moses for advice but not the planning. We got a montage but could only assume what they were doing.

They disagree multiple times about doing the spit-shake done for solidarity. Junior continually brings it up as a necessity but Prince especially turns it down saying it's disgusting, not a real thing and for kids. 

When Sam spoke to Chen earlier he lied saying he would use Zulcanoid for 'developing medical equipment to help children with cancer' as he's in a room full of guns. He lied using children, then increased money and then girls to try getting a share of Zulcanoid deposits illegally (as he's not on the list). This was before it was their last resort. 

The more you watch this movie, the more it surprises you. After finding the ship the new management used to come to Earth, a sequel could be expected.

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