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New year "IWANT" wishes of your (un)favorite President, 2023

Humor. For my 100th Vocal Story, some 2023 Happy New Year wishes ;)

By Francis LPublished about a year ago 3 min read
The TV program "Guignols" resurrected by "Blast, le souffle de l'info"

" Townswomen, Autochthons,

My dear compatriots,

" I heard your concerns, your whisperings sometimes

I heard your affronts too, your disrespect and 'BLOW

MY ASS KIDDY' tributes, as your brash sniggering flows.

" I tried your deep contempt,

Touchy slaps or esteemed spitting, diverse attempts ;

So, believe that

all these signs of affection went straight to my heart.

Me too, I need you.

" For this 2023 upcoming year

I want that all the reforms I desire, set.

" To do that, of course I wish to dispute frankly

with any single woman or man of goodwill,

Who calls as me for what I really prefer, still.

" Hearing you takes time

Although I scarcely catch some.

Nevertheless I do assent.

Because this is the true democracy.

" But it can not become a huge mess anymore.

That is why, to spare those disturbing arguments,

Everybody will possibly carry out

what is wanted to be said, sharing my cool mind.

" [Those are my IWANT wishes to the people - I speak, they listen, we synthesize and I do what I want] "

" My dear resident friends

We should choose the sincere good good resolutions -

Everybody's able to understand it

Even those who only got a univ level.

" We must, together

back up our pretty pay-as-you-go pension system

by working to depletion.

" Yes, it will be rough.

That is why, death age will be postponed by decree

As much as possible to permit the funding

Of your responsible ecologic coffin

Without any cost for the community.

I make my solemn commitment.

Thus is democracy.

" I yearn for this twenty-twenty-free year

for you to be proud

Your President to be awarded with the Nobel Prize in Literature,

Even if he never wrote a book or gave any lecture.

" And of course, the Nobel Peace Prize,

Manner to emphasize your President's efforts

For having reached the phone with Vladimir Putin.

" I can not leave you, but I have to ;

" Before I flee to your occupations

Let me please you to love me

It is a must to love me

Choosing me is one requirement for harmony

Choosing me is the insurance for upcoming happy days,

paying no heed for discords, for quarrels or feuds,

for brooding commotions nor cravings for murders

toward me.

" Yes, loving me would not be compulsory

Freedom of worship is outright and will remain.

Nonetheless, this love should sorely abide


Advertisements will be launched through medias and schools

Everywhere our national are affected

by doubt, would need shootings in their yearn for my own.

" You see,

I am kind, smart and beautiful,

And successful.

And I don't hear why I might get aloof.

Otherwise mad passions would scatter seriously -

Things I recuse, since I embrace prem'ocracy.

" Happy new year to you.

Kind love to me.

I yearn for you.

" Long live my Republic,

Long live my Democracy. ""

" [Time for a good good dinner : caviar with ketch-up.] "


You just read an improper transcription of the video content - freely adapted.


Your (un)favorite President made you dream ... b(u)y his stupidity

(c) @PaulLarrouturou, Twitter 19 December 2022

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