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New Logan Trailer Pieces Together Xavier's Funeral Scene

The two clawed mutants can be seen on a killing frenzy in the trailer.

By Allie Z.Published 7 years ago 2 min read

The latest trailer for #Logan brought with it amazing action and some first-rate screenshots of X-23 (Dafne Keen) in action alongside Wolverine for the first time. The two clawed mutants can be seen on a killing frenzy as they're being attacked by the Reavers in a major action sequence that we can only describe as amazing.

In the next few images, keep an eye on the change in Wolverine's clothes. The increase in bloodstains on Wolverine's shirt are a good indicator of the timeline of events that spell out the death of Professor Charles Xavier.

As you can see, the scene depicts #Wolverine as he's running into a fight with Pierce's men, the Reavers. Wolverine starts off with a clean, white tank-top, but as the fight with Pierce's men progresses, Wolverine's shirt becomes more bloody from the slaughter.

The whole scene appears to be one intense action sequence, along with X-23 joining in on the evisceration when Wolverine appears to be outnumbered.

Are Wolverine and X-23 Burying Charles Xavier?

The above still of X-23 jumping off of Wolverine's back shows his shirt all torn and bloody. Wolverine's shirt brandishes identical stains during a rumored funeral scene (see below). With that in mind, it looks like Wolverine and X-23 are burying Charles Xavier since he's notably absent after this apparent burial scene.

Then there's also the shot of Xavier riding in the backseat of Wolverine's truck in several different scenes. However, in the last moments of the Logan trailer, Xavier is no longer in the rear seat of Wolverine's truck.

This scene of Wolverine and #X23 in the truck without Xavier certainly takes place after the presumed funeral scene and action sequence in the forest, evident by their torn clothing and bloody hands. It seems fairly obvious that they buried Xavier after their fight with Pierce's men in the forest.

How Will Charles Xavier Meet His End In 'Logan'?

The prospect of Charles Xavier dying during Logan had already been discussed and was practically spelled out for us before the trailer debut, but now that the trailer has given us some footage to dissect, it looks like we have a good picture of when Charles Xavier dies, just not how. The "how" is probably of more interest than the "when," but Xavier's death is still important to take note of.

Let's just hope Xavier's death scene is well done and gives a descent send-off to one of the greatest #XMen of all time.


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