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Netflix needs to remember that everyone is different

It is time for customization to come to streaming services

By Christina EpperlyPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Netflix needs to remember that everyone is different
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Do you ever feel like media companies are telling you what you should enjoy and should be watching? Now, I'm not just talking about just advertising a new show or movie, I'm talking about forcefully shoving it in your face. Over advertising it to the point where you could probably recognize the characters without even watching five minutes of the movie or show that is being advertised. This happened to me on a recent vacation to Los Angeles. There were advertisements all over the place for a new Netflix movie. In addition to billboards and buses, there were advertisements for this show printed on the trays that you put your items in as you go through security at the airport. It was beyond excessive. All of this got me inspired to write about how much I despise Netflix's top ten lists. Before I get into my reasons why I wish these lists didn't exist, let me explain exactly what it is in case you don't know. When you go to your homepage on Netflix, you are greeted with larger advertisements pushing the latest Netflix original shows. All you have to do to find the list is to scroll down a little bit. Sometimes, the little is near the top of the page. Other times, it is near the bottom. Apparently, the list changes position based on how Netflix thinks your personal taste reflects the items that are on the list. However, sooner or later, you will reach one list and then the other. There are two separate top ten lists, one for movies and TV shows. The lists are made from the watch times from the previous day. The more people that watch a certain show or movie, the higher it will rank. The lists are not based on user feedback. It should be universal knowledge by now that just because something is popular does not mean that it is good or worth giving your time to. However, I guess Netflix didn’t get the memo. Instead, they throw these lists in your face that seam to scream at you to watch these shows because everyone else is. Netflix does not seem to think that its users can think for themselves. These lists seem to only exist to persuade you to fallow along with the crowd. With all that being said, there is a more serious issue with the top ten lists than the simple pressure to conform. In my experience, when I look at the shows in the top ten lists more often than not, there is at least one title that contains graphic sexual or violent content, and it is not always fiction. I could write a whole another article on the unhealthy obsession with true crime. However, it is worth noting that some movies and shows in those top ten lists may contain a photo of a real violent criminal. Every title in the top ten lists is accompanied by a photo. Sometimes, the photos alone are enough to make you feel uneasy. When I go to watch, I want to escape and maybe even be inspired. I don’t want to be forced to see images that make me feel uncomfortable. Most, if not all, streaming services are guilty of shoving violent and sexual advertisements in your face. However, I have only seen the top ten lists on Netflix even though all the other streaming services that I have seen have a trending list. Netflix also has a popular list in addition to its top ten lists. Netflix seems to want to heavily persuade its audience to watch what they recommend. Unfortunately, there is no way to hide the top ten lists from your Netflix homepage. If you use Netflix, you are pretty much forced to see what other people are watching unless you scroll past the lists really fast. My hope is that one day, Netflix and other streaming services become more customizable in the way that social media platforms have done so that streaming can be relaxing and not uncomfortable.

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