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Nadja Is My Favorite Character From What We Do In The Shadows, And Here Are The Receipts To Prove It

Nadja puts the fun in dys-FUN-ctional (the bad pun had to be made). Beware: some sPoOkY spoilers ahead.

By Sara ThomasPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

If you haven't yet, please do yourself a favor and watch What We Do In The Shadows on FX and Hulu. For a vampire show, it can be surprisingly relatable at times, and all of the actors are SPECTACULAR.

Filmed in a style similar to that of The Office or Modern Family, the viewer is able to see multiple different sides of the show's lovable characters. The theme song is also incredibly catchy, and the end credits songs are unique and relate to their specific episode.

What We Do In The Shadows is currently debuting its third season, and each episode is a mini disaster masterpiece. A disasterpiece, if you will. And if you are a fan of the dark academia style, then you will swoon over the set designs.

While all of the characters have their own special place in my heart, Nadja is my absolute favorite character from What We Do In The Shadows. Yes, Colin Robinson the Energy Vampire is a VERY close second, but Nadja takes the cake.

In honor of our spooky lady, here are 13 reasons why Nadja is my favorite character from What We Do In The Shadows:

1. She's a down-to-earth gal who came from humble donkey-dung burning beginnings, and is now the midnight glam queen.

While she is currently a several-hundred year old glamorous gothic vampire, she came from the humblest of beginnings, and is truly a self-made woman. She enjoys helping others, but doesn't like admitting that she enjoys helping others.

2. Her eye makeup, clothes, and hair are always done in a FABULOUS vamp style. Shout-out to the costume designers, makeup artists, and hair stylists on set! Nadja is always dressed to impressed.

Nadja's entire ensembles are just too fantastic for me to NOT mention. From the hair, makeup, to the outfits, the 1800's-esque wardrobe with the 1920's gothic vamp accent is an incredible combination.

The attention and care to detail in every episode of What We Do In The Shadows is one of the reasons why this is my favorite show to watch on repeat. Every time, I notice something new.

3. She's never afraid to speak her mind or stand up to anyone. Basically, don't mess with Nadja.

She's a boss lady in a house full of 'stupid donkeys', so needless to say, she knows how to hold her own, command the attention of the room, and when to just roll her eyes and keep walking.

4. Her style of breaking down the fourth wall mainly consists of exasperated looks and rolling her eyes towards the camera crew.

I think I love these moments so much because not only do they really include the viewer in the scene, but because as a fan of sass and side eye myself, I personally relate to her facial expressions.

5. She's always down for an adventure, such as galavanting along on a stolen police horse with her reincarnated lover 'Jesk', battling neighborhood hoodlums.

Yes, these teens skateboarding through a quiet parking garage at night are not at all menacing and did not deserve to be ambushed by Nadja and Jesk.

Buttttt there's just something about Nadja and Jesk running away on a police horse and shooting suction cup arrows at conceived enemies of the night that always makes me laugh.

6. Nadja takes Jenna the new vampire under her bat wing, and glows up Jenna's previously non-existent self-confidence in the process.

Nadja knows the importance of women supporting women, and while yes, becoming a vampire is not on most people's to-do lists, she saw the potential in Jenna, and rightly assumed that Jenna would be much happier as a confident vampire.

Nadja helps Jenna through her transition, and acts as her vampire godmother. Vampire Mentor Rating: 10/10

7. She believes in open communication, and is honest with her partner, her knight in a shiny black coat, Lazlo.

Communication is key in any relationship, and Nadja always says what is on her mind.

All of the characters have hilarious one-liners, true, but Nadja's make me want to print them out and hang them on my fridge so I can laugh every day.

8. Nadja doesn't always understand Lazlo, but she still always loves him. They are a perfectly odd fit for one another.

Sure, their open, unconventional vampire relationship wouldn't work for everyone. But it works for them, and that is the only thing that matters. The scenes where they cut to Nadja and Lazlo talking to the camera themselves are some of my absolute favorite, because I love watching the dynamic between these two.

They accept each other completely, and their relationship is a perfect match made in hell.

9. She specializes in personalized insults made with love. As best put by Lazlo, "She does have a way with words, but sometimes those words drive me f***ing insane."

Nadja has a way with words, and her insults are witty, vicious, and hilarious.

One of my favorite insults of hers is when she tells Guillermo to drive faster by saying, "You're driving slower than that time my Yaya tried to ride a snail into the village".

10. She's a feminist and believes in supporting all women. If the Women's March wasn't during the day, she would probably be there.

Not only does she stand up for women, but she also teaches valuable lessons about respecting women everywhere she goes.

She would definitely participate in the Women's March if it weren't during the day, since the sunlight causes her and all other vampires to burst into a ball of flames.

11. She's got high standards and is her own personal hype-woman. When watching the Vampiric Council's re-enactment of her falsely accused vampire murders, her two main criticisms are, "I definitely do not high five" and "I'm sorry, but when I dance, oceans part".

It takes more than some sloppy choreography to impress Nadja. It's all in the details people!

12. Nadja's a queen who knows her worth. She's on the prestigious Vampiric Council for the New York area in Season 3, and is a working woman with a fondness of thrones.

I personally cannot wait to see Nadja climb the vampiric political ladder, and if they make "Vote for Nadja" buttons, I am buying several.

13. Icons of self-love, Nadja and her ghost-self-in-a-doll are the dynamic female duo I never knew I needed. When do we get the spin-off??

Nadja takes the phrase, "you are your own best friend" to the next level. We need a spinoff, or a talk show where the two hosts are Nadja and the Nadja doll. Honestly I'd watch anything with these two in it.

What We Do In The Shadows is a gem of a show, and I highly recommend it to everyone (who does not get queasy around blood).

Enjoy, and happy spooky season!


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