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My Top Pick For Iconic Duo

by Shelly Bartley about a year ago in movie

Not Your Average Duo

My Top Pick For Iconic Duo
Photo by Viktor Talashuk on Unsplash

Out of all the iconic duo's in the world there is a specific iconic duo that comes to mind. The iconic duo that outshines other iconic duos is Elliott and E.T. There are many great picks for couples to match the iconic duo title but the pick comes down to Elliott and E.T. This duo is my pick because of their bond. This duo has been known as a favorite by both child and adult.

The bond between these two characters showed to prove so much stronger than any of the other bonds in reality or fiction. Elliott and E.T. were not only a part of each other's life but they could literally feel each other's feelings. This pair did everything possible to help each other. They were even there for each other when they were sick. While this duo is not your average duo they are still in my seen in my eyes as the perfect iconic duo out of the other duos.

The lesson that was given out from this duo is that everyone is able to become friends. There are no boundaries or breaks when it comes to a true friendship. A real legit friendship is there for everything and lasts through every single obstacle. This friendship will last longer than the other duos to come. The reason I believe this is true is that the two characters mentioned are characters that people never tire of. The characters are characters that people can relate to in life. There are some people who have a strong bond or that just click into a great duo but never reach the area that this duo has reached. This area is an area that most duos or groups would like to reach.

When people watch this iconic duo on t.v. the emotions that flow out from the screen really pull the people in to truly share the experience that the character is feeling. This is another one of the reasons why I have picked Elliott and E.T. as the better iconic duo. No there are not a couple and they do not have their own t.v. show but with that one t.v. show it really reached out to the audience. People no matter their age cried the tears along with the characters on certain parts. Some of us actually grew up along with the movie. While we aged outside of the movie in our hearts and minds we stayed the same age as the characters in the movie. If you are looking for the duo that I think is the most iconic duo then I would say that the duo is Elliott and E.T.

After reading this article please stop and watch the movie to truly understand the words that I have shared in this article. Let yourself really experience the words for yourself to see why I have chosen these two characters as the better pick for the most iconic duo of all the duos. Once you have watched this movie stop and let the words really sink in along with everything that you experienced while watching the movie. Make your own decision as to which two people you feel are the better duo to fit the title of being the top pick for iconic duo. I hope that while you are going over all this information and going back down memory lane that you run into some really great memories that this iconic duo helped to remind you of. In this article, I have listed the two characters that I feel are and will remain the top pick for the most iconic duo.

Shelly Bartley
Shelly Bartley
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