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My Movie Review for Teen Wolf The Movie

The movie was everything I thought it would be only Alison Argent.... WARNING: spoilers

By Emily AurelienPublished 8 months ago 4 min read
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On Paramount+ the premiere of Teen Wolf: The Movie wasn't a disappointment. It picks up where Season 6 episode 20 left off 15 years later. The same cast expect for Stiles, and Kira aren't in this movie. In Wolves at War the last episode of Season 6 ends with the epic rain scene and everyone going there separate places leaving Beacon Hills.

Cast a few years ago which is an understatement.

The unlikely of a reboot of the same cast and new allies aren't likely. But more movies might be in the works.

The movie takes place various places but the pack returns to Beacon Hills with Argent having nightmares of his dead daughter reaching out to him. Alison who has been dead for fifteen years. Unable to cross over holding on with one word he screams out in a sweat Bardo. The nightmares Alison's dad keeps having hearing his daughter unable to cross over. Partly true, but how is it after fifteen years, a spirit doesn't crossover. It might be the way she died, it could be a many of reasons. It is unclear as to why, this twist is hanging in the air. Bardo in case you are wondering is a state caught between life an death. Now if you are a fan you would know what this is referring to.

The oldest of enemies is brought back the trickster fox the dark Kitsune. The antagonist is someone who died the Chemistry teacher from season one.

As the movie progresses, the plot thickens when Alison truly is brought back from the otherside but she is being manipulated by the trickster fox spirit. He plays with her mind, tricking her into thinking she is speaking to her mother. She confused, unsure, and doesn't remember anything.

To all fans, this movie is what you will love. It has old enemies, new allies, and someone dies. This I will not give away in a spoiler.

The producers of the show is Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin two very good friends.

Alison is haunted by her past and present the Nogitsune appears in the guise of her mother to cause strife to feed of the fear making him stronger.

Lydia and Jackson follow up on some keeps at the police station finding what the Nogitsune did to the young fox.

As Lydia opens up about her fear and why she left Stiles (who isn't in the movie), this feeds the trickster fox even more.

As everything wraps up into a shiny bow, it is unclear if there will a series reboot. However, Paramount+ did announce there will be more movies in the works. Who knows with Hollywood what's truly in store for shows? We shall see what happens.


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Emily's life has never been easy, not until recently when her whole world changed she became free. She lost so much but gained so much in the end. Emily has had so many struggles in life, but somehow everything ends up going as it should. She is happily married to her husband living a happy life, everything is changing constantly in her life yet one thing never has faded her love for writing. Nothing has been easy then again the hard lessons never are. I have a great book cover designer JV Arts.

She lost everything when it came to her family but she couldn't be a part of that life. So she forged her own path, though never easy she never gives.

Emily was employed at a hotel where she was a laundry girl, and never got to work the front desk as promised. She writes full time as well, and is working towards owning her own publishing company called Aurelien Publishing.

As time went on, all the times she was told she couldn't hold down a job, all of them saying that she proved them wrong. She proved them wrong, but for herself and no one else.

Right now she is working on two projects this year, and she plans on publishing them soon.

Emily is an animal lover, and enjoys a good book. She is addicted to coffee and Chai Lattes.

She wants her Readers to know that she has a good life, and her life doesn't revolve around writing 100% of the time.

As time went on she found herself finally with her husband. Her husband is a US green card holder, and life has been great to them.


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