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My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009) - A Movie Review

A Thrilling and Bloody Ride for Horror Fans

By Vivekananthan VellaichamyPublished about a year ago 3 min read

One Line Story

A small mining town is terrorized by a killer on Valentine's Day, ten years after a mining accident caused a tragedy.

Movie Review

My Bloody Valentine 3D is a slasher film released in 2009, directed by Patrick Lussier and starring Jensen Ackles, Jaime King, and Kerr Smith. It is a remake of the 1981 Canadian film of the same name, which has gained a cult following over the years.

The plot of the movie revolves around a small mining town named Harmony, where a tragedy happened ten years ago on Valentine's Day. A mining accident caused by the negligence of the mine owner, Tom Hanniger (Jensen Ackles), resulted in the death of several miners. One miner, Harry Warden, survived but went insane and killed several people in revenge. Now, ten years later, Tom Hanniger returns to Harmony to sell the mine, but a new string of murders starts, and it seems that Harry Warden is back to finish his job.

The film is a slasher movie, and as such, it delivers what fans of the genre expect: graphic violence, gore, and jump scares.

The 3D technology used in the movie makes the experience even more intense, with blood and body parts flying off the screen in a way that is both scary and exciting.

The special effects are well done and add to the overall feeling of the movie.

Jensen Ackles gives a decent performance as Tom Hanniger, the protagonist who is haunted by his past and has to confront his demons. Jaime King plays his former flame, Sarah Palmer, who is now married to the town sheriff, Axel Palmer (Kerr Smith). Their love triangle adds an extra layer to the story, and the tension between the characters is well portrayed.

The supporting cast is also noteworthy, with actors such as Tom Atkins and Kevin Tighe delivering solid performances. However, the standout performance in the film comes from the killer himself.

The identity of the killer is kept a mystery until the end, and the reveal is well executed, adding an element of surprise and suspense to the story.

The movie is not without its flaws, though. The script is not particularly original, and the plot follows the typical formula of slasher movies.

The characters are not well developed, and their motivations are often clichéd. The movie also suffers from pacing issues, with some scenes feeling drawn out while others are rushed.

Furthermore, the 3D technology used in the movie, while innovative at the time, can feel gimmicky and distracting at times. The movie was released during the height of the 3D craze, and it seems like the technology was used more for marketing purposes than to enhance the story.

Despite these shortcomings, My Bloody Valentine 3D is an entertaining movie that delivers on its promises of gore and scares.

The movie is not for everyone, especially those who are not fans of the horror or slasher genre. However, for those who enjoy this type of movie, it is a fun and thrilling ride.

In conclusion, My Bloody Valentine 3D is a movie that will satisfy fans of the slasher genre. The 3D technology used in the movie adds an extra layer of intensity to the scares and the gore.

While the script and characters are not particularly original, the killer's identity is well executed, and the tension between the characters is well portrayed.

The movie is not without its flaws, but overall, it is an entertaining and enjoyable horror movie that delivers what it promises.

Cast and Crew

Rating: R (Language|Strong Sexuality|Grisly Images Throughout|Graphic Nudity|Graphic Brutal Horror Violence)

Genre: Holiday, Horror, Mystery & Thriller

Jensen Ackles as Tom Hanniger

Jaime King as Sarah Palmer

Kerr Smith as Axel Palmer

Tom Atkins as Burke

Kevin Tighe as Sheriff Jim Burke

Megan Boone as Megan

Edi Gathegi as Deputy Martin

Betsy Rue as Irene

Director: Patrick Lussier

Writers: Todd Farmer, Zane Smith

Producers: John Dunning, André Link, Jack L. Murray, Michael Paseornek

Release Date: Jan 16, 2009

Box Office: $51.5M

Runtime:1h 41m

Distributor: Lionsgate Films

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