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Ms. Marvel's powers and the possible origin of the bracelet

by Emby Lat 2 months ago in tv
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The origin of Kamala Khan's powers are different in the comics than in the Disney+ series

The first episode of 'Ms. Marvel' has told the origin of the young superheroine, which is completely different from the one she has in the comics, as are Kamala Khan's abilities in her leap from paper to screen.

The irruption of a non-existent bracelet in the comics has left a number of questions about where it came from and its possible links to cosmic forces or extraterrestrial beings.

Alert, spoilers ahead...

Ms. Marvel's powers in the Disney+ series seem to come from a bracelet she inherited from her grandmother. Though it's time to first talk about how Kamala got her powers in the comics. On paper, Kamala Khan is linked to a group of cosmic beings known as the Inhumans, a genetically modified branch of humanity that was created by alien experiments millennia ago.

The Inhumans abandoned the human race to live communally in a secret city called Attilan. At puberty, each Inhuman was exposed to a mutagenic substance called Terrigen Mist, which caused them to develop superpowers.

But the Disney+ series shows that Kamala's incredible abilities have a very different origin. After she puts on her grandmother's bracelet, the young girl experiences a mystical experience very similar to the Terrigen Mist exhibit. A strange mist flows through her body from the bracelet and when it reaches her head, she is plunged back into a vision of another dimension, in which she sees a myriad of people. This could be the way his powers are awakened by the appearance of the bracelet.

The bracelet gives Ms. Marvel the ability to create energy constructs, as well as force fields, powers similar to those of the Invisible Woman from Fantastic 4, something that will surprise fans, given that the re-design of her powers was done to prevent her from having abilities similar to those of Mr. Fantastic. Although Kamala is unaware of their origin, she shows a clear enthusiasm for them, inadvertently causing chaos at AvengerCon.

A cosmic bracelet?

Considering that the bracelet is an unpublished object in the UCM, fans have launched theories and one of the strongest and most logical is that it is a cosmic object that will serve as a link between the series and the movie 'The Marvels', the expected second solo adventure of Carol Danvers. If this link were real, it would mean that the bracelet is cosmic in nature.

Another theory is that it could be of Kree origin. The bracelet has a series of strange symbols reminiscent of the Inhuman scripts that could be seen in 'Agents of SHIELD'. However, there is a sun shape that is similar to the logos used by the Kree in the comics.

Ms. Marvel, Emby screenshot - 3534

Given that the Kree have a special prominence in 'Captain Marvel' and their appearance is more than assured after seeing Kree in the post-credits scenes of 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' and 'Scarlet Witch and Vision', it would not be strange for these to be related to Kamala's ancestors. What's more, Kamala's new abilities are reminiscent of Quasar's Quantum gangs and Nega Kree gangs, which would make it not strange if, in her move to television, the two were combined.

Although everything points to a cosmic nature or an extraterrestrial origin, something that can also not be ruled out is that it is the way in which Marvel reintroduces the Inhumans and that the bracelet is the key to awaken the Inhuman gene. That would fit in with the halo of mystery behind them.

In either case, we will have to wait for the remaining episodes of the series.


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