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Ms. Marvel Post-Credits: Welcome Back, Damage Control!

It's not the first time we've seen them.

By Kristy AndersonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Credit: Disney/Sony

Ms. Marvel, the latest MCU series to hit Disney Plus, is earning rave reviews for it's world building, characters, and unique visual style. However, the series is also gaining attention for another reason. Unlike the earlier Disney Plus shows, which have saved their post-credits sequences for towards the end of the series, Ms. Marvel has one in it's very first installment.

The mid-credits scene sees the newly empowered Kamala Khan ending up on the radar of Agent P. Cleary, first introduced introduced in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and new character Agent Sadie Deever, after they receive video footage of her exploits at Avenger-con. The two Agents work for the department of Damage Control. Though they have mostly been quiet background workers until recently, timeline wise, Damage Control have actually existed in the MCU for quite a while.

Cleaning up New York

Tony Stark created the Department of Damage Control in 2012, shortly after the events of The Avengers. The purpose of the Department, as their name suggests, is to clean up any damage caused, and also safely remove any dangerous items that may have been left behind after Superhero battles. Damage Control Agents first officially appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming, during a flashback to 2012, in the days following The Battle of New York, as they arrive to take over the clean-up.

This angers Adrian Toomes, who's company, Bestman Salvage, had an existing salvage contract with the city. The existence of Damage Control eventually drives Beatman Salvage out of business entirely, leading to Toomes's hatred of Tony Stark, and eventual villainous turn as The Vulture.

Clean-Up duty

Damage Control features heavily in the plot of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Throughout the film, The Vulture and his crew hijack and steal dangerous items from Damage Control shipments. This leads them into conflict with new Avenger recruit Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, who is eager to catch them and impress his new mentor, Tony Stark. In one memorable scene, Peter becomes trapped in a Damage Control storage vault. Most notably, however, Homecoming's climax sees Spider-Man thwarting The Vulture's attempt to hijack a Damage Control plane and steal its precious cargo of Avengers related artifacts.

Damage Control Agents are also seen helping rebuild a Deli near Peter Parker's home that was damaged in the battle between Spider-Man and The Vulture. In fact, following The Avengers, we can assume Damage Control has had a hand in cleaning up the aftermath of any battles on U.S soil.

Grilling Spider-Man

The Department of Damage Control made their next major appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Shortly after Peter Parker is exposed as Spider-Man, Agent P. Cleary and his team arrest and interrogate him over his supposed role in the death of Quentin Beck in the previous Spider-Man film, Far From Home. Peter's best friend Ned, and Girlfriend MJ, are also interrogated, but are cleared of any wrongdoing.

In previous films, Damage Control did not appear to be involved in investigations of this nature. This shows that the Department's focus has shifted since we last saw them, although why this is remains to be seen.

Tracking Down Ms. Marvel

As mentioned earlier, in the post-credits scene of Ms. Marvel's opening episode, 'Generation Why', Damage Control Agents Cleary and Deever make plans to track down Kamala Khan after seeing footage of her powers in action. At first glance, this suggests that part of Damage Control's new responsibilities include keeping track of the emergence of any new superhumans, investigating the origin of their powers, their allegiance if they have any, and possibly making them sign the Sokovia Accords, which were revealed to still be in force during WandaVision.

Alternatively, some fans speculate that Agent Cleary is an undercover Skrull infiltrating Damage Control, and will tie into Kamala's upcoming big screen debut in The Marvels. This could explain how Cleary knew that Nick Fury was off-world in No Way Home, a fact that does not seem widely known in the Superhero community, Others have taken this train of thought even further, theorising that the whole department has been infiltrated. That would explain Damage Control's apparent change in focus between Homecoming and the present day MCU.

Whatever the case, it appears that Damage Control may have a big part to play as Ms. Marvel continues.


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