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Ms. Marvel

by Alexandrea Callaghan 4 months ago in tv
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Episode 2

I thoroughly enjoyed episode 1 and I am genuinely excited for this show so here we go with episode 2…

Kamala walls into school super confident and cool and owning it…until she runs into a cute boy. Kamala has to hear the girl she saved brag about getting saved, which yes makes absolutely no sense, but …high school girls.

So she does have her powers even without the bracelet which was really my only concern at the end of the first episode. And we have a classic training montage which is awesome. They really didn’t fully change her powers, they kept her ability to change her appearance but they definitely added to her powers. Her and Bruno are trying to figure out what the extent of her powers is and she is starting to get a handle on them.

I know I am not the best person to speak on the representation of this show, so if you are south asian please, please, please comment about how you feel this show is handling its representation. But I feel like because her religion is such a big part of her coming of age story, the fact that it is actually showing us how she balances her religion, family and being a modern teenager the show has some really awesome representation.

Kamala apologizes to her mom and her mom lets her go to a school party. I really loved this moment. This very raw moment between her and her mom and to have an understanding parent, especially from an ethnic background is really rare and I was really touched by their exchange.

Bruno very clearly is jealous when Kamala starts showing interest in another boy, but the cute senior boy and Kamala share an ethnic background and that comes with sharing interest in music and movies and they actually share a really immediate connection. Normally in a show or movie that has a love triangle between a new guy and a best friend it's very clear that we as the audience are supposed to root for the best friend but I don't know, this guy is really solid and him and Kamala are really cute.

The shot as Kamala is walking to meet Comron is straight out of a music video, I’m sure that's on purpose and it looks amazing. I love that the cinematography and editing aid in Kamala’s perspective and lets us into her fantasy. It really closes the gap between the fiction and the audience.

Kamala’s parents tell her brother's fiance about escaping the partition. Hearing the family story awakened something in the bracelet, sending something powerful through Kamala and knocking her out. Kamala calls her grandmother and finds out that the bangle that gave her her powers belonged to her great grandmother, the one that disappeared during the partition. Kamala asks her mom about it, and it's clearly a very touchy subject, she reacted similarly when Kamala found the bangle. I am very intrigued by this storyline and I’m hoping that they answer all these questions that I have before this show wraps.

Kamala’s friend is running for a board seat and she just lays it on Kamala’s dad and it was BRILLIANT. Work that man guilt, girl that was amazing.

Zoey gets pulled into the police station and an unidentified organization starts interrogating her about what happened at AvengerCon. They decide to racial profile in order to find the “enhanced individual”.

Kamala uses the gossipy aunties to find out more about her great grandmother but honestly it was all just rumors and gossip.

A child is in trouble, literally hanging on the side of a building and Kamala decides to go help. She changes into her Captain Marvel costume and of course here come the smartphones. And honestly I spent the entire save scene holding my breath terrified Kamala was going to fall…She very clumsily saves him after seeing a vision of who I am assuming is her great grandmother.

Immediately after she runs away from the prying eyes of smartphones and feels a droids gaze on her. This unidentified organization tries to capture Kamala but her new boy comes to her rescue. Her new boy's mom is the woman Kamala saw!!!!! Holy F this show is so good.

Honestly I am so excited, this show is so well written, developed, paced and produced I have 0 complaints…that never happens.


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