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Movie Review: 'The Devil Conspiracy' is a Fast Paced Action Movie

It might be low budget and a little silly, but The Devil Conspiracy rarely slows down and the speed is fun.

By Sean PatrickPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

The Devil Conspiracy (2023)

Directed by Nathan Frankowski

Written by Ed Allen

Starring Alice Orr-Ewing, Joe Doyle, Eveline Hall, Peter Mensah, Joe Anderson

Release Date January 13th, 2023

Published January 12th, 2023

What The Devil Conspiracy lacks in polish it makes up for in energy. This action movie that retreads the war between the Archangel Michael and the fallen angel, Lucifer, aka Satan, rarely slows down. The film is filled with energetic action and lively interplay over big incidents involving kidnapped women, genetic manipulation, and the return of Satan to the living world via the womb of an unwilling mother. It's... a lot. And not all of it is good. But, I didn't mind the lesser aspects of The Devil Conspiracy because the pace is so fast.

The story opens on a skeptical young American student, Laura (Alice Orr-Ewing), who is studying biblical art in Italy. Laura doesn't believe in the bible and feels she has a more rational explanation of the biblical artwork she studies. So, in order to teach the young American a lesson, fate intercedes to make her the vessel for Satan to return to Earth. After being invited to see some legendary works of art at a famed museum by her friend, Father Marconi (Joe Doyle), Laura is kidnapped after seeing her friend murdered trying to save the legendary Shroud of Turin from being stolen.

The murderous thieves are part of a cult centered on the science of genetics and Satan's return to Earth. The cult members believe that if they have the blood of Jesus Christ, like that supposedly found on the Shroud, they could clone Jesus and combine his DNA with that of Lucifer to give him the chance to rule on Earth. Standing in their way is the Archangel Michael, first glimpsed in a prologue, played by 300 star Peter Mensah, when he condemned Satan to hell centuries ago.

Here and now, Michael is forced into the body of Father Marconi who calls forth the Archangel to protect the world once more from Satan's army. In the body of Father Marconi, Michael will battle his way to hell for a one on one confrontation with Lucifer while also plotting to rescue Laura before she becomes the Devil's EZ Bake Oven. Is the story very silly? Yes, but the execution is lively, energetic and kind of exciting. As silly as it all is, The Devil Conspiracy is populated by a game cast that throws themselves into this religious action flick.

Since the movie rarely slows down and the characters are having some fun with their big, broad performances, I genuinely had some fun with The Devil Conspiracy. The film might sound like it would be right at home on Pureflix, the Christian streaming network, but I can say definitively, The Devil Conspiracy is much more fun and exciting than the stuff Pureflix has released. A fun cast, a quick pace, keeps The Devil Conspiracy from ever being boring and because of that, I can give a passing recommendation to The Devil Conspiracy.

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