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Movie Review: 'Shaft'

John Shaft III found his destiny, and chose to be a Shaft detective like his father and grandfather before him.

By Michael ReynosoPublished 5 years ago 4 min read
Image Credit: @SHAFTMovie

Shaft is back with a vengeance.

If you are a longtime fan of Shaft, you will enjoy watching this action-packed, comedic movie. Directed by Tim Story, Shaft is a type of movie that adults ages 18+ can watch, and have a good time. I wouldn’t recommend children see this movie.


Because this film has too many curse words for them to handle. If you are a parent, and would like to watch movies with your kids, make sure to not watch “Rated-R” movies. By doing so, you will be able to spend quality time with your family and friends.

Don’t take my word for it.

'John Shaft III'

The first Shaft hero returns on screen.

In this movie, you will experience what is like to be a Shaft. One of the original Shaft members is none other than Richard Roundtree (John Shaft), who was the first Shaft back in the 70s. Roundtree’s Shaft character was one of the first black action hero as a detective in his first film in 1971.

Ever since the first Shaft film, there were four sequels between 1972 and 2019. When I saw Roundtree towards the end of this movie, I was thrilled and overjoyed. It has been 58 years since Richard Roundtree walked the streets in New York with his leather coat as Shaft.

After watching his fight and gun scenes, he still got it.

John Shaft II & Mya

Mya standing beside John's hospital bed.

Regina Hall played as the wife of John Shaft II (Samuel Jackson), who played her comedic role well. Regina’s character, Mya, who is the ex-wife of John Shaft II, was the type of woman who didn’t put up with John Shaft’s foolishness.

Even though Mya despised being shot at around John, she still has feeling for him.

Jessie Usher, who played as John Shaft III, nicknamed as “JJ,” was the star of the movie. Usher’s character worked for the FBI as a cyber security expert, and grew up without a father being in his life.

To uncover the death of his close friend, John Shaft III needed his father’s help. Along the way, both father and son had to rely on each other in order to solve the murder of JJ’s friend.

The Shaft Trio

The Shaft bloodline is alive and well.

During the investigation, JJ finally confronted his father about why he wasn’t a part of his life growing, and how it affected him and his mother greatly. You can simply say that John Shaft II was very absent from John Shaft Jr’s childhood.

After coming to grips with what transpired in his past, and not being there for his son, John Shaft II agrees to help him find out who is responsible for JJ’s friend’s death.

As time went on, both father and son came to a realization that they needed each other, more so for John Shaft Jr. It was him who came to his father, not the other way around. In the end, JJ’s mother finally realized that her son was always a Shaft, and nothing will change it.

John Shaft III & Sasha finally kissed.

JJ's family encouraged him to kiss Sasha.

Even the legendary John Shaft appeared and helped both his son and grandson to finish the mission. John Shaft II sacrificed his son and got shot by a drug lord named Pierro “Gordito” Carrera, a character played by Isaach de Bankole. Pierro was the mastermind of Karim’s death, who is played by Avan Jogia.

What made this movie special was JJ’s crush with Alexandra Shipp’s character, Sasha. Sasha is a childhood friend of John Shaft III, and a great companion. Whenever John Shaft Jr. would do something risky and dangerous, Sasha would support him with a great deal of assurance.

As a result, both JJ and Sasha worked together, and finally fell in love during the process. In the end, both of them kissed in front of JJ’s family, and no one intervened (laughs). After John Shaft Jr.’s father healed up from his shot wounds, he went back to the FBI department where he once worked and chose to quit.

The boss offered John Shaft III to come and work for him, but respectfully declined. JJ broke out free and dressed like his father and grandfather as a Shaft proudly.

I am glad I watched this movie.


Image Credit: @SHAFTMovie

If I were to grade Shaft, I will give it an A+ for effort for each actor, comedic relief, amazing action, and impeccable drama.

Overall, this movie exceeded all of my expectations and more.

Although this movie didn’t do well in the box office, I will still watch it over and over again.

I watched this movie with my family, and we had lots of laughs.

This movie is a feel-good story of a young man who is stepping into his destiny as a true Shaft.

More Shaft than you can handle.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post!

Thank you all for reading!

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