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The film tells the story of Mandela's successful campaign for the presidency after years in prison and his decision to support South Africa's English rugby team

By NatalieMarmolPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Movie Recommendation
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Invictus, released in 2009 and directed by Clint Eastwood, is a biopic based on the story of Nelson Mandela, the then president of South Africa, and Francois Pienaar, the captain of the national rugby team, who worked together to unite South Africa, which had recently emerged from apartheid and was facing division, during the 1995 Rugby World Cup in South Africa.

The film tells the story of Mandela's successful campaign for the presidency after years in prison and his decision to support South Africa's English rugby team, the all-white Antelopes after South Africa was chosen to host the 1995 Rugby World Cup. The Antelopes had been shut out of international tournaments because of apartheid in South Africa, and most blacks had always viewed the Antelopes as a symbol of exclusion, but when the Antelopes won the World Cup by beating the New Zealand rugby team in overtime, the divide between blacks and whites in the country disappeared. Francis Pirner was the captain of the rugby team at the time, and formed a deep friendship with Mandela during the World Cup.

The poem sent to Mandela, watch the movie and then read the poem, the heart of the feeling.


Through the deep night that covers me.

I see darkness like a deep grave.

Thank the Almighty God

Give me an unconquerable soul.

Even when adversity is like hell

I have never retreated from pleading.

Even if the fate of the world is to be dashed

I will bleed and not bow down.

Beyond this earthly world of anger and tears

The ghosts of terror creep in.

But in the face of the threat of age

I do not feel the slightest flinch.

No matter how much punishment is written in the case file.

Or how narrow is the door before me?

I am the master of my destiny.

I am the commander of my soul.

Heal you: Life is not as it should be, and everyone encounters painful and unbearable things, and the difference between a great man and a mortal man lies in the attitude towards these things. Faced with the enemy who took away his freedom for thirty years of his life, he chose to love and forgive, and did his best to help South Africa eliminate this mutual hatred and revenge that had existed for hundreds of years.

Everyone can master their destiny and be the commander of their souls, as long as they have a forgiving heart, a persistent faith, and struggle for the ideal in their hearts for their whole lives, such people, no matter what difficulties they encounter can overcome, will not retreat, and will certainly succeed. Planning is in the people, success is also in the people.

The main character of the film, Ramon, is a bedridden paraplegic. After the death of his mother, he lives in his brother's house and is taken care of by his sister-in-law, leading an uneventful life. However, an incident makes him a national sensation - he applies to the court for euthanasia. Lawyer Julia then takes charge of investigating the case and helps Ramon to fulfill his wish. The film unfolds the thread of the story from Julia's investigation of Ramon. Ramon, who had suffered whiplash on the beach, gave the rest of his life to his bed. For more than twenty years, he was unable to take care of himself and felt ashamed of it. He yearns for freedom and dignity. In his opinion, since he could not live with dignity, he must at least die with dignity. This inevitably led to a public outcry and the court rejected his request. In fact, his attitude and behavior towards life itself is a kind of dignity. Although he lost consciousness from the neck down, he did not lose confidence. On the contrary, he learned to smile and to use his imagination to compensate for the defects of his actions. With the wings of freedom he flew through the forest and leaped over the mountain peaks, he came to the side of his beloved and saw the vast and deep ocean, and also the love in human nature which is wider and deeper than the ocean. Someone accused Raymond: "This freedom to curb life is not true freedom!" Immediately, Raimondi shot back at him tit for tat: "This curbed freedom of life is not true life either!" He longs for a free life. He longs to fulfill his rights. He longs for death. After making a message of life and drinking a glass of clear liquid, he finally closed his eyes calmly. Raymond may never get his real life back, but this persistent and courageous man finally got his real freedom after 28 years of paralysis.


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