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Movie Genres We May Never See Again

by Jonathan Meyers 3 months ago in industry

Or are at least dying out

Movies evolve and change with their audiences. So, it’s no surprise that some genres are dying out if they haven’t already. There are many reasons why a genre might not stay in the light, whether it be that people don’t care anymore or simply that everything has been done and nothing new can be done or said. While it doesn’t mean we didn’t have great movies to enjoy in each of these genres, we just may not get another movie like these in the near (or possibly different) future.


Zombie films were once an iconic film genre, to which we got many great films in multiple genres. Films like Dawn of The Dead, Shaun Of The Dead, Zombieland, Z Nation, and Train To Busan were just a small number of amazing films we got to enjoy! However, one of the main reasons the genre might be running out is because of the number of bad zombie films. To which there are too many to name! Everything has pretty much already been done, things like keeping our humanity in times of crisis, how far is too far, how can we make the tough decision to take one life to save many? With The Walking Dead still airing, there is no real need for another zombie movie. That is if you’re still watching the show.


Who doesn’t love a good gangster film, right? Something about watching people with so much power, that the rules of civilized society don’t typically apply to them is exhilarating. However, the further we go from the history of the mob, the further away we are from seeing new movies made about them. Organized crime today looks like corporate money laundering, war profiteering, and corrupt politicians using their power for personal gain. It’s hard to watch movies about that kind of organized crime without being angry about it happening to us today. Maybe that is how people might have felt with gangster films. Who knows, maybe movies about organized crime will change and resurface in the future.


Western films have probably died off a long time ago minus the remakes and Django Unchained. Although, while western films have died, the western genre is not forgotten thanks to the video game Red Dead Redemption. Games that are practically movies themselves. I doubt we will ever see western movies again, but the genre has helped us perfect the trope of the lone wolf. For that, we will be eternally grateful.


Lately, movies about Aliens have been typically remakes or sequels/prequels to old movies. If they’re not part of the superhero genre, you won’t find many new movies pertaining to extraterrestrials. This is too bad since the alien genre has been practically pigeonholed into horror movies when there is so much more that can be done with it. Movies like Paul, District 9, E.T, and Race To Witch Mountain are perfect examples of how the genre can grow and evolve into something more. While the genre still has plenty of potentials to resurface again, it doesn’t seem like anyone is looking to make new movies about aliens anytime soon.

Murder Mysteries

Now, the genre is not dead per se, but the murder mystery is getting harder and harder to make. Why? Believe it or not, audiences are getting smarter. Especially with the Marvel Cinematic Universe where it has taught us to look for every single little thing as a clue. Adam Sandler and Family Guy had the idea of using humor to distract from the mystery. The more people laugh, the more they won’t think about who’s committing the murders. Knives Out had a brilliant idea and tricked audiences into thinking the mystery was taken away by showing us how the death happened. If the genre wants to stay alive, they might need to find something new.

Jonathan Meyers
Jonathan Meyers
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