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Most Passionate Love

Characters from movies who loved each other

By Rasma RaistersPublished 29 days ago 4 min read

The Titanic (1997) Rose DeWitt-Bukater and Jack Dawson

A romance blossomed before the tragedy between Rose portrayed by Kate Winslet and Jack portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio. There were many romantic interludes even before the iconic scene of the couple at the front of the ship.

Then the Titanic hit the iceberg and time stopped. With bated breath, everyone hoped that Rose and Jack would get off the ship and sail off into the sunset. Unfortunately, it never happened and Jack was lost. Rose would never forget her one true love.

Casablance (1942) Isla Lund and Rick Blaine

This movie is a pure keep the Kleenex box by your side movie. We see a romance unfold between a married woman Isla Lund portrayed by Ingrid Bergman and Rick Blaine played by Humphrey Bogart.

It is a love story set in Paris, France during a time when the world was caught up in WW II. Isla realizes where her responsibilities lie and does not run off with Rick but returns to her husband. Heartbroken Rick turns up in Casablanca, Morocco running Rick's Cafe.

One day who should come to the cafe but Isla with her husband. The memories of their romance are flamed again and the passion flares as their song is played “As Time Goes By”.

Grease (1978) Sandy and Danny

You have to love a movie that begins with a boy and a girl on a beach, crashing surf, and the strains of “Love is a Many Splendored Thing”. Sandy Olsson portrayed by Olivia Newton-John is a girl from Australia and Danny Zuko played by John Travolta began as starcrossed lovers who spend their last day together thinking they might never see each other again as she returns to her country.

However, they both wind up at Rydell High School and their romance at the school gets off to a rocky start. However, love has been true and they do reunite. With all the songs and dances this movie is a real treat with romance tied in. We see them break up and Danny laments about it. We cheer at the end when we know Sandy and Danny are a couple in love.

Dirty Dancing (1987) Baby and Johnny

Who could possibly forget this couple? Who could ever stop dancing and romancing? They might have had an age gap but when Baby portrayed by Jennifer Gray and Johnny played by Patrick Swayze it was love and attraction.

As Johnny teaches Baby to dance so the flames of love begin to smolder. We see this couple break up but then when we thought there was no hope Johnny returns to Kellerman's at the end-of-season festivities and we have to agree when Baby and Johnny dance that along with them we've had the time of our lives.

Pretty Woman (1990) Vivian and Edward

This movie made us believe that love has no limits or borders. If it will be love it will be love and nothing will stop it. Vivian portrayed by Julia Roberts lives the life of a prostitute in Hollywood. For her life is tough until one day businessman Edward played by Richard Gere comes into her life. He engages her to be his escort to all his business functions.

And let us not forget awesome scenes as Vivian walking along Rodeo Drive to the music of “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison. Helped by the manager at the hotel the businessman is staying at Vivian learns proper etiquette and how to dress properly. Seeing her in a new light Edward falls in love with her. It becomes a Cinderella story and we can cheer for Vivian when after she leaves Edward behind not wanting to mess up his life he comes to find her and we know this love will last.

Ghost (1990) Molly Jensen and Sam Wheat

This movie emphased my belief in life after death. I was always a believer but this movie brought it home. Molly portrayed by Demi Moore is madly in love with her fiance played by Patrick Swayze. When Sam's business partner betrays him and he winds up being killed the romance continues beyond the grave. Sam is there watching over Molly when he realizes that she is in danger but doesn't know how to help her in spirit.

We have the iconic and unforgetable scenes with the song “Unchained Melody” pass the Kleenex and can Molly feel Sam? As things unfold it greatly helps to have the comic talents of Whoopi Goldberg as Oda Mae Brown. She finally helps Sam to let Molly know he is with her and in the end when all is said and done all we can do is cry, smile, and nod that we believe one day Molly and Sam will be reunited.

Notting Hill (1999) Anna Scott and William Thacker

A beautifully played romantic comedy with Anna portrayed by Julia Roberts is a world-famous actress and William played by Hugh Grant is a bookshop owner in London. His world changes one day when Anna enters his bookshop. With bated breath we follow their relationship which seems doomed from the start because would a famous actress fall in love with a bookshop owner. Then she learns more about him and meets his family.

We are brought to tears by the Elvis Costello song “She”. William almost lets her slip through his fingers and then true love prevails and the couple stay together and in love.


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