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by hoang quyen ly 6 days ago in movie
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Important reveal plot: Drinking blood won't end like drinking alcohol. Similarly, no matter how long you read a revealing story, you will not read a cut.

If you thought Venom was bad enough, you can forget about this movie altogether. This is worse than Venom, or worse than Venom 2, to be precise.

Mobias and his half-brother Milo both suffer from a rare blood disorder. They met in a Greek orphanage. Milo had a seizure, but the device that was monitoring his condition went down. Using only a pen, Mobias fixed the device and saved Milo's life in time.

After this, the dean discovered that Mobias was a genius and sent him to America for further study. The equipment's failure was in a spring, and here's a close-up of a spring. The spiral shape of the spring is reminiscent of DNA, and when Mobias and Milo first met, Mobias mentioned that the root of his illness was the absence of something in the DNA. This close-up of the spring here is a sign of mobius's future in biomedical science.

Most kids like origami planes, but Mobias likes origami bats. You can even make a batplane. The letter he left for Milo was also folded in the shape of a bat. Milo accidentally lets the wind blow the letter away, and when he goes downstairs to find it, he is teased and bullied by a group of his able-bodied peers.

Milo fights back and knocks over a fat kid with a stick, but he's also attacked by the fat kid's gang, but the dean arrives just in time to expel the kids. After the rescue, Milo continued to stab the fat man on the ground, forcing him to let go of the letter. Here's a glimpse of Milo's style.

A few years later, Mobias won the Nobel Prize for his artificial blood. The trailer for the film, which included Doctor Strange 2, features professor X's voice more clearly. With Mobias on crutches and Professor X in a wheelchair, Marvel's geniuses always have props to help their smart iQs take the high ground.

The medical problem mobias most wants to solve is his and Milo's blood disease. He went to Costa Rica to hunt vampire bats in order to find his missing genetic material. He's always been good at getting drugs from Latin America. When he was a young woman's dress mogul, he had a buddy who used to smuggle AIDS drugs into the United States from Mexico.

His partner, doctor Madine, discovered that Mobias was using vampire bats illegally and warned him of anything from losing his licence to causing a worldwide disaster that could last for years.

The experiment was successful on mice, and Mobias was confident enough to move on to human trials. He himself was the first subject, on a cargo ship in the high seas.

This is usually the right environment for the world's biggest offline casino. Sure enough, a group of mercenaries play cards on the upper deck, while two MEDICAL doctors conduct experiments on the lower level. The movie has a lot of scary elements, but I think the scariest scene is when the heroine takes a 40-meter-long needle (give or take, I have bat-like vision after all) and sticks it into the hero's spine. I feel pain for him.

Mercenaries playing cards upstairs hear the lab noise, send someone down to check it out, and they catch Mobias, who has mutated after injecting vampire bat serum, hanging upside down from the ceiling doing spiderman behavior. Unfortunately, his current appearance is not enough to make people regard him as a friendly neighbor, so the mercenary shoots decisively, and he quickly retaliates. After knocking the mercenary down, he sees the blood flowing out and feels that he cannot waste it. A taste, found that the blood is not salty, taste really good.

Addicted to alcohol, Mobias charged several other mercenaries, eventually sucking them all dry. Mobias' attack consists of clawing people and rushing around like the wind. See him scratch a person is inferior to see fander Biao, at least biao elder brother eagle claw scratch routine can let a person see clearly. This film seems to be swift action, in fact, the director is afraid to show cowardly, deliberately dare not shoot too clear. The fight is often punctuated with slow motion shots, but none of them are intended to explain the logic of action or position, just to show mobias's ferocious face.

The face-changing part is the core visual spectacle provided by the film, and it's certainly a bit of fun to watch how the actor's handsome face is smoothly transformed into a face similar to that of the sun-absorbing Black Mountain demon in A Chinese Odyssey. But if you watch it a few times, you'll see that's it.

Of course, Mobias's attack on the group of mercenaries is not entirely to satisfy his own appetites, the most direct motive is that he thinks they killed his partner Martin. When the whole ship had been cleared, Mobias was full and fell asleep. After waking up, Mobias calmed down and learned to take control of his appearance, gaining both the good figure that the serum had brought and returning to his original high level of appearance.

After confirming that Martin was just injured and unconscious, Mobias examined the surveillance video and discovered the changes the serum had brought to him. He called the police and jumped off alone.

Mobias went back to horizon Lab, where he worked, and removed the artificial blood he had stored there to relieve his urge to feed. The serum gives him superhuman strength, speed and jumping power, but must be regularly compensated for it. He found that the artificial blood kept him in a normal state for six hours, and if he didn't have another refill, he would lose control. And the artificial blood's effectiveness is diminishing, the time between his meals is shrinking, and soon the artificial blood may be no longer effective, and he will have to become a real vampire.

Good brother Milo came to the laboratory to find Mobias, very envious of his good figure, noisy also want to inject serum. Mobias refused milo's request, saying that the serum was a curse that would turn him into a monster.

Milo is adamant that he also wants big boobs and wants to get laid himself. Mobias shooed him away.

That night, the short-haired assistant in the lab is attacked by vampires. This is the scariest scene in the film, aside from the hero being shot into the soul by a giant needle, in which vampires approach with two or three wooden faces in the distant scene as the lights go on and off, which is similar to the scene in the New Batman where the master bursts into a nightclub to get to Falcony's account.

The second day Mobias discovered the female assistant's body, suspect is oneself drink human blood drink to break piece son. Worried that he would hurt more innocent people by staying, he packed up and prepared to run.

At this time, the FBI agents have been found before the murder of mercenaries on the high seas related to Mobias, come to visit. Stroud, a black agent, first thanked Mobias for the artificial blood that helped him survive a serious arm injury in Afghanistan. Then the agents found out that there was a vampire killing in the lab, which happened to be related to Mobias, so we can't let him go. The two sides fought.

Mobias fled all the way to the roof, was blown by the wind on the feeling of the body to take off with the wind. Then the black agent chased him and warned him, "If I go any further, I'm going to drive. No, I'm going to shoot you." He also said, you can fly is no use, believe it or not I will drive to the sky after you.

The vampire killer is in custody, but the interrogation is still a matter of caution. Black agent Stroud's partner, Rodriguez, brought a special bottle of holy water to prevent vampires from acting as demons in front of them.

Both agents say the mercenaries who die on the high seas are themselves scum, and that's fine. But killing a female assistant who worked hard to support her family was too much, and I don't know what Mobias thought. Mobias himself did not know, so he went back to his cell to think about it.

Milo comes to visit Mobias pretending to be a lawyer, and secretly leaves him a blood bag to help him deal with his anxiety that he hasn't eaten. After Milo left, Mobias realized that milo, who had relied on crutches for years, had left them behind, and immediately realized something was wrong.

When Milo walks out of custody with a limp and a flying gait, Kevin Spacey calls it a "pro". This is one of the few interesting passages in the film's literary section.

Now, Mobias isn't the only one injecting vampire serum, but of course, he immediately realizes that milo is the one who killed the assistant to frame him. Furious at being betrayed, Mobias breaks out of his cell to settle scores with Milo. Milo is reading the newspaper at the newsstand. The headline is the arrest of the vampire murderer Mobias. The stall owner calls Mobias a freak, which infuriates Mobias' congener Milo, who naturally turns the stall owner into a snack.

Spiderman has spider sense, and Mobias has his bat sense. Ultrasound scans are the film's other special effects selling point, in addition to changing faces. The visuals are certainly a step up from Ben Affleck's Daredevil films nearly 20 years ago, but they're nowhere near as stunning to a superhero audience.

Using ultrasound to locate Milo, Mobias rushes after him. Milo confessed to his intentional killing of blood, but also advised Mobias not to suppress their desires, it is better to join him, the two brothers have bats with when, have blood with suction. Mobius certainly did not let himself fall.

Milo says, "Why don't you suck it?" No, I'm telling you, you don't want to live!

The vampire brothers fight from ground to ground, all the way to the subway station, several officers try to control the two men, but milo is killed. At this point in the movie, it's starting to feel like torture. Mobias, the protagonist of the film, suffers deeply and compassionately. The villain Milo provides a few refreshes, but they don't last long.

Milo hits harder than Mobius, who is no match and has to fight and retreat. Mobias escapes milo by learning the ability to fly on the wind caused by the oncoming train.

The murder of several police officers was also blamed on Mobias, who is now New York's most notorious fugitive. Mobias tried to get in touch with Martin, let her help him to the laboratory to retrieve the rest of the serum and drugs, after they destroyed a criminal gang that makes counterfeit money, and commandeer the gang's counterfeiting dens and equipment, used for the development of antidote.

Martin also found time in his busy schedule to go home to their cats also picked up the new secret base. These sad men who like to dress up as bats always have a feline confidante.

While Mobias is working on the antidote, Milo is at home working on his new look. Serum to his bodybuilding figure can not be wasted, he must go to the night club to kill all parties, the one's own missed 30 years of love are filled back. The scene where the villain dances and gets dressed at home is reminiscent of maguire in 2007's Spider-Man 3.

Milo routinely sucks a guy dry after a jealous fight at a nightclub. This time, though, his video was clearly captured by surveillance cameras, clearing Mobias of suspicion.

Mobias and Milo's father and son, the old dean heard about the two children's changes through the TV news, he rushed to Milo's side, persuade him to return. Milo persisted and killed the old dean instead.

Mobias saw the old dean one last time when he received his distress call. In doing so, he fell into Milo's trap. Milo kidnaps Martine and forces Mobias to fight him. In fact, I think he's hiding out at the old dean's murder scene, so it's not impossible. Perhaps he was afraid that it was his own place and did not want to break his furniture.

Dying after being stabbed in the neck by Milo, Martin asks Mobias for strength. The two kiss goodbye, Martin bites Mobias's tongue, takes vampire blood, and finally closes her eyes.

Bitter mobias find Milo, to settle with him. The two men fought from ground to ground again, and still fought at random for a while. The bad man prevailed. The hero's ultimate trick to turn the tables is to summon the bats, and then instruct them to bump milo into a wall with a gesture that releases turtle chi Kung. According to Batman Begins, I can do this with a gizmo, but I don't have to spend so much money to turn myself into a vampire bat. If Milo's looking for a kindred, instead of chasing Mobias, he might want to move to down-home Gotham City and play a game of someone with mobias' level of education, Dr. Bat-langston.

Eventually Mobias defuses milo by injecting him with antidote, and then flies out of the sewer surrounded by a swarm of bats, shocking the FBI agent.

After the final battle, Martin, who had been thought dead, suddenly opened her eyes again.

The first post-credits scene comes right after the end of Homecoming, with the same purple streak in the sky, where Vulture finds himself transported to a strange parallel universe. Since the universe had no record of his crimes, he was acquitted. He and Mobias meet here in the trailer, but not in the release.

The second egg is about the vulture, this time Mobias and he finally meet above. Mobias drove for hundreds of miles and came across armed vultures in the middle of nowhere.

Vulture says your bat-style look reminds me of when I was younger. Next year, my dopant in a parallel universe and I are going to have a party, so why don't I introduce you to a younger version of myself, who's just been around for two years and used to eat like you. You know, you don't need any shots or pills to turn into a vampire, you just have to let him bite you, but the downside is that you might be sparkling in the sun during the day.

'You're not going to kid me,' Mr. Mobias said. 'The doppelgant you're building next year isn't the doppelgant you've been building for two years at all. It's the doppelgant that will hunt me down and make me fall into chemicals that bleach my skin and turn my hair green.'

... The above conversation is, of course, bunk. In fact, the conversation between Vulture and Mobias does involve parallel universes, superhero dopes, but they're not talking about Batman, they're talking about Spider-Man. Vulture says I don't know how I got here, it must have something to do with Spider-Man. Why don't we team up against Spider-man, and Mobias says yes, yes, yes.

Mobias's early hype about vultures and the MCU was a marketing fraud. The feature film doesn't involve vultures at all, nor does it have anything to do with Spider-Man. Venom 1 at least mentions JJJ's son. This film is really awkward, and it doesn't take any heart, and the two post-credits eggs are also shot completely brainless.

A vulture dressed in gear is visually striking, but how did he get it? In Homecoming, the Vulture rose to power by stealing alien weapons from the Zetari army, and then reinventing his own dark technology based on that. And Vulture doesn't actually do the equipment development, his people do it. Neither of the spider-man predecessors in Homecoming knows anything about the Avengers, so Loki's attack on New York with the Zitari army is unlikely to happen in any other parallel universe. So the vulture went back in time to get some gear?


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