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Moonknight Finale

by Alexandrea Callaghan 2 months ago in tv
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Okay, time to embark on the Moonknight season (series?) finale, first we start with some questions that may or may not be answered by the end of this episode.

Why didn't Marc immediately give the little statue of Ammit to Layla?

What is going to happen to Layla and Marc’s relationship?

At some point Marc has to get his powers back, is he actually gonna get set free at the end of this?

Seeing Layla grieve Marc was heartbreaking, but watching her immediately grab the scarif and get this intense look of determination on her face was amazing and inspiring. I really hope when there are merch drops for this show she gets the credit she deserves, this is just one more character that is going to be really meaningful to little girls.

God murder spree because that's a thing I guess? The same gods that captured Ammit weren't strong enough to contain her avatar for some reason. The power scales for this show are both inconsistent and unclear, if you are going to center a show around the power of Gods then you need to lay out how those powers work and how they interact with each other.

Marc goes back for Steven and that allows both of them to return to their body.

Layla being a superhero on her own fills me with so much joy, honestly she was so perfectly well-rounded and badass on her own, without superpowers and making her the Scarlet Scarab is just really fitting and I love the decision they made for her.

For all the nerd bros that are butthurt by the decision to make the Scarlet Scarab a woman; he’s so aggressively irrelevant in the comics, you aren’t cool for knowing the comic book origin and I guarantee you don’t own the issues he appeared in so get over it.

Though the Marvel shows all have very unique tones, the theme of phase 4 seems to be; Heroes and villains having a common goal but drastically different approaches, one being deemed more morally acceptable while the villains anger and approach is understandably justifiable.

Once again a Marvel piece reminds me that I am in fact bisexual, Layla in her Scarlet Scarab costume is so outrageously hot.

So my solution to the whole “we don’t have enough avatars” thing would have been to just start smashing statues and freeing gods. I’m sure there were budgetary restrictions and time restrictions and such but I think it would have been really cool to see random entrapped Gods being freed and finding Avatars.

The consistency and strength given to Layla’s character is some of the best work marvel has ever done for its women, and having that young girl watch her and ask “are you a superhero” was exactly why representation is important and I truly think that her character was handled with care and intention and I genuinely really appreciate it.

At the end of the climax Marc lets go of Konshu and we’re back in Stevens apartment. There seems to be a very seamless joining of the two personalities that seemed to come with Marc coming to terms with his trauma, his coping mechanism and that Steven is an undeniable part of him.

And the moment I’ve all been waiting for; We finally got Jake which was perfectly set up over the course of the show and I was anxiously awaiting his appearance and literally screamed at the reveal.

Overall I think the show was great, there were definitely some stylistic and writing problems but on the whole the characters were very well laid out and developed, which honestly is all I really care about. I think it was a great introduction to Moonknight and I’m very much hoping we get to see more of him and Layla in the MCU.


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