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kingdom of Larion


You are Monkey, a knight living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a steel longsword and a wooden shield. You are on a quest to defeat the evil dragon of Larion. You've heard he lives up at the north of the kingdom. You set on the path to defeat him and walk into a dark forest. As you enter the forest you see an odd-looking creature, a short monkey sitting in a tree. It looks at you with fierce eyes.

Monkey: Ah! A human! I'm Monkey.

> You say "Hello im glorious i can save you from the evil dragon "

Monkey: Thanks, but I don't think I'll be able to save you. I'm not really good with words though, so if you want to hear more of my brilliant thoughts, then go ahead.

> You say "How can you kick "

Monkey: How can I? When did I say I could? I can't do anything. It's all predestined anyway. Just be happy with what you have now.

> You say "What do you have now"

Monkey: Nothing. That's what I have now.

> You give the money a sword and protection.

Monkey: Heh, I appreciate the gift, but I'm a monkey, not a human. I can't use it well with just one hand.

The forest is suddenly filled with goblins!

> You throw fire at the goblins.

You throw fire at the goblins, but miss due to being nervous. The goblins advance, brandishing knives.

Monkey: NOOOOO!

You are killed by the goblins.

> You raise from the dead snd run.

You sit up from the cold ground, your hands and knees bloody. After resting a bit, you go on your quest again.

> You find a evil caster.

You find a Evil Caster and strike a deal with them.

A corsair approaches you, wielding a cutlass.

Corsair: Hey there! We're the corsairs.

> You say "Were here to fight the evil castle "

Corsair: Bah! What kind of nonsense is that to a corsair? We're NOT here to fight anyone! We're going to rob everyone! Well, come on then!

> You say "No "

The corsairs laugh mockingly.

Corsair: Ohh, you must be the fool that doesn't know what a corsair is! We're pirates!

> You fight the pirates and say go away.

You fight the corsairs, but are over powered and tied up. One of the corsairs comes up to you while your struggling.

Corsair: Where are you from, peasant?

> You say "I am from an island full of dragons and volcano and should be afraid. "

Corsair: HAHAHAHA! Yeah right! Tell me something we don't know about pirates or are you just bore?

> You say "I own 50 hundred ships"

Corsair: 50? Wow! Alright then, prove it! Show us your stash!

> You take out the boats and show him.

Corsair: Hm, I guess you could own 50 hundred ships if you had them hidden somewhere...(sigh) No offense of course.

> You say "Were pirate too and i rule a kingdom "

Corsair: Ahhh yes, being a pirate AND a ruler...I so wish I could be equally awesome at two things... Okay fine.

> You get the ships and go to an evil ocean.

You stand on the deck of your ship, your soldiers standing around you as you raise sails and head out to sea.

> You say "We have an army of cats and cheetah and attack the evil castle "

You continue heading to the east until you see smoke in the distance. As you approach, you see dozens of smaller boats surrounding a large ship similar to yours.

> You jump in the water and try to help them.

You row towards the other boat as you yell at your soldiers to take care of the oars.

> You load the cannons.

As soon as you board the boat you load your cannon with gunpowder and shot.

The pirates look at you confused as they begin rowing back towards their own ship.

> You continue to the evil castle.

You stand on the deck of your ship, looking at the strange sights surrounding you.

As you get closer you notice that the boats surrounding this ship aren't just like the others, they seem to be missing their captains...

You send the cannons on the scaliton boats crashing into your enemy's ship. The cannons fire into the side of the ship causing it to explode into splinters and send debris flying in all directions!

> You send out dog army.

You send your dog soldiers to swarm over the remaining crewmen on the other ship while your sailors capture their ship and tie it off to yours.

> You send out dog army to the evil sissors.

You send your dog soldiers out into the jungle in search of shambler bites. You can sense a few in the forest, but you need more specimens.

> You send out wolf army to find the specimens.

You send your warriors out into the jungle to search for infected and hope that they don't run into any enemies. You send two teams out, one to each side of the mountain.

Pass the mountain and come to worriors and ferry's and a powerful dog pack based in a small village. They watch as you approach, barking warnings at you. A large 'X' has been painted on the door of their base, which they quickly lock up as you approach.

> You send out cannons.

You move forward cautiously, finding that most of them are too distracted by you to pay much attention to their dogs who are standing guard over several crates on the dock.

> You shoot the cannons and the whole thing blows up.

The explosion is tremendous, killing everyone in the immediate area but you are shielded by a large piece of metal sheeting and only suffer minor burns.

> You start helping everyone.

You collect people and carry them towards the boats, while your soldiers help move the remaining supplies off the docks. Your crew quickly starts setting up the mast so you can start sailing again.

Finally find the evil castle.

> You find a big dragon.

You find a large dragon chained up next to some buildings, it appears to have been badly wounded and emaciated.

> You unchain the dragon.

You remove the chain from the dragon's mouth and take off your shirt, using it to gently wipe away any dried blood from its mouth. It eagerly licks the blood off your shirt and appears to greatly enjoy it.

> You you take the dragon to the evil wizard to help.

You carefully pick up the dragon, noticing how light it is now that it's eaten.

> You the dragon defeated the evil wizard and gives the message to the king.

You enter what appears to be some sort of factory building, carrying the dragon which is beginning to show serious signs of drowsiness.

> You put the dragon to bed and everyone was safe.

You carefully lay down the dragon in a corner and begin trying to get everyone settled down for the night when there is a noise outside.

> You go outside and see what it is.

You cautiously head outside, pulling your knife as you go, and see a single shambler nearby which looks in at you for a moment before wandering off again.

> You go back inside and say it was nothing.

You tell everyone there is nothing to worry about and that they should all go back to sleep, going back inside and locking the door behind you. The last thing you want right now is a panic attack from exhausted people.

A dishwasher falls from the sky and crashes in the building.

> You eveyone freaks out.

An airship lands in front of the stadium. Everyone gathers outside staring up at it in awe. Someone - Rick or Dawn - pulls the intercom device and an electronic voice comes out and says "Good evening"

> You walk out side and find someone dressed as a dishwasher and everyone should go back to sleep.

The voice says it's sovereign ruler, Alexa Kovas, ruler of the Eastern Territory and Colony 1 of the Eastern Kingdom, and that it is her right as head of state to greet survivors arriving in her airspace, as well

> You say "Were trying to get to sleep here"

Alexa Kovas interrupts you saying that her people have brought something wonderful with them and if you look in the basket at the bottom of the airship, you'll see it for yourself.

No thanks this is the end of my story

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